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  1. I work in product design for a manufacturer and this is a point of constant frustration for us. You want to make the best product for the end users but have to satisfy the demands of retailers or you won't be stocked in their stores. often those demands are more to do with shelf space and not wanting to bother with small transations leading to exactly what Spartan is now doing now.
  2. Do you have any pictures? I've never been happy with the french drop on turrets (especialy the battleship 2 gun ones) but haven't found any that I thought looked right, I was about to scratch build somthing along the lines of a up-sized Alma turret or a long barreled Ecuyer turret.
  3. I think most of us auto-include the 10 points for Cloud Generators in the Courrone price making it 150, same as 3X Voltaires You really should think about paying for the generator, drop a Lyon to free up points for the cloud generator on the Carrier and add the Voltaires leaving you 5points short of the total or drop a Chevalier giving you the 10 points for a cloud generator on the Magenta (although Chevs are better in full squadrons because of pack hunter)
  4. So Pretty, But Owww! my wallet just took a mortal wound! Oz Box, RoF Box, EIC Box, Merchant Navy Box, Bildings Box, Sirroco and all the spartan scenics terrain accesories...so much I want, so little money to spare. The other RoF player and I were locked in a vicious struggle to convince each other to sell one of the ones from the starter box, until I caved in and a bought a blister...and so did he, so now we are locked in a vicious struggle to convince each other to sell one of the spare ones from the blister. (for some reason he was against going halves in a blister and only having 1 spare between the two of us.)
  5. Z-Ray

    RoF Pacific Fleet

    Mousqueton (formerly Boniface) is almost ready, just the freehand left to do but the ships are in dry dock for the next 10 days as I'm off to check out the great barrier reef by aqualung...in preparation for an assault on Cairns.
  6. Z-Ray

    RoF Pacific Fleet

    I never could get genders in language right and I lived in France for more than a year. Got it in one! Urial Escadron Serviteur will be Le Planchet, Grimaud, Mousqueton (or Boniface) and Bazin. Mediums will be Escadron Mousquetaires: Athos, Porthos and Aramis and the carrier will be d'Artagan All part of Battle group Dumas The Emperor Napoleon may not have been a fan of Dumas but the new President Napoleon is
  7. Z-Ray

    RoF Pacific Fleet

    Planchet is a person not a very important person but then it is for a small model. The name is just for flavor and to fit in with the naming scheme for the capitol ships and squadrons.
  8. Z-Ray

    RoF Pacific Fleet

    The smoke is woodland scenics clump foiliage for making model trees on a brass rod armature, you can get in a green so dark it looks black but I already had some in light green so used that soaked in some black ink. Between the superglue and the ink it dried rock hard and drybrushes up a treat.
  9. Z-Ray

    RoF Pacific Fleet

    "La Planchet" patrols alone off the shores of Vanuatu while the rest of Escadron Serviteur remains in port for painting. First ship in the new livery ready to take the fight to the KoB in the Pacific.
  10. I was thinking about reinforced cruiser squadrons and what they would be like for RoF. At first I was thinking of a bog standard skimming gunship to match the Marseilles, But what if the gunship was a surface ship with long ranged guns and the independant MAR? (maby utilising the ubiquitous spotter plane or the Furioux spotter MAR) It opens up a new facet of play with a now more fragile 2 cruiser team going in for the kill with support from the more distant gunship. This would also be forward compatable with a more traditional surface cruiser squadron if we should get one in the future (and why not we have both surface and skimming frigates) Anyway, just an idea but I think it would bring some fun interactions and decisions to the game.
  11. Just squeeked in, although I can see some bits that I missed Escadron Rouge: Escadron Bleu: and Escadron Blanc (which is awaiting a trade for its final 3 members) finally, all together with last months battle ship:
  12. I have RoF and KoB as well and am definitely making Belgium my home-game stomping grounds, plus I only need 1 set of Belgians (but I'll be getting 2 of everything anyway so they can bash at each other and not have to pick sides )
  13. If Infantry become an important (or just fun) part of the game I'll probably stick 2/3mm figures onto bases. Out of scale sure, but for me-not as off putting as the symbolic tokens I'll be getting the book anyway, so may as well pre-order from spartan and get the free tokens and have the dice. Of corse all this is provided I can convince others to stray out of the water and into land battles (then chase them in my ships! MUAHAHA Vivie La Republique!)
  14. I'm in again, couple more months of these and I'll actually be able to field a fully painted force in a game for the first time ever 6 Lyons and with an ink wash so you can actualy see what they are (the painting of which resulted in me slightly upending an entire pot of black ink onto the carpet...in the lounge where I'm not supposed to be painting but the lure of TV was to much for my feeble willpower. luckily I got it soaked up and washed out before the wife got home so shhhh)
  15. The photos seem to show standard 1-6 pip dice, but if they are the same size as the TFT then they would have to be mini dice to fit-hence shipping with specialty dice
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