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  1. Squids, scout gyros, even just the regular ships, I love them but people tend to love or hate them.
  2. Hey I had the same problem, I couldn't take on what I could before but in saying that it's ability to cause fear and shoot far better is not to be underestimated. We just need to use it differently now.
  3. Wow. If you have any issues feel free to ask on here... Everyone here will help you out. It's a good positive community. My experience and many of my new friends experiences learning the game have been fantastic. Spartan is fantastic to deal with also.
  4. Hi guys, Can we still use heroic fleet commodores? I'd still like to use sir Rodney Carlton in the game.
  5. I noticed and thought to myself how cool would it be if spartan did a version of the sub tender that launched massive missiles perhaps with help of a spotter from Behind islands. Kinda like a nuclear sub etc
  6. Yeah but with limited options for each race so they aren't all the same
  7. I would like a flagship entry in each faction that you could spec yourself! Like base model then pay for upgrades. But in such a way that you can't have everything, so choose one upgrade from the following etc. perhaps stat boosts or mars.
  8. You can wrap some tape around your drill bit so you can get close quickly. The tape will indicate the desired depth and when you reach it stop drilling! I like you idea as no magnets will show- great thinking
  9. I didn't realise there was any other way to do it? I think everyone is agreeing?
  10. They get to choose the music being played in the background?
  11. I would like core rules and optional rules. Which we have now. Just because everyone I play with (who are silent) dislike the cards and won't use them again, doesn't mean it should be permanently removed, like wise not permanently added because others like it. I wonder if the Russians were changed from loud forum opinions or from actual play testing? Either way something isn't right!
  12. So many poor blokes lol must be because of the awesome looking models!
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