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  1. Does anybody have any further thoughts on using multiples of the Lage and Massive Naval and Air ships?
  2. For those that want to check out the Almas before buying, here is my review. http://pressganger.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/dystopian-wars-rof-alma-frigates-next.html
  3. Full review will be up on my blog in a couple of days. Mine were metal with 4 in the box
  4. Where are you based at the moment? You might be able to find a player or 2 on here. How are the Destroyers OP? (Fairly new myself)
  5. I have had some great attacks with the Lyons so far. But that could have just been good rolls
  6. Loads of useful info. Thank so much. Gives a good idea of what to pick, and how much of it.
  7. To be prepared for anything, How many of each French squardon would you have available? Sea, Air and Land
  8. One thing I love about DW as I enter the game is the price. After playing several of the higher priced games I still cant get over the fact I can pick up a massive carrier for £9
  9. I am a little confused on Boarding. The French Dread has 7 AA It also has a wing of 5 TFTs as a CAP. Each with 2 AA and Well Trained How many dice would I roll against a Boarding squadron? And why? I have been told all sorts between 12 - 17
  10. Ok, just looked at the RoF TFT card again. WELL TRAINED says Linked Fire with parent model. Doesnt that mean half AD against Boarding?
  11. I think I get the idea now. Apologies, VERY new to the game
  12. Doesn't Well Trained link with the ship? Giving 3-5 extra AA?
  13. I will be targeting the smaller ships much earlier from now on. How do you get that many dice?
  14. Had another game vs CoA tonight Lost again but did much better this time. Which is good seeing half my fleet I want to use hasnt arrived yet. Even though I lost, I really enjoyed it. Which can only be a good thing! I do have a couple of questions though. How do you protect your Dreads from Boarding? How do you pretect Frelons on bombing runs? 3 taken out by AA
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