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  1. ok simple qustion After investing alot of time and effort into building and painting a large EOTBS fleet on sea, land and air..... is there any new units (not special characters or infantry tokens) that i can add to my army.... and if so aprox how many and what type ? if the answer is a No then i will pass on this book till after christmas, if yes than i better get my pre-order in.
  2. question is will the other forces get new stuf... the EOTBS await such information s
  3. errr still waiting ? any news ? feel a little let down :'(
  4. 3 flipping pages to get an answer.... Please note spartan: next rule book Tiny fliers get their own section covering EVERYTHING... as requested pre V1.1 same goes for Boarding actions, fliers.... trying to not do sections on each type,, has caused confusion and actually used up more pages of the rule book.
  5. its the sheer weight of Gas MAR AP thats crucial, the more the better,, they have the opertunity to severly reduce enemy AP making any future units Boarding action an instant Win... they are used in combination with other units over the game... kill a big ships AP so that even a unit of frigates can board it, then just use the flyers to launch rocket attacks on weak AA units. and harras the enemy.
  6. there is no slavery in the Dystopian world, and focusing on it could only be harmful to the game and hobby. its not our world its an alterative world, a different dimension where Tesla Was born Earlier ... and the Roman empire probably lasted longer. and no in this universe the romans didn't have slaves either... they had dinosaurs .... and if they didn't they should have... And any one wishing to focus on slaves is my mind is a sick person...
  7. it has been stated before, that slavery in the dystopian world was not part of the american civil war and for simplicity does not exist in the world as such (ie on racial grounds) this helps avoid any quagmires and intolerant ideas and keep things simple.. its not our world its an alternative universe. And is not really based on our concepts of reality.
  8. Intoxicated Ninja Baby Slayers They are on a mission to wipe out all pandas from the Antarctic.
  9. you may only use gas alert when you try to board, if your AP is zero you may not initiate or be part of a boarding action, so dont get to use the gas alert. if your AP is killed during a boarding action you still get the Gas alert bonus.
  10. saying small fliers should be like frigates is like saying modern attack aircraft should be the same as a tank ... ... they are flavour units, and i feel the EOTBS with the ilka and tetsubo are possible the most favourable army in the game....
  11. Broadside rockets.. simple... there on the mini.... the enterprise has 2 rocket turrets so in comparison its still a litle out gunned. the rocket batteries could combine if needs must... wouldnt need to be so fast then... and if they are worried about to many weapon systems just drop the mines, as the part modled on the mini can be explained away as part of its CC
  12. few modles say 3 cruisers v 3 cruiser or 5 frigats v 5 frigates is what we did... not as so much a game more a test to see how the rules work with such units.. and then try say a boarding action with no premoves involved... idea was to get a grasp of different rules not to play a game , once we had covered most things a small game ws played not to win but to put it all into practice... tiny fliers came along after around 20 games... but befor we threw them in we just did a rules test to see how they operate and react to different situations... it menas all players come into the game with a understanding of the mechanics better, and not a case of who can remember most of the book from a 20 min read. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
  13. not having a bit of HG wells in a steam punk setting is like not having steam... thumbs up for the aliens... im just not sure i like the non tripod stuff though...
  14. it generally takes 2 henchment to take down a enemy Dread, if enemy dread takes down a henchmen then the EOTBS are in serious problems... Ive ben using the EOTBS from the early days its my only real force i use, i touch apon the other fleets, but with 9k of painted EOTBS you can see they are my favourites.. but the Hench and the Nak are duds... all the hench needs is broadside rockets like the wargyro and suddenly you have a competitive Dread.. i know ive tried and even with no points adjustment, it does not upset the opponents. Hench and Nak are lame ducks and a waste of points... you may feel its doing you well but trust me in those games you are cheating yourself. Basic answer for these 2 units is scrap there stats are start again please and make the stats befit the models please.. also dont all dreads get at least +1 turret over their battle ship counterpart ?
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