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  1. Bravo Spartan. I am acutely aware of the immense disappointment that the negative responses must have caused after what I suspect has been a large amount of time and effort pouring creative juices, energy and hope into a grand project. Asking for feedback rather than pressing on shows courage. Bravo. Personally, I will look forward to offering my thoughts as a fan of your work and whilst you marshal yourselves for the task of navigating forward from this point I would ask that you keep in mind one point: People wouldn't be this passionate about something that they didn't care about.
  2. Very very nice indeed! Lovely simple contrasting colour scheme that works really well.
  3. Oui tres bon! C'est magnifique! Je suis desolate regarder mon Francais. C'est tres horrible! I really like the colour schemes you've choosen. I am planning to do a desert camo scheme for my KoB so seeing yours has convinced me that it will look good.
  4. Get report! Thanks for taking the time to do this walk thorough and sharing it. It is always handy to have something like ths to refer to when trying new rues systems.
  5. Here is a not great shot of my carrier.
  6. Thanks for the coments guys. I always paint up from a white undercoat so in this case I painted all the metal in a chainmail colour and then gave it a black wash and then redid the white before painting the grey and black lines. The templates were easy. It was just oblongs of foamed plasticard with a hole drilled in for the paperclip and then the top was given a layer of polyfiller type gunge to create the waves.
  7. Tesla Knight

    My KoB Fleet

    I've been lurking on all these forums for a while and I thought that I'd better chip in with some pictures finally. Here are some of my KoB fleet. I went for the common dispersal style of camo. Fun to paint but god, this scale really shows up how not steady my painting arm is! With the subs I decided to use all the ones in the pack as subs and make my own submerged markers from plasticard with little paperclip cuttings for periscopes. I haven't actually used them in a game yet but hope to soon.
  8. Rest assured. All the effort is really appreciated!
  9. Thanks Delboy! This is a great Batrep in the making and it is always really helpful to have a walk through style report to reference when trying new rules. Great stuff! PS. Please don't make us wait a week for turn three! ;-)
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