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    Supergeeks Aquans

    Wow, gorgeous fleet, I really love the colours and the stripe effect with the blues - seeing all these FSA minis done with an airbrush is making me contemplate trying it out myself! Can you put up more photos showing other angles of the capital ships? Would love to see a side on photo of the hydra. Also - where did you get the bases from?? I like the arrow ones.
  2. Cheers for the feedback! My photos are a bit underexposed I think or there is some odd effect from taking them against the gloss white table (first time I've done that as the table is new, I normally take them against white paper), perhaps the camera is struggling to get a good colour range. I've added a pic below which was taken with a flash as it brings out the colours a bit more. The ships have all had a blue glaze, so in the flesh they have more colour depth and are not quite so monotone. What do you think, bit better than the first batch? I was going for a naturalistic sharkskin finish, which I think I got, but I agree they need something to lift them a bit. I love your fleet by the way, airbrush I'm guessing? Not something I've ever considered buying, but I see a lot of fleets on here done with one and they look awesome.
  3. Hi all, I recently finished painting my first batch of Aquans, which you can see below. I have been experimenting with painting with sponges - something I haven't done since primary school in all likelihood, but I'm pleased with the way they've come out. The pics are a bit dark, they are lighter in real life. I have on my desk a Medusa waiting to be built and a Stingray blister in the post, so 3 more ships to add. I've also painted my friends Terran fleet for him, will post some pics of them up at some point. Compared to my cupboards full of GW minis, I was very happy with how quick the fleets were to do. Probably did each fleet in 3 or 4 evenings. Anyway, all feedback is much appreciated.
  4. Ah fair enough! Does this apply to other races as well or are the Aquans just super special? I realise I could look it all up in the book, but it's been a long week I think I will continue to use the Pirhanas and claim a moral victory each time!
  5. As a complete newbie to FSA one thing has been puzzling me slightly, which I hope some of the old dogs on here might be able to help with. In my lovely hardback rule book I have two frigate options - both 20pts, one with (slightly) better stats and no other restrictions (e.g. must take 2 of x before 1 of y). What is this about?? Why would any rational gamer choose the objectively worse ship, aside from the fact the models come in the starter set. Are there other examples of this and if so... why?! Cheers ewar
  6. Good question - we're doing the same tomorrow and was going to go A-B-A-B otherwise I think you'll run into the problem of units being hit by two activating enemy units each turn - make the initiative roll too dominant for my liking. I'm a complete noob tho, so take what I say with bucket of salt.
  7. As I only joined in v2, can someone explain what the ramming rules were? My group would like to being it in for sure! "it is a good day to die! RAMMING SPEED!" Has to be an auto include in any space combat game surely? Perhaps an option to kamikaze fighters into the bridges of capital ships as well?! No, prob too much...
  8. Cheers for the advice and rules clarifications guys - very useful! I think we did ok considering it was a first game after a cold read though the whole ruleset (really makes me appreciate how much more efficient it is to have someone demo a game to you!) I think we're going to have one more game in the same format between the other two players in the group before brining in cards and MARs etc so the base mechanics get set down properly.
  9. Thanks for the feedback - it did seem like 6 hits was too little to do so much damage. Have to say I like the rule book fluff and pics etc (better quality than I was expecting), but the rules layout and clarity is truly awful! No where in the damage section does it state that reaching the DR/CR is either/or instead of both as far as I can tell. We'll def play it your way from now on though: so if a Storm took 11 hits it would take one crit from the first 6 and one HP from the next 5 hits? In about ten days I'll be seeing my other mates who have terrans and directorate - will have to see how those games go.
  10. Played first ever game of FSA over the weekend – my gaming group have been buying up fleets and getting everything setup. We’re a bit anal about making sure a game looks good, so we haven’t actually played a single turn despite now having fully painted fleet and a really nice space themed board (see pics below of the game). As we are just learning we decided to play just starter fleets – no card, MARs or anything – just vanilla fleets my Aquans vs Sorylians. You can see some of the deployment in the photo, but essentially my fleet was setup BB, FG, CL, FG and his on the opposite edge was CL, FG, BB, FG. He won initiative and moved forward aggressively with his centre frigates who were out of range for firing. My cruisers then moved forward and took out one of the frigates. His battleship moved forward and turned 90 to the left to fire it’s broadsides at my cruisers – it was at such long range that no damage was done and now he was facing directly into the sun and with about 3 ½ inches to move forward… The rest of the turn our frigates swapped fire, doing a bit of damage to each squadron. The turn ended with my BB going last – it moved forward and killed a frigate in the centre, one in the squad to my right and put 1 HP on one of the cruisers. Turn 2 I win initiative and opt to move the BB again (something I really like in the IGOUGO system, haven’t played a game with this setup before). The BB moves forward right into the middle of the battle, does a bit of damage to his units but nothing major – finishes off the centre frigate squadron but with hindsight I should have been focus firing the Skyhammers more (turns out they’re pretty dangerous!). The Sorylian BB probably had a few alarm bells ringing as it was diving straight into the sun… but it managed to turn and miss the sun by about ½ an inch before arcing around it – it didn’t have any LOS to much. I think it took out a previously damaged frigate at long range. The Skyhammers returned fire on my BB, critting it before I rolled an exploding shield save to take me down to just below the CR value (phew…). My cruisers fire on his and take out the damaged one at the back – the other two are untouched. Turn 3 I win initiative again and use my cruisers first, the same way I did in the previous round, but they fluff horribly and only manage 1 HP on one of the skyhammers despite a full barrage of torpedoes and primaries (I have fallen out of love with the Storms a bit…). The Sorylian BB moves around the sun some more and opens up on my cruisers – OUCH. One is wiped from the starboard broadside in a single volley, the front arc then destroys a frigate leaving me with only one ship in the right hand squadron (we got the to hit rolls wrong on Frigates, but don’t think it would have made too much difference). My BB moves but doesn’t do much damage – being at RB1 with some HP damage really pulls the teeth from his attacks and no damage gets done to the Skyhammers. In return they pound my storms, one of which is critted and fold space jumps 12” to the left. We played Crits as doing 1 HP of damage with a further 2 from the Crit – is this right? It seems the only way to read it, but then rolling just 6 hits on a cruiser effectively takes it out of the game which seemed a bit harsh. During the rest of the game I managed to take out the Skyhammers by doing a pip of damage with a mine and then a broadside from the BB. My frigates were destroyed by the Sorylian BB which in turn had taken 1 HP from a lucky shot by my cruisers. In the end game my BB was chasing his,I had 1 crippled cruiser with a single HP left. Thinking I had scraped a narrow VP win I smugly watched the last act of the game was the Sorylian BB to turn enough to get its starboard broadside on my BB at RB1 and roll 14 hits from 13 shots! Ouch. Between the HP damage and the crit my BB was lft with 3 HP and therefore gave away 100vps, resulting in a losing draw with 40vp difference. Damn fun game and lots going on. We messed up some rules: - hitting frigates on 5s - moving min half move (we played min move was the move required before turning) - PD is diminished by hull damage I'll post up other games when we play them - hopefully more experienced players can offer some advice on things we do wrong. Photos of the game: http://db.tt/5820lio4 http://db.tt/0ymFs9w1 http://db.tt/ou7SKCJt http://db.tt/9NPZPI3V http://db.tt/iJgGdzGn http://db.tt/HrtMspeY http://db.tt/1hmxMDVp They're too big to put on here and I can't be arsed to resize them all right now. cheers, ewar
  11. Hi all, Thank you for the replies - the bullet point breakdown is fantastically useful if you've never played the game before. I'd already picked Aquans on the models and looks like they'll be fun to play too which is a relief. Though how anyone would manage to successfully board a ship full of fluid I don't know! This kind of info should be much more readily available on the SG site if you ask me...
  12. Hey, I'm trying to talk my gaming group into starting up FA but after searching the net I can't find any good guides to how the different races play. Would some kind soul put up some details for the 6 core races along the lines of: strengths weaknesses special traits or abilities tactics The main SG website has lots of narrative but nothing to explain how the different factions play on the table. We're going to start with 4 fleets and the hardback book, is anything else required to begin with? Thanks for all your help! ewar
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