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    hendybadger got a reaction from MythicKhan in Alma Frigates   
    For those that want to check out the Almas before buying, here is my review.

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    hendybadger reacted to Alris in [Storm Of Steel] Errata For Rof Models ?   
    Hi all,
    i could read in some recent posts that Storm of steel comes with some models errata. I already heard that the "Hotch" can be enrolled by 5 like all the others small tank.
    Are there any other model / french rule errata in SoS (the book in still not available in my local store) ?
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    hendybadger reacted to Lifegiver in Why Doesn't The Magenta Have Retardant Armor?   
    You are absolutely right. The Magentas are much weaker than other battleships, but only slighty cheaper. Why ever take a Magenta if You can take a carrier or or draednought instead?
    The Magenta Mk1 should be 10 points cheaper. Then add the option of taking retardant armour for +15 points (making the MK1 without RA 140 points, an with RA 155 points). The Mk2 should stay what it is and get the option of RA for +10 points. This would make sense.
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    hendybadger reacted to Sanguinary Dan in New To The French And Dw!   
    Yes. For 100 points you get 5 light bombers that are faster and harder to hit than the Lyon.
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    hendybadger reacted to shad0wb0w in New To The French And Dw!   
    My typical loadout of smalls is one squadron of each naval small, then two squadrons of mediums (one cruiser and one support) and then two BBs or carriers + some other stuff
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    hendybadger reacted to Sanguinary Dan in New To The French And Dw!   
    It will work just fine. The nice thing about the Lyon is it's full squadron is only 100 points. So two full size squadrons are quite cheap and relatively tough at 4/5. If his Orders are to kill all you can keep one squadron close behind the battle line and let the other have some fun. That way he'll have to close with your Heat Lance armed heavies to get at that last squadron. And in all likelyhood allowing you to complete yours first.
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