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  1. I don't know anybody in my circle who even plays Relthoza anymore. In practice, they're awful, and served no purpose except to fill required slots and provide the enemy with victory points.
  2. This really does bum me out. I liked the character and different style of the Russian vessels, but the game rules and the advancement of all the other fleets have rendered them pretty much ineffective. If they could operate at RB1 as effectively as half the other fleets out there, and were actually the toughest nuts to crack, I'd feel better about them.
  3. I hear people talking happily about how they can beat the Relthoza now. Do any Relthoza players want to chime in and talk about their victories? The problem they have now is looking similar to the Russians in DW. It's a range band game and they have **** for range. They eat fire before they can be effective, and in the case of the Relthoza, they have less units per squad. It is far easier to neuter a squad and move on to something else against them than anyone else. Killing half a squad by knocking out one model takes the starch out of them as a viable and threatening unit.
  4. So, how are the Russians performing for y'all? I'm having some difficulty with gunnery. It looks like you are required to buy certain units if you want to have impact in the game, and those units aren't gunnery. The meta is a 4 turn game with a force you have to spend 2 turns closing and eating fire just to participate. I don't want that. I don't want to play the "you have to do this every time" fleet.
  5. Pepsin, Sorry for the delay. As you may have guessed, some of us who played that force no longer do. The only way to deliver our skydropped infantry to capture points is to clear the points or capitalize on enemy mistakes or force them to shoot something else. Even then, they really aren't worth much.
  6. Yeah, that's one of the biggest gripes we have in our group -- That you *must* do a thing, instead of building the force you want, if you want any hope of not getting roflstomped. The other factions still have a good deal of flexibility in group design with viable results. The biggest issue is that the nerfing wasn't just a nerfing, but a near-rewrite of the whole faction playstyle into a completely different zone, which the mechanics of the game make very hostile to the faction design. That they needed adjustment isn't in dispute -- the manner of adjustment is what's made us drop them as a faction. I suppose if someone started fresh they wouldn't have that ghost hanging over the faction, but the inherent disadvantage imposed on them by the game mechanics and faction design will make them one of the most difficult to play.
  7. My group still plays games that many would consider dead. We like them, and we play them -- lack of support does not magically make the rules, minis, and other elements nonviable. We'd probably end up writing out our campaign system and tweaking things a bit here and there, but it'd be the same game. However, cessation of company support severely limits getting new people in, and some people just cannot grasp the idea of playing a game for enjoyment outside of supported tourney/campaign play.
  8. That's just arrogant and insulting. You have already made it clear you are unwilling to listen to, or be reasonable with, anyone who dislikes the changes made. You frequently push into insulting territory and don't even bother to listen to the how or why of it. You are not helping.
  9. That would be good, but at this point I'm not holding my breath. Responses have been less than helpful.
  10. Generally, if you play by the rules in the book, you're going to die horribly unless your opponent makes errors you can capitalize on. I don't know any primary Relthoza player who still plays them.
  11. The Firestorm Armada rulebook(s) and Zenian league book, I think.
  12. My group plays in the Bay Area in California. There is another group that plays int he same locations as we do on different days, as well. I'm not sure if they frequent the forums, however.
  13. Had another game against the same opponent as last time. He was not shy at all about putting fire into my leviathan, and it made a significant difference. We generated terrain strictly by the rules in the book again, and again ended up with two contiguous empty table segments. This time, we rolled pretty much around average with very few spectacular runs. Dice didn't tip anything up, just a few times they went flat and large volumes of fire scratched paint. We went Relthoza against Directorate at 6000 points. I found myself outranged at every turn. He was able to pick off my ground units at leisure, and the only responding fire I could manage was from my air units and my firepower leviathan. Only his fire was effective on turn 1. Turn 2 found me at last able to fire on him, as he moved up cautiously and I moved up rather desperately. He smoked my Firepower Leviathan in one turn, as well as destroying my assault helix, save for one little walker. I'm sure the assault helix is nice in concept, but in practice all it did was surrender points and 'protect' cheaper TV squadrons from fire. I returned the favor and dropped his leviathan on turn 2 as well. It took a similar amount of firepower on each of our parts. While a significant investment of our force munitions, it wasn't total -- he was rapidly annihilating all of my scoring units, wiping them off the table. I, in turn, was chipping away at his medium squadrons and his own assault helix. The pathetic range of the heavy support walker prevented me from having it assist other squadrons in eliminating his more effectively. I did manage to seriously reduce the effectiveness of several of his squadrons, but his attack on my scorers and leviathan reduced, by position, my ability to guard his primary. Our score was close at the end of turn 2, but he had scorers in position on his primary, and had wiped my units guarding it clean off the board. The only units I could rapidly respond with were my interceptor helix -- which would have left his ground attack to rampage unthreatened. My ground attack flier was attempting to eliminate his objective guards, and was 2 turns away minimum. The heavy support and assault helixes were fabulous wastes of points. They look nice, but only one squadron out of the whole bunch was even worth mention. They are going to be relegated to objective camping in the future -- they don't have the range to be effective in the opening game, and don't have the endurance to survive closing the approach. This is assuming there is cover around the objective to hide behind, of course. Thus far, not impressed. The GW-esque switcheroo of army playstyle aside, going strictly by the rules in the book this army has to fight the board every step of the way before opponents even get involved.
  14. It wasn't even over time, it was over*night*. The changes were sudden, and most distressingly, the responses our cautions and complaints got were in some cases both rude and/or hostile. I had never seen quite that attitude on the forums before, and I imagine that it discourages many from posting. If there were any acknowledgement of our concerns, or any traction in the attempts to initiate dialogue that didn't end as thoughtlessly as they have so far, there would probably be more life in the faction and the subforum. Without dialogue, there's nothing to do at the moment.
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