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  1. I am going to take a few guesses based on lore and what we have been teased with already. 170 to 185 points Large Submarine (Large Naval Capital Diving Model), Crew Type Regular Movement 6 (most likely Sturg Boost to help) DR 6 or 7, CR 8 (most likely Ablative Armour +2) HP 8, AP 8, AA 4, CC 6, IR of maybe 7 or 8 (based on that angled and armoured looking front) 2" min move, 45 degree turning, 0" turn limit, squadron size 1 MARS: Ablative Armour +2, Deep Diving, Hunter: Submerged, Torps, +1 or +2, Sturg Boost Weapons: Torps, 10/10/8/8 with a fixed forward arc 2 Heavy Mortars with 180 degree frontal and rear arc, 0/8/8/0 This is all guess work bear in mind. I am predicting there will be a big surprise MAR or maybe a generator we weren't expecting so we go "OMG!" to show newest Russian developments in subs.
  2. Given how good Death Bringers are and they were the Generation 1 large sub for the Russians before Nikonov went rogue, and this new Magadan class is Generation 2 with the newest tech the Russians have, I think it will be worth the wait.
  3. Random thing a friend and I were discussing the other day concerning the Dreadnought Battle Robots that several nations have. In lore, what branch of the military technically do they take orders from and is responsible for their upkeep? I know the Teutonic Order of the Prussian Empire command, pilot, and maintain the Metzgers and Hochmiesters, but what about the other nations and their bots? In the PDF's, they are listed in the Armoured Forces section implying they are under the army, though you have some nations like the FSA that have many of their smaller bots in their aerial section implying they are part of the air force. Thoughts, insights, comments?
  4. Also we need to take into account from what some of us have heard here and there that SG had some kind of change in personal recently that put many things into limbo until that was all sorted out. Mongoose Publishing had the same problem, and it did slow down game development and shipping, but after it got sorted out, they were back on track. Even giants like GW have that problem from time to time.
  5. I know you dropped a hint earlier, but I was dropping one of my own with that post *cough cough and slips a $20 dollar bill on the desk*
  6. I was expecting something very Stargate SG-1 when I heard the Republic of Egypt was coming. I personally love the surprise of this model's appearance. If you can tell me if I am warm or cold, I am guessing very fast and maneuverable, possibly much like the Novgorod Frigate, as it is a hovercraft style design?
  7. I will just leave this here for inspiration to all my fellow Russian Coalition Commanders near and far:
  8. Hear Hear. Novgorods being backed up by these new Light Cruisers, no enemy smalls will be a problem for me anymore. Curious about the stats for the new Magadan. Nice to have a combat submarine back after the Peset-class was made into a support submarine a while back and Nikonov's "help" with the Deathbringer project. The Mezan gun corvette is a head scratcher, curious how it will be worked out in stats to where it isn't a default replacement for the Rostov. Any teases or more information on the Murmansk Repair Vessel or the Sea Fortresses since we are already glued to the toy shop window, drooling on ourselves with excitement like a kid before Christmas?
  9. I personally like how both of these vessels turned out. The Mk1 doesn't outshine or overshadow the Borodino which I appreciate, especially since that means all my Borodinos won't become paperweights after the MK1's are released and delivered, and the Mk2 is like if a Kazimov took some of Popeye's Spinach. Makes me anxious to see how the kickstarter vessels with stack up since this is the direction the next generation of vessels is heading.
  10. Must share pictures of those after they are done. Sound like great looking conversions. Already got an order for 2 in with my local supplier. Can't wait to "educate" my opponents in their capabilities.
  11. "The only thing that counts in the end is power, naked merciless force!" -General Ursus; Beneath the Planet of the Apes-
  12. I don't think even the word "excited" can describe the feeling I have for the new vessels. Just don't make them too brutal....cause that means more of a mess it will make of the enemy vessels and more I have to clean up later.
  13. Keep going guys, I am taking down notes as fast as you can give me information and tactics. This decision is bigger than I thought after everyone has shown just how unique each fleet really is and what their individual units are made to do. Shows I have really played Russians too long where you just sledgehammer and go home.
  14. After Farcages pointed it out, it does appear at second glance the FSA does have a better aerial force to support their naval fleet. While Britannia has very maneuverable craft, their firepower and support roles to their FSA counterparts is lacking (the Eagle and Ilustrious seem a little underwhelming). Or am I not seeing/understanding something?
  15. Looks like Britannia is getting the preference from the community out of the two fleets. Order for a fleet goes in at the end of the week
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