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  1. I'm using baking powder for snow. Very fine stuff. Just don't confuse it with baking soda as the soda will bubble up with the moisture in the glue.
  2. I'm going to assume you mean that in a manly Prussian way.
  3. I use a lot of old cds. Like obselete programs, bad burns, AOL cds (sorry, had a flashback there).
  4. I'm using a couple of 3 tiered spice racks. They're wire framed a formed like stairs with each step big enough for my howard hues paint bottles or 2 deep with smaller bottles.
  5. I use pistol cases that I bought at walmart for $15.00 they are hardshell plastic with foam linings designed to hold 4 pistols. They hold everything I have so far with room to spare.
  6. There are bunchies of female gamers here in the states. I got my daughter started with Flames of War when she was 7. We played a special D-day event at my FLGS and I will never forget her laughing maniacly as her contigent of British commandoes slaughter a lot of Germans in hand-to-hand combat. After that she started studying up on WWII. She told me later "That Hiitler wasn't a very nice guy, was he?" I'm still worried about the laughing though.
  7. My thoughts hinge upon the question: Are the vehicles manned by your core nation (like the lend-lease equipment in WWII) or are they manned by the ally? In the case of the former, they should be painted just like the rest of your vehicles. In the later case, they should have the ally's paint scheme.
  8. As far as the softback/hardback debate goes, I prefer soft. I like to tear them apart and put them in binders. You can add the errata and anything else that seems important.
  9. Awesome! Great color and the markings make all the difference.
  10. Beautiful looking zep. I thinking of putting together a Luftwaffen army, all planes and zeps. Lots of zeps. Prussia uber alles.
  11. I use unscented Dawn,it's the best with grease of all types.
  12. arglyle

    Best Masking Clay?

    I've not tried it, but the modelers in Finescale Model Magazine tout silly putty for masking.
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