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  1. I think you mean to say you frequently take multiple Tier 2 squardons because Tier 1s lack punch. Are you running a mix of cruisers, destroyers, and torp cruisers, or do you double up on one of them? Do you bring along allies instead of bringing more Terran T2s?
  2. Do you often (ever?) find yourself taking more than 1 T2 in a Terran list? Also, do you ever find yourself running Light Cruisers and Torpedo Cruisers in the same list?
  3. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    LOL, thanks! I'll totally straighten out the lines and even them up as it would bug me to no end to leave them as it is. I also need to do some highlighting to make the models look a little less flat - I'm using 3 low contrast colors in the brown, green, and gray (this is what lets the red and white lines Pop) and highlighting will really help with that.
  4. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    Too bad that he is having rough times. I got tons of use out of those adapters between BFG, B5 fleet action, and firestorm. I would switch over to the hawk adapters for everything, but I already have the pegs in two patrol fleets, and a half dozen other ships. Removing them isn't really possible (I've tried). I may have to use some of each of I can't get more ninja magic adapters.
  5. If there was a reason to have 4 Battleships, 2 Dreads and 4 carriers, the Mega bundle would be a good deal for me. I'm thinking that the extra battleship, dread, and Ares carrier won't ever get used, though, which means buying the rest of the bundle individually is probably a better choice. The cruisers, destroyers, Enforcement fleet, etc individually seems like it will come out a little cheaper than the Mega Bundle.
  6. Given I have 2 Razorthornes, and an Apollo, is there any reason to get a 2nd Apollo? The new cruisers and armsmen interest me for just having the new hull shapes, but I can't think of a reason I would want that second Apollo. I think I could pickup a frigate group and a cruiser group to get what I'm looking for. Also, is there a reason to get a second Titan? Given the current exchange rate and the list of goodies I want to buy, I'm really close to buying the Mega Bundle direct from Spartan. But I would end up with 2 Titans and 2 Apollos, which I don't think I would ever use, which in turn makes the bundle deal not quite a deal. Thoughts?
  7. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    I was considering using the dropzone commander widgets on the 2 peg bases, assuming I can find them at Gen Con to see if they would work correctly.
  8. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    They are Ninja Magic magnetic adapters. I bought a huge number of them at Gen Con at least 10 years ago for my BFG fleets, and used the left overs on my FSA stuff. Its not ideal for FSA because it can be difficult to get the notched adapters to exactly point a specific direction, which wasn't an issue with the BFG round bases. On the brass tube bases, I've overcome this by not gluing the tube to the base, thus allowing it to rotate independently and allowing me to get the exact angle I want. The tube is a very tight fit over the plastic rod, so friction keeps it from rotating on its own. On the 2 part bases, I'm using those for frigates so that isn't quite so obvious if they aren't 100% straight I plan on buying more bases at Gen Con this year, assuming the vendor is there again. I only have 17 bases built, so I'd like to build up another 8 and get myself to 25 - I can't imagine needing more than 25 bases for a FSA game. I need to come up with a different plan for the 2 peg stands, as it would be nearly impossible to line up double magnetic stands for that. For now, I'm just going to let those balance on the pegs.
  9. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    The monotone Sentinel was actually done with tape, and it was rather annoying dealing with the turrets when trying to tape. Everything else you see was done freehand but the only model where I tried to clean up the lines by hand was the Razorthorne. I think I will end up eventually taping off the Zenith because it has the longest straight lines in the batch. Next batch of models to get primed will be: Apollo 4x Hermes 2x Templars 6x PIlgrims I also thought I would share the flight peg system I'm using (Sorry for less than ideal pics, I should clean up my modeling area). The large ships get brass tube and magnetic pegs. The brass rod means no bendy flight pegs, regardless of how heavy the model is, and the magnetic flight pegs makes it all detachable and so that the ship doesn't rotate on the base. On the smaller ships such as frigates, I'm doing double magenetic adapters, so I can actually remove the flight peg entirely and just toss the bases in one bag, the pegs in the other, and pack it all up without worrying about breaking anything. When its time to play, since it is all magenetic it just snaps together in seconds.
  10. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    Figured I might as well share since I broke my Terrans out of storage. The sentinels were my test subjects to determine what final color scheme I wanted to follow. I decided to go with the Green and Brown pairing and then (sloppily) painted up the first wave of models. Lots of work still to be done on these guys, but I'll probably paint up everything to this level before I actually try to make things look nice.
  11. OK, it was as I figured then OOP Ba'Kash. I quite like that one pictured, but the current Ba'kash ships aren't bad.
  12. I'm looking at this page: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada The middle left yellow ship. Is that a Ba'Kash ship - it doesn't look like any that are currently for sale...
  13. Speaking of the Titan / dreads, is there a way to force them into the typical game so they can't just be ignored? I assume some of that is scenario, but is the key to just not bring very many squishy things? A 1000 point list like this maybe, where you shunt in the Missionaries? Not much to shoot at - choose either the Tyrant or the Titan. Titan 290 +1 Shield 15 Beams 15 Sector Shielding 10 +7 Mines 10 340 Tyrant 200 +3 Wings free Shield Projector 10 +2 PD 5 3x Support Shuttles 15 Bigger Batteries 5 235 3x Artemis Destroyers 180 +Nukes 30 +Secor Shielding 15 225 4x Missionary 100 4x Missionary 100
  14. Like I said, I didn't know if it was a GOOD idea, but I couldn't tell if it was even really an option. If you're bringing a Titan and want escorts, for example, would the extra durability (including the extra shield) be better than the extra PD?
  15. Stupid question. Nadir Frigates can become escorts. While I don't know if this is a good idea, it essentially allows for more durable escorts at the cost of less PD. However, Nadir escorts are not listed as attachments for any ship - is the escort rule a dead rule, or can Escort Nadirs be used the same places a guardian could be used?
  16. I was unable to make it into the game store for a game, so I'm not going to be able to play before Gen Con. Anyone know if there is a spartan booth at Gen Con and any guesses at what the chances of a pickup game are? I might take my Terrans with me if there is a shot at a game.
  17. Regarding the shield cruisers. Am I dreaming that the ageis attached to the carrier will be able to effective give shield buffs to the razorthorn and the cruisers?
  18. If Extra crew is a liability (besides in boarding) what is the plan for Biohazard weapons and other crew attacks? Regarding the heavy cruisers, how likely is sector shielding to actually work in the early game (turn 1 / 2). It seems like with the extra shield upgrade, Shields to full, and Sector shielding, and the shield boost from the Ageis they should be pretty darn durable - 4 shields that trigger on 3+. Of course, you can get the same durability on a Sentinel... Is 9 AD of Nuclear torps on a squad of Sentinels enough to encourage opponents to spread out? Tightly packed ships is not a good thing for the bombers, assuming PD is still similar to how it used to be. *Edit* Harpoons seem pretty stellar in the medium bracket too for torpedo delivery with Torp spook and Nukes. Not sure how they fit in with everything else, though, but they seem like they could fit the bill for hanging out at 40" for as long as possible lobbing nukes and then close in toward the late game.
  19. I'm a returning player from back in V1.0. My main fleet is Terran, but I have a decent amount of Sorylians - Sword Breaker, Morning Star, 6x Skyhammers, 2x Halberds, 12x Scythes, and some escorts. A lot has changed since I last played, but since I found a local group I might dip back into playing the Sorylians as a T2 change of pace from the Terrans T1 and T3 play style... assuming going T2 and T3 heavy is still viable - Skyhammers were game dominating back in the day. I'm thinking something like this: Morning Star 110 +1 Shield 10 +2 AP 10 +2 Wings 5 Weapon Shielding 10 2x Interceptors 10 6x Bombers 30 185 3x Skyhammer w/ Halberd w/ Weapon Shielding 280 3x Skyhammer w/ Halberd w/ Weapon Shielding 280 5x Scythe w/ Pack Hunter 125 5x Scythe w/ Pack Hunter 125 Alternatively, I could use the sword breaker instead of the Morning star, but it would be almost no upgrades on the sword breaker. I could even drop the Morning Star upgrades some (remove Weapon Shielding and the extra wings) and give +1 move to the sky hammers. Any of this viable?
  20. Alright, I have my bases in progress, and I've taken a stab at building a fleet from my available model pool (I'll pickup some more variety at Gen Con in a few weeks more than likely). I have 2x initial V1 patrol fleets, 1x 1.5 Patrol Fleet (which is now exactly the same as my old V1 ships with different models), 1x Titan, 2x Zenith, 1x Ares, 4x Shield Cruisers, 3x Halberds. In other words I don't have a ton of variety and I have a lot of redundancy. Looks like I can't even use everything I have in 1 list (can't use 3 Battleships in 1,000 points) . The local game group seems to favor 1,000 points, so I cooked up this list with what I have: Razorthorne Battleship 170 +2 Pd 5 +2 CP free Nuculear Torps Free Bigger Batteries 5 180 Zenith 125 +1 Shield 10 +3 Wing +5 Beam weapons +10 12x Bombers 60 2x Aegis Shield Cruisers 100 310 3x Templar Heavy Cruisers 80 1 Shield 10 270 4x Pilgrim Frigates 120 4x Pilgrim Frigates 120 I haven't decided TACs yet, but I'm leaning toward Drives to Max, Power to Shields, and Cyclic Shielding. I'm concerned that even with the extra shield, sector shielding, and the shield cruisers, the Templars are my weak point, but I may be able to use Power to shields / Cyclic Shielding depending on opponent to survive a round of shooting, followed by drives to max to get them in the ideal position to nuke something, line up one broadside, and still hit something with turrets. The Zenith makes for a nice bomber support (unless its better to take 6x bombers and 6x shuttles, or fighters) piece and with the attached Shield Cruisers it has decent firepower to the front at 20". The Pilgrims hang out as long as possible slinging torps. Thoughts?
  21. Wow, 24 bases at 1,000 points. Is it Tier 3 heavy with 12 Wayfarers and 8 other frigates?
  22. Next question. What is the largest number of bases I'll likely need in a 1000 point game? I'm using magnetic adapters for my ships so I can detach the ships from the stands and the peg from the bases. I currently have enough for 16 small bases. How many stands should I plan for? What if I went crazy and went for a 1500 point game? My best guess is 15 small bases for a 1000 point game and 25 small bases for 1500 point game?
  23. Fantastic post! How do the Hawker ships fit in with the Terrans? To me (who hasn't played in forever) it seems like the Hawker ships kind of provide variations on the terrain theme. The Excelsior seems like the old Razorthorn that I used to know in V1, and the Resolute looks kind of like a budget Templar.
  24. Is there a high level overview of Gen Con plans? I would love to get some friends of mine a demo / patrol fleet size game. Sounds like Spartan is going to have a booth and there is a tournament too - anything else going on?
  25. Hi all. I've been into Firestorm on and off since initial release. I had a pretty good group going in early V1.0 days, then moved and didn't have anyone to play with. I stumbled across a group recently and will start playing again soon. I see newer battleships use larger bases with 2 pegs. What do I do with my Razorthornes? They have a smaller base and only 1 peg - I assume it needs to be used with the larger base? In the stat cards, I see stats for for Firestorm Taskforce and System Wars models. Are those available to take in a regular Firestorm game? The Perseus looks fantastic, and something that would be fun to try in place of a squad of Pilgrims. Thanks!
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