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  1. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    Thanks! I wish I could leave the deck off too Funny story though, the whole fleet isn't done yet lol. I'm working on my Uhlan cruisers right now, just started them today. I'm basically doing the naval battlegroup I got recently
  2. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    Elbe Fleet Carrier With flight deck Without flight deck
  3. That looks freaking awesome! Keep it up!
  4. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    The Kaiser Karl Heavy Battleship
  5. I thought about maybe a white deck with a blue wash? I think it might look weird though. What color of wash would you recommend for white?
  6. Thanks for the tips, Landlubber. I'll need to pick up some of this GW paints. I use their paints for my other stuff, I just need some new colors. It might be a couple weeks before I get some though haha. I'll be sure to keep posting though! That French carrier looks awesome, too, by the way. Great job, I love the hull colors!
  7. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    Thanks Landlubber! I really need to do some touch up on my dreadnought, and get some new paints. It might be a little while before I post more. Working on some Ottomans as well, and wanting to start an FSA fleet, so lots of stuff going on right now haha. I'll post some as I get going again.
  8. Alright, cool. Thanks! ☺️ I'll post a picture when I finish it.
  9. The other colors are going to be gold and bronze. A little blue here and there (and of course some gun metal gray). Here's a small flyer to show the rest of the colors. No bronze there though.
  10. So currently I'm painting some Ottomans. The main hull of the ships is a light green. What color should I paint the decking?
  11. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    The Ottoman Zuhaf Mine Layer
  12. Niner

    My Prussian Fleet

    This first one is a Donnerfaust Support Cruiser
  13. Looks awesome, I like the use of decals...overall great look.
  14. Nice...I like the colors...
  15. Nice scheme...I like the green...
  16. Niner

    Coa-Boiling Water

    AMAZING! If I could do it in larger caps, I would! I WANT YOUR FLEET!!!! And may I say, the typing/post interface SUCKS!
  17. Niner

    Ruler & Attacker Class ships.

    It's waaaaay past my bed time...I'm half asleep.
  18. Niner

    Ruler & Attacker Class ships.

    Sorry...didn't mean to be mean...
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