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  1. more then I have! ,my ship count is 482 painted ships including srs Tokens, and about 150 unpainted ones in boxes. 3 more relthozas are on the paint desk, then the fleet is done and I can move on to the next terquai or tarakiens. .
  2. A list like this especially aqauns will be really hard to Counter in V3, tried italready.
  3. no shields was for sure not game breaking on the gravs, even the push pull wasn't if you add a houserule: you can't be shifted of table before your first activation (assuming a flanking force in escalating engagment). If after that houserule, you Keep your ships to Close to the edge or a planet, it is your own fault.
  4. i would clearly preffer V2 System, just because it gives the means to control ship types, in the fleet build and therefore things like gunship spam lists.
  5. depending on the scale of the models (assuming they are smaller then in Planetfall) they could be used as instead of the Tokens in FSA which at least gives visaul Appeal. I don't like hex games so the game is not for me.
  6. I preffer snappers, best Corvette in the game. (I have 18 ships) , but I never shunt bomb them (???). They have 14 Inch move + 12 Inch torp range, on a normal table, (Borderclash set up), ou can place them on the flanks or rear edge, resulting in an aera of approximatly 20*22 Inch in the opponents center that you can't attack on arrival. Since flanking is less risk, it is the better Option. If they arrive really late and the opponnent is kind of in the Center of the table I might consider shunting them, but it has never happend yet. On a small battlefield 4x4 Feet shunting them is just completely stupid, since they can reach 100 of the battlefield with far less risk. Downside: their main enemy are scatter weapons so when I know I am facing sorylians I would Play frigates (1 squad) .
  7. @vtmobius thanks for linking to our Videos, We have also filmed the entry missions for the Valhalla box and Overseers box on our Video channel These might be better to explain the game. Both playlists contain engish and german Videos. Valhalla Overseers:
  8. hahnc77


    This is what my troops fight for. all designed and build by myself.
  9. @murphy'slawofcombat you could have signed up as beta tester! It is not bigger then 40k, and will never be! Even if it is my favourite game, it is still a niche and will stay there, most Spacenerds here are either collectiing Star Wars or Star trek, the IMO better series like Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica are already very rare, so the Firestorm Univers is not drawing much Attention. I know several Players that started here with the inted to use the rules together with ships from their favourite faction, or wanted to use the ships in Battle fleet gothic (since those ships are expensive and rare on ebay. From there they are then slowly drawn into FSA.
  10. I still remember him! But I have seen fan based rules in other Systems, with no Support from the Company, (or even with the companies gone) A Group of fans can will not be able to support a game in the long term, so this Kind of effort is futile. Those who don't like the changes can stay at V2 and Play that in their Group and most Groups should be able to deduce V2 stats for potential new ship. The only game I know of that has survived without full Support of the original Company is Bloodbowl, but in this case several small companies provided their own Fantasy Football rules and sold the Teams so Players could play Bloodbowl with them. and of course GW, will do a new print every few years, to earn some Money. The Fan base for FSA is not big enough for something like that, at least not in Germany, and I doubt that it is in UK and US.
  11. mine are shipped by now, but as a vanguard we should have received them earlier. I will remember this as another promise not kept!
  12. @Eater of Stars cool models, not exactly what I would do for Aquans, but I am searching for pathogen interceptors / bomber at the Moment.;-) I will try something similar, since I have a lot of Tyranid bits.
  13. Mines are still powerful, but if you triggered them several times they are OP.
  14. just on month delay! sadly I consider this an improvement for spartan!
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