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  1. Are the docked ships magnetized so they can be removed?
  2. Any feeling yet for the Wed Game? Still shooting for 1500 / person? Will it be appropriate for someone who has barely played since v1?
  3. I would love to attend a Wed event. Are you thinking 1500 points per person in one mega game, or a bunch of 1500 point games running at once?
  4. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    It took me way longer than anticipated, but I finished up the squad of missionaries. The stripes still aren't perfect, but I want to move on to something different. I think I want to hit my Hermes and Apollo next. I have the Solar on the Painting table, but its lack of straight, flat area is going to make putting the stripes on difficult, so I'm thinking of skipping it for now.
  5. If I get to wish list SRS rules from scratch... 1) I would try to make SRS act more like ships. Give them a full stat line and a fixed size - no more varying squad size by wings. 2) Unify the PD rules - have PD for torps and SRS be the same system. That should cut a page or two out of the rule book and simplify things that unnecessarily have different rule sets. 3) Remove the PD Bubble. 4) Add Mars to certain SRS (fighters & interceptors) that allow them to fly CAP so they can link PD with a squadron. You can follow a large discussion on the last couple of pages in this thread:
  6. Does anyone play in MD on Week nights? Sundays kind of suck for getting out for a game, but I would love to actually play... Maybe a Thorsday at GnS or some other week night at a store closer to DC?
  7. Scenario wins without killing anything are generally a sign of a really, really bad scenario. Around 5 years ago, Warmachine ran a set of scenarios that were structured like this: Zone X (X may be a rectangle or circle) Any turn after turn one, If, at the start of your turn, you have models in the zone and your opponent does not, you win. The scenarios were very winnable. In fact, there was a popular strategy of flooding the zone with modes, using a warcaster with a movement denial ability, and then just auto winning - no game play necessary. Even with multiple changes over time to the scenarios to add various types of scoring, there are still plenty of games where there isn't really a game. Just pushing some models forward and saying "I win". The best scenarios are the ones that force engagement, but are essentially impossible to win unless one player plays a disengagement game. In other words, the only way you'll win by scenario is if your opponent runs away, or if you table him so badly that he can't possibly contest the scenario.
  8. Warmachine's deathclock format is actually an auto loss if you run out of time. Which is FANTASTIC(!). I hate a game only going 2 or 3 turns because my opponent plays really slow, and then losing because he scored some kind of early fluke hit, or I made a maneuver planning on getting 5-6 turns into the game. In WM tournaments (I compete in multiple US masters tournaments) you will often see people take smaller model counts if they have a hard time with the clock - you usually don't see many people time out unless its a small scale event with people who aren't used to playing on the clock.
  9. I wouldn't limit myself to pure of any race in the Alliance pdf outside of Terquai, and even there I'm not entirely in love with the T1 options. The various minor races in the Alliance all seem to be designed with specific gaps in them to be filled from another alliance race. I really think Hawker should keep the expensive ship vibe and add long range Gunships. If it contains an upgrade kit, I'd be cool with light cruisers paired with Gun ships, as the Light Cruisers become T3 in the larger battles, making them more expensive frigates.
  10. I don't have any Hawker models and haven't played them (so I won't comment on tactics), but from what I know about playing terrans and looking at the alliance pdf. In common: Both fleets are generally slow, have turrets, have weapon shielding available to them, have nukes, and have generic primaries as a general rule. Note, Hawker are natural allies to Terrans, so they can be mixed and matched 50 / 50 in a Terran fleet. Differences Hawker is part of the alliance fleet, meaning after you meet core requirements, you can mix and match other alliance squads as you like Terrans rely more on shields - Hawker trades some shields for a higher CR rating Hawker has Cyber Weapons Hawker tends to have upgrades for more HP and MV, while Terrans have more upgrades for shields and beams. This gives Terrans a bit of a range advantage with upgrades, while hawker ends up a little more durable and can make up some of the speed / range deficit by pulling ships from another race Hawker ships tend to be expensive, especially with upgrades, including the frigates which can hurt when it comes to activation count. Terrans can fill minimum requirements more cheaply.
  11. lol, not quite the blue i was looking for I guess .
  12. Maybe a hawker gunship instead of a heavy cruiser? Perhaps use something similar to the resolute, but extend the turrets all the way out to RB 4 and drop either the HP or CR (or both) down a notch. I would love to see a 4/6/5/4 turret on a Hawker Gunship, with an optional Cyber turret, and put it in the 90 point range - there isn't much in the alliance or Terran fleets that currently occupies that point zone.
  13. I haven't seen one with your exact color combination, but here are the threads that somewhat match. Linking threads is a bit odd here, but hopefully it works for you. Contain blue and red Contain Blue: Contain Red:
  14. Endgame

    Terrans Underway

    Yep, that thread is where I got the idea for the Bridges on my Templars. I didn't look closely at the other ships, though, and now that I look for it, it gives me some ideas. Thanks for the link!
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