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  1. Dindrenzi have a lot of good medium options available to them, IMO, but I'm currently undecided which route is the best. Do you: a) Go with numbers and take multiple squadrons of Furys Go with quality and take a Squad of Gladii and a squad of Victories c) Hybrid and mix a Victory into squads of Furys d) Go with big / little and take the squad of Gladii and a squad of Furys. e) Skip single faction and add in RSN cruisers, mixing in the outstanding (it seems) Spooks and Cerberus w/ Dindrenzi cruisers Anyone have an opinion one way or another?
  2. That's what I thought, but wanted to confirm. Not that I think I'd want to, but maybe I'll want to mix a Templar, Hermes, and Sentinel in the same squadron? I'm also deciding on where to go with my Dindrendzi, as they could use some beefing up (I just love space ship games too much, even if I don't ever get to play). I should be legal to do either of these options as far as I can tell Dindrenzi 3x Victory heavy Cruisers 3x Gladius Gunships Or Dindrenzi Core League Fleet 3x Gladius Gunships 2x Spook Cruisers & 1x Cerberus heavy Cruiser
  3. How free are we to mix cruisers? Per the text on the heavy cruiser, I'm lead to believe that a squad could contain 1 heavy cruiser, 1 normal cruiser, 1 MKII cruiser, and 1 assault cruiser, assuming they were all available within the same race. Or, a squad could contain 2 heavy cruisers and 1 normal cruiser, as long as there was at least one other cruiser somewhere else in the fleet.
  4. If there is no benefit to running a pure fleet, then why would you ever run a pure fleet as opposed to picking and choosing from the support fleet to "shore up" weaknesses? Every possible build should have its own reasons for taking it. If there isn't -- if there is ever a time where some other choice is 100% better than a different option, that's just plain bad design.
  5. There is a problem with the support fleet idea. If you allow no penalities for support fleets integrated into core fleets, the support fleet models can ruin intentional design decisions within a faction. For example, Aquans seem to have outstanding large ships at the cost of "Meh" medium and small ships. BUT, with a support fleet, you could do something weird, like: Xelocian Shatu Dreadnought 300 Hydra Battleship w/ 4 Interceptors 240 3x Terquai Makalu Class Torpedo Cruiser 195 3x Stingray Destroyers 225 2x Barracuda (hide in corner) 40 1000/1000, 505 core / 495 support. I don't think its optimal and I don't think I'm fully abusing the possibilities, but it limits design space to allow out of faction integration without the benefit of staying fully within a single faction. Or, w/ Sorylian as core: Xelocian Shatu Dreadnought 300 Morning Star Carrier w/ 8 Interceptors 160 4x Sky Hammers 240 4x Sky Hammers 240 3x Scythes (hide in corner) 60 1000/1000, 700 Core / 300 Support
  6. Ok, since they are optional, make them optional only if you take a full, single faction fleet. We're already talking about amending the rules just by changing how alliance fleets work, so there shouldn't be an issue with also amending the retro mars rules.
  7. I would, first, propose that the retro mars are no longer optional for pure fleets -- they just get the extra MARs. I'm also coming from a Warmachine background, so I find it much better for the rules to be balanced than to worry about the fluff (Fluff does NOT equal rules), but even then its easy to waive off some of the oddities. For example, To maintain effective communication with the rest of the fleet, the Relthoza have to increase the broadcast power of their communication systems, while also changing the frequency. This completely negates the stealth. Or, Terran shield modulation causes interference over a large area with normal shield generators causing permanent damage over time. As such, Terrans do not modulate their shields while in close proximity to alliance ships.
  8. I, for one, was never a fan of boarding in v1. On more than one occasion I've lost my Razorthorn to boarding from a group of Scythes followed up by a wing of assault boats from a Morning star. No damage to the BB, because it was a hell of a lot harder to damage it than it was to just land a bunch of marines on the ship. Even if the BB wasn't captured, the crew damage was enough to make it completely ineffective. I haven't read v2 yet, but I'd be very, very happy if boarding is now substantially less powerful. As for mines, I'd agree they were always a little lackluster. I played a few games with a house rule where you could link mines in a squad as long as you moved your minimum move. It seemed to be a decent rule -- you'd leave a pretty powerful minefield behind, you, but the trade off was that you barely moved (and you weren't dropping huge fields in the middle of opposing fleets from 10" away)
  9. I would suggest that the retro MARS no longer become optional for a full faction fleet. If you're running full faction, you get the retro MARs. If you're running an Alliance fleet, you don't get the Retro MARs. Remember, there are some requirements for using an Alliance fleet meaning you can't 100% cherry pick your whole fleet -- you'll still be running 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large squadron from the core faction, it will eat half of your fleet points, and you still have to have an equal number of small and medium ships from the core fleet as other fleets. Since no single faction has excellent choices in the small, medium, and large categories I don't think its completely unbalanced. However, if retro MARs aren't enough of an advantage to run single faction and to make things balanced, I'd add the following table: Fleet Type: Single Faction: Result: Retro MARS are added to ships in faction Fleet Type: Alliance Fleet. Models from 2 Core Fleets or 1 Core Fleet and Support Fleet. Result: No Retro MARs, -1 STAR Card Fleet Type: Alliance Fleet. Models from 3 Core Fleets or 2 Core Fleets and Support Fleet. Result: No Retro MARs, -1 Initiative, -1 STAR Card Fleet Type: Alliance Fleet. Models from 3 Core Fleets AND Support Fleet. Result: No Retro MARs, -1 Initiative, -2 STAR Cards Without some testing, though, I can't say that the table is necessary. The best thing to do would be to find 2 players of equal skill, and have one play with the most ideal mixed fleet you can find while the other plays a single faction fleet. Ideally, the players swap between the single faction fleet and the alliance fleet after each game so they have experience on both sides. Then you rotate the core single faction fleets used as well. After 25-50 games, you should be able to start telling where you need to land balance wise to make pick and choose alliance fleets on exactly level ground with the single faction stuff.
  10. Last night I spent some time (around 30 minutes) carving down the excess resin on the Titan and it went together pretty well after the carving session. As I was figuring, it appears that the Areas completely replaces the Zenith. Even then, I'm not even sure you want to take an Ares as both the BB options seem like better values for the points. I guess if you want wings, play Aquans?
  11. Ah. If i understand correctly, I can only spend 30% on Dreadnoughts, and I'm spending 33% with the wings. I think I can drop the Medusa down to a Manta and then keep with all of the various fleet totals and even squeeze in a Sword breaker, like this: Manta Battle Carrier w/ 4 interceptors & 5 Bombers 275 ^1x Sorylian Escorts 20 Swordbreaker Battleship 195 ^2x Terran Escort 30 4x Skyhammers 240 2x Aegis 140 5x Scythes 100 Total 1000 (55.5% Core, 44.5% non Core) Lol! That may be, especially when they are backed up by a pair of Shield Cruisers to confer some shields to the Sky Hammers? I'm kind of trying to work out what the best alliance fleet is so I can play it against full faction fleets for my own entertainment. It could also be used to sell Spartan on the idea that maybe there should be some advantage to running full faction? Anyway, I think I would tweak out the 1500 list to put in a manta like so: Medusa Dreadnaught w/ 12 bombers 330 Manta Battle Carrier w/ 4 interceptors & 5 Bombers 275 ^1x Terrain Escort Morning Star Carrier w/ 8 Interceptors 160 4x Skyhammers 240 4x Skyhammers 240 2x Aegis 140 5x Scythes 100 Total 1500 It lacks the escorts of the previous list, but it does push the Poseidon to a Manta which is probably a fair trade. With that trade, I'm really tempted to trade the last escort anda Scythe for upgrading the Morning Star to a Sword Breaker, but I don't know if that is a great choice... I'd have to play it and see.
  12. I worked on these quite a while ago and pulled them out of storage yesterday. Most of my fleet is painted to about the level of the Razerthorn, but i have a few mostly finished like the CA. Now that i look at them again, it feels like there is something... missing -- that the CA doesn't really look finished. Any suggestions out there?
  13. The PDF on Black Ocean says this (First 3 points): *ONE race, from either the Terran Alliance, the Aquan Prime or the Sorylian Collective, MUST be designated as the Alliance Fleet's Core Fleet. *You must spend at least 50% of your Maximum Fleet Value on ships from your chosen Core Fleet. *You may spend up to 50% on ships from any of the other major powers and small factions within the Alliance of Kurak. I assume that the major powers were Terran, Aquan, and Sorylian. Is that not the case?
  14. Its been nearly 10 years since I played BFG, but I did play it quite a bit when it first came out (my group played until 2000 points of Necrons tabled 10,000 points of Imperial & Chaos 3 games in a row, that was our last game day), but here are some differences as I remember them (I haven't read the v2 FA rules yet, so be warned): Shield in FA are saving throws - they don't decrease over a turn and regenerate the next. There are no leadership checks or orders. Things in FA pretty much happen the way you want them to. The closest FA gets to orders are the STAR cards. There are fewer tokens on the table. FA pretty much only has tokens for Strike Craft (fighters, bombers, etc) and Mines. In general, Strike Craft are less potent in FA than they are in BFG. Exploding Dice. Rolling a 6 in FA counts as 2 hits and adds another roll. No Guess Range weapons in FA, and almost no templates (pretty much mines are the only templates). Generally better balance, no trash fleets and no fleets that can consistently table everyone I'm sure there are more, but that should help a little, I hope.
  15. I've been toying with the idea of picking up some Aquans (just the big ships and maybe a starter) and I already have Sorylians and Terrans, so I thought, why not throw together an Alliance fleet and see what it would look like? To run the 1500 point list, in addition to the Aquans, I would need to pickup some more Skyhammers (I only have 6), but that isn't all bad, or I'd have to rearrange the list a bit to use my Halberds (I have 4). Any thoughts? Also, i haven't really looked through the support fleet options, is there some interesting stuff in there that might be fun or better to run than the Aquans? First the 1000 point list Medusa Dreadnought w/ 12 bombers 330 ^2x Terran Escorts 30 Morning Star Carrier w/ 8 Interceptors 160 4x Skyhammers 240 2x Aegis 140 5x Scythes 100 Total 1000 To run this list, all I need is the Medusa. I wanted to work in a Swordbreaker instead of the morning star, but couldn't really find the points and have it still work out at 1000. Maybe swap out the Escorts and a pair of bombers for the Swordbreaker? Also, the Terran escorts are slower than the Medusa (go figure), I don't THINK that will be too big of a problem, but if someone thinks it is, I could definitely try to upgrade to the Swordbreaker? Medusa Dreadnought w/ 12 bombers 330 ^2x Sorylian Escorts 40 Morning Star Carrier w/ 8 Interceptors 160 Poseidon Battleship w/ 4 Interceptors 220 ^2x Terran Escorts 30 4x Skyhammers 240 4x Skyhammers 240 2x Aegis 140 5x Scythes 100 Total 1500 Bumping by 500 points, I bring along another squad of Skyhammers and a Poseidon, which could pretty easily become a Manta by dropping the escorts. This is probably bigger than I would play, but its fun to plan to
  16. My play group picked up the mega bundle back when FA came out, but there were only 3 of us, so I took the Terrans and Dindrenzi. Since we wanted to play some bigger games, I grabbed a second Dindrenzi starter + carrier so we could play Sorylians and Aquans vs Dindrenzi. Now that I'm in an area that is playing Dystopian, I'm hoping I can get a firestorm group going, and I'm debating picking up some more Dindrenzi for use against my Terrans and Sorylians. I have 3x Starter Boxes 3x Claymores 3x Victories My Terran fleet is pretty much a unit or two of everything released, and my Sorylians are a Starter + CAH + CV1 + Escorts. Should I pick up anything for the Dindrenzi, and if so what? What major things have changed for the Dindrenzi in v2?
  17. I have 2 Zeniths from when FA first came out, and I just picked up an order of a bunch of the new stuff since I quit paying attention to FA (Grabbed the MKIIs, a Titan, and another CAH). Not only does the Ares look substantially nicer than the old Zenith, but it seems to be pretty much flat out better. Now, back in v1 I didn't really use carriers often and it didn't really hurt me. Did v2 change it enough I should worry about bringing a carrier, and is there much reason to use the Zenith or Ares all the way? On a completely different subject, how hard is the Titan to put together? The "wings" on mine don't fit the the notches on the back of the ship at all -- its going to take some substantial carving to get it to fit. Is this normal, or is something wrong?
  18. Now that I've overcome my issues of transporting flying bases without breaking them (double magnetic bases FTW!) I've been debating fleet transportation. I've been using sabol pluck foam to haul stuff around, but I'm wondering what everyone else uses? I'm wondering if maybe there is something better out there that i just don't know about?
  19. There seems to be a certain level of elegance in the idea that you get retro mars only if you play single faction - a kind of little reward for sticking to one fleet. Fluff wise, it might make sense too -- the ships the Terrans have loaned out haven't been upgraded like the core Terran fleet.
  20. If you get the retro mars (like sector shielding) no matter what, what is the advantage to running single faction? Wouldn't the logical choice just be to run Sorylian core, bring along Ageis Cruisers for the Skyhammers and pick which ever BB is best between the core and support fleets?
  21. You know, this talk of MARs in v1 got me to haul out the old rule book. Nope, no MARS in my book for anything -- not even the directorate. My book must be v0, because i know there was at least the firing solution MAR when one of the local players bought the directorate starter.
  22. Is there a summary thread of changes between V1 and V2? I'm such a sucker for spaceship games that I picked up all the new models for Terrans even though I don't have anyone to play against. Given the lack of opponents, I don't want to pick up the v2 rule book since it sounds like its already heavily errata'd -- if I wait till I have someone to play against v2.1 might be published. As for retro mars, I have it in my head that you would get retro mars for a "pure" fleet (one faction only), but no retros for an allied fleet. I.E. the cost of mixing and matching is the retro mars. Is this correct, or me just being crazy?
  23. Hi everybody! I played a Ton of firestorm when it first came out and through the Relthoza release, but haven't looked at it in a while. I've recently moved and it seems that I might be able to spark interest in getting the game going in my new area. I see the game has hit second edition though, and I see references to Retro MARs. They look very interesting, but are they part of the core rules, or are they something optional that the community has cooked up? Thanks!
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