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  1. Can someone point me to a good introductory video for FSA? I'm trying to explain it to a friend of mine via messenger, and it's not working really well.
  2. I'm dying here, guys. We've got a decent X-Wing crowd here, some of which love giving their models custom paint jobs. So I think FST might be an easy sell. But I'm hesitant to commit to the game until I have a look at the rulebook, Spartan, download please?
  3. Has anyone seen any battle reports for FST? I'm really curious about this.
  4. Camping the topic, since I'm 'working' late aaand I'm bored. (Ah, the joys of working at home!)
  5. I had an issue with a starter box last year. and received the replacement models about two weeks later. Mind you, I'm in the US instead of Europe, so that's probably part of the delay.
  6. I'm not sure (not having the rulebook PDF yet, only having watched a couple of videos) but I think you're not handling the Requisition MAR correctly. For example, if I have a Directorate Ascendancy-class escort carrier in a squadron with a Champion-class light cruiser, that should count as meeting the minimum squadron size of 2 ships for the cruiser squadron, right?
  7. How well does this handle games with more than two players? What about a three-way match? Or is it best if there are only two sides?
  8. Stats are up now for the starter boxes, can the rules be far behind?
  9. I'm intrigued by this as well, but I want to see the rules before making a decision. We've got a good-size X-Wing and Star Wars Armada community here, and I think Taskforce might be a way to bring them into the larger hobby.
  10. Well, here they are, straight from the latest Spartan Games newsletter. Apparently the Sorylian one is some sort of giant lizard? Aquan Prime Relthoza Sorylian
  11. So long as the Aquan one doesn't end up looking like a fricking shark with a fricking laser beam on its head...
  12. Think of a helix as a squad in battlemallet or a similar game. You can play a one-'squad' game, or you can play games with more squads in them. Easy-peasy.
  13. I don't think the game has to be played at that level, I think it can be played at that level. Certainly the alternate-activation system Spartan uses scales up better to bigger battles than, uh, other game systems I won't mention. CQB and other things make the game much more interactive for the reacting player. But I haven't played FSP yet, so take that with a grain of salt.
  14. Am I the only one who heard "fee fi fo fum" when looking at the Terran and Dindrenzi models?
  15. I will agree that the pace of release can be maddening sometimes, but keep in mind that Spartan not only has to produce their new models, they have to keep existing models in stock as well. And all their models are made at their own facility, so it's not like they can farm out some of the work to someone else.
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