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  1. Thread necromancy, but it seems suited to the topic at hand. Would these be live or dead salmons? I would suggest dead for more stopping power, with necromantic control of the fins for active steering.
  2. I'll be honest, the new PP rule is growing on me. As an Aquan player, it's not that difficult to get a PP3 off, and with the Crystals the PP roll is 5+ instead of 6+. 2 successes isn't impossible, in which case you've reduced a 8/8 medium to 6/6, as the rule currently stands. Add in a Corrosive marker, and we're talking DR5... Which means that even a Aquan Medium squadron has decent odds of killing a target. I'd like it even more if it weren't random at all, or at least didn't introduce one more dice rolling step, but at least it is an improvement over the old one.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I was a bit unsure about if spending a command to improve the hit value of Main Ordinance was considered a Placed Shot, but now I know.... One more clarification: is it enough with a single success on a Target Lock roll to give +1 to hit, or should there still be 4 successes?
  4. While that version is easier to remember, I'm afraid that it would actually be a bit too powerful, leading to reduced initial AD pools for PP weapons.
  5. Great thanks for the document, really looking forward to getting the full document. I agree with the comments about Pinpoint (I had some opinions about the old implementation as well, as many will remember...). First of all: It breaks the flow, with being one more step of dice rolling. Secondly, it is still very random, and of no use unless you can roll a lot of 6s. Instead, why not make it a completly passive ability: Pinpoint[X]: Every time an attack causes damage to a target, reduce the DR of the next damage level by one, up to X times. Example: 15AD PP[1] attack, against a 6/6/5 target: 11 dice hit, reducing the effective DR of the target to 6/5/4, thereby causing two levels of damage instead of one. For a less powerful version, it only works for the X first levels (so the above target would only occur a penalty to the second DR level). That would mean that PP2 weapons are mostly effective against targets with three or more damage levels...
  6. I'm having some hope that the new flexible Helix structure will enable a bit more Tarxon use... Substitute regular Mediums for Valenfyres and whatnot.
  7. I've seen 15mm terrain that works fine for PF, the nominal 10mm scale seems more like 11-12 mm when compared to historical 10mm. Also helps that everyone is either in power armour or a 7 foot tall alien...
  8. You got it as a freebee when you ordered the Platinum pre-order package for the Planetfall boxed set, I've not heard anything about it since (I should probably paint mine, one of these days...)
  9. Got to be Orcas or the Dagon... The Dagon is a nice all rounder, and the Orcas are just... Versatile.
  10. Thanks for all your great work! Good luck in all future endeavours.
  11. What Kraggi said. The GA (Ground Attack) Helix is awesome, but can be a bit one-trick pony if you are not careful with keeping an eye out for retaliation. The Interceptors lack the heavy damage capacity of the GA, but have a slight edge in range (and Corrosive is always fun), enabling a bit more sniping role. The Heavy Interceptor can also be used to great effect as a movable Crystal, allowing Sednas or Locatus to bounce shots from a protected position (a bit tricky to set up, but oh so rewarding once you succeed). Personally I think the Interceptors are better looking, but that is a completely personal preference.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing something akin to Halo Fleet Battles Firepower Rating; having the same number of AD do more or less damage, depending on various circumstances. This is present in Planetfall in the case of Cloak, but with some minor mods it could work for cover as well (shooting at a squadron in cover could cause you to only roll blue dice, for instance). Yes, I am aware of the can of worms that open if some parts of the squad has cover, and some not, but I'm positive that properly written assignment mechanics could resolve that. Or go the easy route, like with infantry, and have cover give free Shield for affected elements.
  13. Dual Orca lists... mmm... I've done a similar list, apart from using Frigates instead, and while it didn't perform quite as well as yours seems to have done, it was still a good list (my Stingrays had some very bad luck with their dice...).
  14. I found plastic outdoor lamp covers at my local DIY store for 35 SEK ( about £2.50, or $4), that currently works as planets for Armada... So yes, great idea, but should be available cheaper somewhere...
  15. One squadron, unless otherwise agreed before .
  16. Looks really good. I love the effect on the windshield!
  17. So you dry-brush after dipping? Looking nice, either way (and I agree, used right AP Quickshade is a real time saver, I wouldn't have a Relthoza fleet without it!)
  18. Thanks for the pointer. Sounds like the Beta team will have some more work coming up! :-D
  19. Cool Thrinos* don't look at explosions? Well, they are Fearless, so... no looking back. But that means that I really should convert at least one of them to have a more dynamic pose (hot water should go a long way... ) ("Three legged Rhino" is a mouthful, Thrino is easier to say...)
  20. Slow motion? Look at the movement speeds of that beast! But I agree, in a force known for its fragility and long range, having a short ranged bullet sponge (or rather brick wall, DR 9 SH 5 will soak a lot of incoming firepower!) is a pleasant novelty. Turn one: Activate, charge up the table, pick on something with the guns (or charge even further). Turn two: Draw fire from most of the opponents army, while blocking LoS to something more fragile. Charge into CQB with the opponent. Turn three: Look on as they either go down in a blaze of glory, or laugh as your opponent tries to get rid of them using whatever means possible, That's my plan, at least...
  21. I'm with you, Hive. I've had a Spider force for a long time, but not played with it. This update should mean some more spider gribblies across the local gaming tables...
  22. Also: Added Assault Helix.
  23. I voted yes, because while they might not be optimal frontline units, they perform a decent support role. That being said, some are clearly better than others (the Stealthed/Cloaked carriers have a distinct advantage in the survivability department), and I think they could do with an overview.
  24. I'm wondering a bit about the reduced size Imzanis; are you planning to use them only for T&H?
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