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  1. Veydreth friends to my Xelocian fleet
  2. Hello I'd like to know. I have a squadron of the old Xelocian cruisers and I only have one of the old bases. Can i play them with a regular cruiser base from 2.0?
  3. Players: Kor'Nak Vaan vs Triskel_85Points: 600Scenary: Hold the WaypointsFactions: Sorylians vs RSNBattle Log: 10/9
  4. Fleet updating! New models painted!!
  5. Players: Kor'Nak Vaan vs Borlung Points Value: 600 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: Xelocian vs Terran Battle log Scores: 3/4
  6. Players: Kor´Nak Vaan / VieshelPoints Value: 600Scenario: 4. Hold the WaypointsFactions & Allies: Xelocian / TerranBattle Log Scores: 8/10 Draw
  7. Kor`Nak Vaan Vs Alex (nof) 800 pts Border Clash Sorylian vs directorate -3/7 directorate victory
  8. I`ve updated my xelocian work ^^ http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/album/1133-xelocian-fleet/
  9. I 'm painting my fleet now, but I dont still have the rules of the escorts
  10. Now really finished cruissers xD (with more details)
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