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  1. I have a question? 1. If I move within 4" of a enemy squadron I can engage that squadron with QCB what happens if there's more than one enemy squadron within the 4" range. Do I engage all squadrons within 4 "? 2. If they are do you a separate combat with each of the enemy squadrons within 4"? 3. Do all squadrons get to also use their QCB capabilities? In the rulebook is said if you do not engage in enemy they can engage you so do all enemy squadrons have the option of engage you? Or can you explain how QCB works with multiple squadrons
  2. They are releasing new models for dystopian wars I was curious is there a plan to incorporate the new dystopian war models for armor clash such as Antarctica and flyers? Or the Japanese flyers?
  3. I show my support I have purchased two box set for both races and all the new models. Go Spartan
  4. Thank you Spartan games that is what I've been waiting for. I placed my order for all of the new models. Start to wonder there. Hooray hooray Spartan is on the way. I really like the new models they look fantastic can't wait to get my hands on it and start painting.
  5. At my local game shop in Oklahoma City USA which is Game HQ I have been asked several times while playing planetfall where I picked the models up at and what other races are available. Several people have indicated they would purchase the models if they could get them locally and if they could get their preferred races from firestorm armada. What I think is unusual is that no one from Spartan games has responded to this thread. I have demonstrated the game at my local shop everyone seems to enjoy the mechanics but are a little worried about the lack of support from Spartan. We play dystopian wars and firestorm Amada. There is about 8 to 12 players actively playing these games. Just hoping for more I think this game system has great potential if it would just receive more support and development
  6. New factions will be nice. I would like to see more new models for the one that are out. Just hoping that Spartan games continues supporting this line of games
  7. MaxJR

    First Battle.

    My opponent spectacular dice rolled decimate my platoons my return fire was not effective. I was going to have his dice X-ray.LOL . Although you have very good roll myself ineffective range with my railgun with 3 dice lay down 18 hits that was nice , but it was too little too late. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good at Tactics. Just waiting on more options for my Army did by another starter set to boost my Army. See more and more releases for various Spartan games which I have. Would like to see more leases of planet fall.
  8. Truly outstanding work I was really impressed. I will use them.
  9. I got the starter set for both of them. I truly enjoyed painting them. I'm really looking forward to getting more to paint. I played a couple games still trying to get comfortable with the game mechanics.
  10. More 10 mm model for either faction. Even maybe more faction. Why do the heavy infantry are in the starter set , but you cannot buy them individually??????
  11. MaxJR

    First Battle.

    I was playing Dindrenzi. Pretty much first couple rounds with the way of the Terran . That is until my infantry drop in for a visit which really disrupted my opponent, battle plans. I really like the rules, especially the dice modification rule. By the end of our little skirmish. The only units left on the boards was the infantry. LOL. Really looking forward for new models to help expand the field of battle.
  12. MaxJR

    First Battle.

    I appreciate the advice . I will try posting pictures of the battle. Will probably play on a bigger table 6X4
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