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  1. looks like battlescribe's been updated pretty recently - pretty sure you can get in on Android
  2. Поехали! I've taken the plunge and ordered some Russians - I'll update this once they arrive. However, for this fleet, I'm going to go a lot more real world inspired: I think the yellow and black will be a nice contrast with my green-and-red Empire fleet. Hoping to progress soon, Charley.
  3. Finally, an update! I'm on my way - here's my current progress (feat an old Dreadfleet surface I managed to scrounge up): I'll call these tabletop ready. Still got some work to do, in particular the turquoise and red could do with a highlight and I'm yet to use any metallic paints (these will be for the machinery and smokestacks). I also need to decide how to paint the rocket pods and generators, but this'll come later. I found the plastic ships a little tricky to assemble, but in the end pleased with the result. I think it's obviously a mixed fleet, but I like the flavour. Paints used: Citadel Chaos Black Spray Primer (will probably switch to either a lighter spray, or a brushed surface primer in future - I needed a lot of layers for the green and decking) Vallejo Model Color 70.823 Luftwaffe Camouflage Green - base for the green Vallejo Model Color 70.857 Golden Oliver - heavy drybrush on all green armour Vallejo Panzer Aces 311 New Wood - decking Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade - over the decks Citadel Base Mephiston Red - red details (needs highlighting) Vallejo Model Color 70.840 Light Turquoise - pagoda roofs Citadel Shade Nuln Oil - over the roofs Vallejo Model Color 70.994 Dark Grey - basically everything that's going to end up metallic.
  4. A little bit of progress: Primed all my old stuff and starting to block in some colours. Also starting to build my Ning Jing Battlefleet. They're a little fiddly, but very satisfying to put together. Also magnetising everything, a bit of a chore as each Meru-class has a total of 11 options but I'll be pleased when it's done, and I'm looking forward to trying some glow effects on all the different generators! Unfortunately my Ning Jing arrived damaged, so waiting to hear about a replacement piece - other than it's stunning and so much bigger than I thought, can't wait to work on one!
  5. Thank you! It's not on the sprue then - I look forward to seeing it in further releases then
  6. I think the title says it all: Building some Empire cruisers, and checking the weapon and generator options they can mount an interphase generator? Which on the sprue is it / what does it do? I can't seem to find it in the main rules.
  7. Hello everyone, I'll be using this thread to keep a log of all my Dystopian Wars modelling and painting over the coming months. First up is the majority of a Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval Battlegroup: I've had these particular minis since their initial release, time to finally get some paint on them! I've sanded these down to remove some extra material on the base of each ship. I've also magnetised the Kongo-class Heavy Battleship (ex-Sokotsu). This is the first mini I've ever magnetised, so I'm very pleased with myself. So, currently I've got waiting to paint: 1x Kongo-class Heavy Battleship 3x Dao-class Light Cruisers (ex-Nakatsu) 5x Shanghai-class Frigates (ex-Uwatsu) 3x Corvettes (ex-Fujin)* I've also ordered a Ning Jing Battlefleet, and can't wait for it to arrive! In terms of colour scheme, I'm thinking of going with an olive green with bright red accents - I think this'll look suitably Japanese, and also give me some room to expand into contrasting colours for those pagoda flourishes on the Chinese ships (I'm thinking turquoise). For these Japanese ships, I'm thinking of giving them black-and-bright yellow funnels, for a splash of colour and to connect them to real world pre-dreadnoughts. I also think I'll paint the lifeboats stark black and white for the same reasons. Check in for updates later - C. * I've got five of these in total, I picked them up semi-recently when I first saw Warcradle Classics up on Wayland Games and wanted to bulk out an order for postage, I'll use the two spares for scheme testing, as I can't see myself
  8. Hello I had no idea this account still existed, so thought I'd blow the cobwebs off it as I'm about to start painting some Dystopian Wars minis again! Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian Wars How long have you been playing these games? Technically a brand new player - I picked up a Blazing Sun Naval Battlegroup probably in 2012/13, and some American armour. I never painted or played a game, as at the time I was moving away from home for the first time and left my gaming community behind. Loved the setting and the minis since then, and hopefully will be playing some soon! Where do you play? I live and play in Glasgow, Scotland - so if anyone's local to me please do give me a shout! Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I currently have a Japanese / Empire fleet I'm about to start painting, and have ordered a Ning Jing Battlefleet to bring it up to date. I'll hopefully post a painting diary of these, and an update when I get to play them. I'm looking forward to more Empire releases, and am interested in seeing where the Alliance and Sultanate are going when they get some new minis. What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? I'm suitably impressed by the Ice Maiden - though I can't wait to paint up a Yangtze-class. Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? Nothing yet - hopefully you'll see some more of me around the forums
  9. There are? Please indulge me wih a link or details?
  10. Yeah, that's my biggest beef about the FSA box art, everything is far too shiney...the brass is highly polished, and the blue is too, well, blue...but I guess that might just be me. I prefer my machines to look dirty; like they've just rolled off of the battlefield, rather than the parade ground. Anyway, without further ado: F.S.A. ARMOUR UPDATE #1: ARMOUR ARRIVES Hey, well, the box set arrived this morning, and let's just say, I'm pretty excited to get these painted up...the figures are pretty good, however, I've got a couple of bug bears: - there's a bit of a defect on my landship, the railings under one of the sponsons (I don't know if I can really get away with saying that when it comes to something of this scale, one of the pieces of neo-classical architecture) are very skew-iff, as though a bubble had just made it to the surface. It's not a major deal though, as I've taken to it with a craft knife and bit of imagination...now I've just got a bit of decent-looking battle damage. - the Trenton Class miniatures aren't as high quality as I hoped, on more than one, the bottoms of the four casemates don't bend inwards as they should, but are just detail-less blobs. It's not enough for me to complain, as a bit of work with a knife and a file mean that it won't be noticeable once they're flocked...still, it annoyed me. Anyway, for lighter new...BOMBARDS! I love these little guys, they are just so menacing - no superstructure, no guns...just rockets. It's one of the reasons why I went FSA, I love missiles and I'm planning on having a fleet that bristles with them (with won't get me anywhere against those pesky Muskovites, but who cares...I'm in it for pleasure). I'm also very happy with my landship, which I'm yet to christen, it's my favourite piece, it's bigger than I hoped, and the large smokestacks and little paddle-wheels are reassuringly steampunk. I've also decided on my colour scheme, which is going to be a nice olive drab for most of the superstructure, bronze engine parts and smokestacks and cold steel everything else (par the decking, which is gonna be a nice bootstrap brown / devlan mud combo). The Landship, being amphibious, is going to get a 'red lead' under the waterline, a scheme I'm going to carry over to my naval fleet. Pictures will follow as soon as painting begins. Until then, my minis have enjoyed a nice bath and a spray of black paint. Hope everything goes well, C.
  11. Yeah, I've seen a few Prussian models done up that way, and it really does work...makes for a crisp kinda look...though I was looking at trying to economise on paint, as funds are low and it's been a while since I last painted and (surprise surprise) all my GW pots were as dry, as well, bone... I've sorta gone off the grey idea now, I think I'm going to go for a nice olive drab or green-grey, depending on what I can get hold of / looks the best (PS, it's great to have this community to fall back on... all game sites should have their own community)
  12. I think the basic colour scheme (vallejo) on the tanks will be: >Primed black >Basalt Grey drybrush for panels >Earth for the decking panels >Natural steel for tracks and weapons >Brass for smokestacks and boilers, and to pick out some weapon parts > a liberal Devlan Mud / Strong tone / Earthshade wash then I'll just go over a few parts that need lighter colour with a detail brush any thoughts?
  13. Ah, lovely ^^ I was about to say I thought I'd seen these on dakkadakka until I clicked the link Excellent job, the green really does work Is getting the stone-look on the landship, well, hard?
  14. hi there, I was thinking along the same lines...other players seem to mainly go for a blue-grey, which though seems to fit the models down to a tee...I was either going to go for a drab green or a light grey colour...I'll probably test out the two schemes to see how they work that, or maybe a rough and ready bare metal look if I could ask, how did you paint up your Washington, if you have one?
  15. brilliant responses, guys definitely stuff to take away! cheers
  16. I've made the plunge and ordered an armoured battle group, so while that's on the way and I'm collating as many little hints and tips as to how to model these guys up, I though I'd start a little thread to document my progress and things I have to do...as well as gather feedback Well, there's not much to say just yet, but there will be in future it may be a little slow as I ship out to Uni this weekend, but we'll see how things go...I'm sure I'll have a few free afternoons and weekends in which I can get Federal. Cheers, C.
  17. Yet another question from yours truly, does anyone have any tips, tutorials, etc on how to flock / dress the tank tokens (specifically Pioneers, but any hints would be peachy)? Either grass or sand for preference, but whatever you guys have got flockings something I've never tried, but I love the way Spartan have finished off their land forces
  18. Hey guys, I was looking at moving into FSA land forces, and after a quick google around the internet / scout around the Spartan site, forum and galleries, I wasn't able to find a painted Alamo Class Carrier. Does anyone have a link to, or better yet, a painted example they could show me? I love the look of the render, but I'd like to see how they paint up before I shell out for one... Cheers, Charley
  19. Hmm, funnily, thats the same reason I'm all for the paddlewheels...they're just so outmoded, eccentric and 'punk
  20. A question came to me...in most war / video games, I feel a bit of patriotic duty and am right in there keeping the British end up I think this is probably the first where I've not done so, and is definitely the first I've gone American strait away Anyway, I thought I'd cast it over to everyone...do you play as your homeland, and why? 'Cause the models were cool, you felt like you should, etc? And if you don't, why not? For me, I web for the FSA mainly for the aesthetics...I think the ships are cool (dem paddles) and, unlike many, I quite like the whole one-track tank thing they have going on. Also, from a playstyle point of view, I like doing a bitta running, and a whole lotta gunning.
  21. If I remember rightly, slavery was abolished in 1825 in the game universe
  22. Wonderful looking fleet there, I was wondering how / what did you use on the Enterprise's windows? That colour scheme is nothing but win, and my Washington-Class is dying for some decent work on the superstructure
  23. AUSTRALIA Location: Adelaide: (Hindmarsh) Bejebas and 5+ others, all Fleets, most duplicated. Brisbane: PullsyJr +5 others Bundaberg; PFE100 and 6+ others. Some of them fourm members. Devonport (Tasmania); NoRecoil +5 others North-Queensland (Townsville);Nazduruk_Bugzappa +3 or 4 others Toowoomba; Skullaxe + 3-4 other non-forum players. Victoria (Gippsland): Kaldor AUSTRIA Location: Graz, Graz Area, Wolfen (FSA) Klagenfurt; Dr. F.G. Hobo (PE) and a growing group of non-forum players Lower Austria: Chaki (PE, FSA, EOTBS) Vienna: bluelabeldrinker (PE and RoF) Vienna: Sokratos (CoA, EotbS) + 1 forum players + 5 non-forum players(all factions represented) BELGIUM Location: Oostende; Sjapie + 4 others; CoA (others: RoF, EoP, EoBS, KoB, FSA, RC) Oostende: J-rom - RoF (incl above players) Herentals; KoB, FSA CANADA Location: Kelowna, BC; Npf6, CoA Ottawa, ON; Robock +brother; PE, KoB Toronto, ON; procchi, KoB Toronto, ON, Fireymonkeyboy, EotBS DENMARK Location: Copenhagen; EotBS +5-6 others, FSA, CoA, RoF, PE, KoB Odense (Svendborg); A bit of everything, but mostly FSA. FRANCE Location: Marseille, Youenn, RoF ; +3 Others (CoA, EoBS, FSA) Marseille, Soltan, RoF Lyon, tartopom, EotBS GERMANY Location: Berlin; Caine-HoA - CoA Cologne (Köln & Bonn); RunRabbbitJunk and 4 others Frankfurt;ThorinXV - PE Frankfurt; RunRabbitJunk - KoB Kiel; ElErecose - RoF, 3 other player (PE, FSA, EotBS) Mainz; crabking - EotBS, KoB Neuss; Bastian - KoB Osnabrück, Vadous - FSA ITALY Brescia; Febbre - Prussian Uncleleng, Florence - Kob, EotBS Shaffer, Florence - Prussian + EoTBS and FSA (last two not on forums) TGK, Florence - RoF Glados, Florence - CoA MALAYSIA Location: Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya: mudster - RoF NETHERLANDS Location: Eindhoven; Sky Captain - KoB, PE + 3 others Groningen: Wandelaar - KoB NEW ZEALAND Christchurch; Sirius - Prussian Dunedin- SirEmilCrane- KoB, prussians,with RoF and FSA at my club, another 8-10 in the area, all fleets POLAND Location: Katowice - softiron, 3 others non-forum SPAIN Location: Barcelona;MgySgt.Reed (1250+,KoB) and 3 others ( 1250+ of FSA, PE, CoA) Madrid; Abrilete - KoB (and a slowly growing group of players with all the factions, most non fourm members) UK Location : England: Beverley (East Yorks): Vanguard - KoB, RC Bournemouth; Dr.Z Eotbs, FSA, Coa, PE, KoB Bristol; Mr Evil - EOTBS Nr. Bristol; Lugosi - EotBS Cambridge; Redmick - KoB / RC + at least 8 others Nr Chester:; Chancer - FSA, RoF, RC + at least 10 others at Deeside Defenders Wargames Club Christchurch; RiftsCommando - FSA. 4 other local players. Glastonbury; PlayTeser - RoF, CoA, KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS Gloucester; AsleepByDay KoB, Coa, Eotbs, PE Gosport (Hants); gb030104 - Britannia, CoA, RoF, Prussia Gosport (Hants); podhead - Britannia. Greenock, Meliadus KoB, PE Harrogate - FSA, BrotherAlpharius. Also have friends who play KoB and CoA. Lancaster -Druss KoB, PE, FSA (all land sea and air) Leicester - Sebenko, CoA Liecester - Charley, FSA (only in town for Uni term time, otherwise NR Goole, East Yorks) Newbiggen (Northumberland): KOSB x 3, FSA x 4, PE x 3, EotBS x 1, CoA x 1, French x 2 Petersfield (Portsmouth): Azriall - EotBS Portsmouth; Jetengine - Brittania Ross on Wye Neal b via Dice and Decks RoF Southend-on-Sea, essex - inq101 and several others. - EotBS, RF. Tamworth (as well as Birminhgam and Nottingham) - HandOfIron - Coa, FSA, KoB West Midlands - Santrix via Dudley Darklords CoA x1 FSA x1 EotBS x1 PE x1 RoF x1 KoB x1 Isle of Wight -Welsh RoF Scotland: Edinburgh; Delboy, Kabbage, Squire, Kingfig + 14 others (all Land and Sea fleets @ +2kpts) Edinburgh; Borris, MiddleMeadow, CoreDave + 2 others - COA, EotBS, KoB, FSA, RoF Glasgow; RandomJohn: FSA and RoF, Fawlkes: PE and RoF Glasgow: Bit: KOB and EOBS Wales: Northern Ireland: Newry (Club is in Belfast though); DKoW (Plus 1 player. Know of 3 other players) - PE, KoB (demo force) USA Location : Anchorage, AK: Aedian (Rus, KoB) Modesto, CA; Capt_Dunsel, FSA San Francisco, CA, pancakeonions, FSA, EoBS, CoA (Ottoman Empire!) Sacramento, CA; reticent_bassist + 2-3 others, FSA, France, CoA, Prussia Colorado Springs, CO: groups @ Castle Games and Gifts (mondays), and Gamer's Haven (thursdays) Littleton, CO, Darthkema, KoB and RC (very soon) Parker, CO: Cap'n Nemo with RoF (There's ~8 of us in the Denver area that I know of) Manchester, CT: Mezegis, and about a dozen non-forum players at The Battle Standard: Manchester, CT Ocala, FL: BigB (KoB done, PE & FR shortly), a few others with EotBS, CoA, FSA Atlanta, GA: SouthernCygnar (KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS) Idaho Falls, ID, d'Eon, 1-3 others, COA, ROF at the moment, PE, EOTBS, RC hopefully coming soon Chicago, IL Suburbs willing to travel around the Plainfield, Elk Grove, Schaumburg area GraysLake, IL, ckosacranoid, SA Mercs Indianapolis, IN: naptown wendigo, Prussia Fort Wayne, IN Solvok KoB, PE & RoF Port Huron, MI: carlkay58 (COA), DirectorWily (EotBS) and many others Missoula, MT illuminus23 RoF Missoula, MT Akinra FSA, EotBS Lincoln, NE; Ravenwatch, RoF, Prussia, KoB Las Vegas, NV mortaine COA, EotBS, RoF [Also know about 10 others in town] Las Vegas, NV Commodore Panda EotBS, RoF New York, NY. Redeye, CoA Rochester, NY. Lord Nobody- EOtBS, KoB Cincinnati, OH; Cervantes3773 - EotBS Dayton, OH; denyasis - Will Proxy any, Still deciding what to buy (Prolly EOTB or PE). Oklahoma city OK; SkullH4T, Prussia, COA Portland, OR; Baelspar - EotBS & some others not yet posted here. (cogcollective.org is our local groups website) Troutdale, OR: Cambrius (KoB), two others non-forum. Harrisburg, PA EvilSockMonkeyZed- FAS & PE Philadelphia, PA Unseelied- EoTBS Knoxville, TN King Drew PE Austin, TX; morty_piper (Prussia, with pieces from brittania as well) Dallas/Plano, TX: Groups at madness games and comics (usually a sunday so far) and Texas Toy Soldier (so far by email arrangement) - Thesock, Spellbound + 8 others, including 2 EoBS and a ton of CoA San Antonio, TX, Natwist(Prussia) plus 2 others(CoA, EotBS) Seattle, WA, smguy, EoTBS, PE Spokane Valley, WA: The Gamer's Haven (large group on Mondays) Madison, WI; Zing, EoBS Madison, WI; Scooter, PE, EoBS Madison WI; tank0625, FSA, Brit, BS and COA
  24. Charley

    Painting Decks?

    Thanks for everyone getting back to me on this some great ideas @tank0625, those ships look damn fine, I hope my Feds turn out somewhere near as nifty as that
  25. First WIP / episode of an idea I've had: 19:47 Sunday 04th December, 1870. 34 leagues behind the British lines. High in the ornate, cathedral-like dome of Her Majesty's Land Ship Empress of India, her officers were gathered around the decimated remains of the cheese board, finishing the last of their coffees and shifting slightly in their seats as their belts began to cut into their guts. The room was plush to say the very least: Britannian commanders dine in the very lap of luxury, and in the wake of this morning's victory, there seemed to be no excuse not to. The gas-lamps flickered and the china rattled momentarily as the Empress climbed a gear ratio, the only reminder that the men where actually aboard a vehicle of any kind - the room could be in any stately house in the Kingdom or her empire. A polished oak table ran from one end of the mess cabin to the other, alongside a fire that roared in a cast iron and marble grate. Rows of ruddy, moustachioed faces swivelled round in their stand collars to face the double doors set into the opposite wall as a bell rang. An army of uniformed porters decended on the table, whisking away crockery, depositing brandy decanters, goblets, ashtrays and a large silver box of cigars before every third man. The first man to raise a gold-leafed filter to his lips was perhaps the best dressed, and certainly the highest ranking man in the room, Brigadier-General Sir Jonathan Wosely, a formidable ex-cavalry officer who dominated the head of the table. 'Allow me, sir.' said a voice, and an a lighter was produced. Wosely let loose a long, pungent drag on the cigar before speaking. 'Thank you, George.' The young Staff Major tucked away the little petroleum lighter into his tunic after lighting his own, trying to stifle a cough as he took a shallow puff. The Brigadier raised an elbow to the table and rested his chin on a white gloved hand, staring down the table. A few faces were missing, but not as many as he had feared. The Deputy Gunnery Officer went down with the telsa hit that took the forward observation deck, and the Chief Engineer was still in the medical bay after No. 4 boiler failed, and would probably remain there for the foreseable future. He sighed, letting his eyes flicker back up to his end of the table, past the rows of red and navy blue serge to his end of the table, to the three men that didn't quite fit. One was Hamilton, a Virginan artillerist on exchange from the FSA's central landship squadrons. His butternut, near-khaki uniform was markedly un-Britannian, it was almost camouflage. However, his sleeves had great Austrian knots of golden braid twisting up almost to his shoulders and two stars shined on his crimson stand collar, marking him out as a Lieutenant Colonel, were much to Wosely's approval. The American had burned nearly halfway down his cigar already, and was forgoing his brandy for the occasional swig from a personal hipflask. 'Gen'ral...' he mumbled, nodding at the men across the table. Wosely followed his gaze, realising he'd have to discuss the two men sat opposite. Their attire, while no less fine than any other officer sat at the Brigadier's table, could not have been more out of place. They were clad in very dark grey, double breasted tunics with fur-lined collars, and stiff-silver wired shoulder boards displayed their ranks. Rested on the table at their elbows were peaked caps, each marked with red, black and white cockade and a black eagle. They were Prussians, and they were keeping quiet. 'Gen'ral,' he reapeated 'what are...these doin' here?' he waved his cigar weilding hand at the two men, one of whom's moustache quivered in annoyance. The British general, who looked over at his aide. George cleared his throat. 'Well, Colonel, these are Prussian prisoners of war, two of only seven survivors pulled from the wreckage of the sky fortress... SMS Römischen Reiches...wasn't it?' One of the Prussians nodded, 'Ja...' 'Good, yes, we downed her this morning around half-past ten.' Hamilton shuffled back into chair, rearing up. 'Yeah, but still...General, I wanna know why they're here eatin' with us?' Wosely looked over at the American, '...they're dining with us, colonel, because we hold our prisoners civily. There are officers and gentlemen, and they will be treated as such. We can't all throw our captives in some Cuban gaol cell.' Hamilton shook his head, gritting his teeth, 'You said they were two of seven? Where are the other five?' 'In the brig, obviously...they're common aeronauts, there's no reason to treat them courteously.' 'Ha. At least we treat all our prisoners equally.' 'Equally poor, in any case. Have you not heard of these men.' He gestured at the Prussians, 'for a start they're nobles, that's Oberleutnant Hans Bodmann. Not only does intellegence have him booked down as a staff officer, his uncle's a damned Sire. And his reputation preceeds him, even some of our soldiers recognised him, dirigible ace Kap...' 'Ace?' interupted Hamilton, 'that's rich, sir, it just means he's managed to kill more of ya.' 'Yes, but ace all the same. A good soldier is something to be respected no matter what side he's on. As I was saying Kapitän der Luft Ferdinand von Zeppelin. A count and an honourable one at that. Surely even you've heard of him, colonel?' 'Yeah, I heard'a him. He took a few years out shooting you and the French to come over to the 'States to fight for the Union during the Civil. I dunno about you, Graf,' the Virginian almost spat the German word, 'but I get the feelin' you're making a habit of choosing the losing side.' The Prussian pilot sneered across the table, 'I wouldn't be so sure about that just yet, Herr Hamilton...,' after a polite glance towards the head of the table, he poured himself a glass of brandy '...danke...this is not the first airship I've gone down with, and it won't be my last.' gave a small, smokey chuckle, 'that's awfully cocky for a prisoner, Count Zeppelin.' 'True, Brigadegeneral, true. But it is my first time aboard a Britannian landship, so I may aswel enjoy the experience, no?'
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