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  1. DocPanic

    Problems with Diving

    Hello folks, it might be that this problem is just related to a language barrier, since me and my friends are from Germany. Nevertheless I would like to have a clarification on the behavior of Diving Models: So, a Submarine, lets say we use the Sturmbringer, is NOT submerged. Is it still counting as diving? If so, than all none Subkiller weapons would be partially blocked. Or is the Sturmbringer just a surface model in this case? So it is targetted normally; no partially blockage, no hot on 5+? On the other hand; if the Sub IS submerged, is it always partial blocked AND always hot on 5+? Of course Subkiller would still not have to half their dice, but would still be hitting on 5+. Nevertheless in this case Torpedo Bomber Hunter(Submerged,+2) would hit it on 3+ AND would not have to half their dice? And would it be hit on 4+ by the T.B. if it would go unsubmerged? Please, we would need some help! Best Ragrds, DocPanic
  2. DocPanic

    Turtle Class Assault Submarines

    A funny shaped boat which is still always partially blocked. Or am I wrong there?
  3. DocPanic

    Play like an American

    What are your advices against Prussian? My enemy is strongest I RB2, due to massive user of Speerschleuder and Tesla. He is using always two uber subs and a squadron of Donnerfäuste. What do you think of the bomber for going against the subs?
  4. DocPanic

    Beta Testing for 2.0 - Join the Team!

    Pick me! Pick Me! *Jumping up* You ask what my references are? Well, Sir, here they are: 1 - Believe it or not, I actually play this game! I own a FSA and a CoA fleet. And I think I am quite good in looking only at the numbers only. Trust me, I'm an Engineer. 2 - I played this game since it first arised and also know the 1.1 rules. (I even wrote you a looong email for some ideas about the TFT). I also play Dystopian Legions. But there only the KoB. 3 - I already signed some NDAs for my work, so now problem here. 4 - I think that I am capeable of structured answers... somewhat...somehow... 5 - I am always polite! WHO SAID I AM NOT POLITE? 6 - This isn't madness. This! Is! Sparta! 7 - Sorry, I amonly able to do some math and other stuff which doesn't require any skills in art. 8 – See above. I'm from Germany, so of yourse this is not my first language. So please Spartan, Pick me! I hope to help you aking Dystopian Wars even better and bigger (aka much much more famos)!
  5. DocPanic

    Any New Fsa Navel Units

    I thought we were discussing about the Saratoga? Still there would be need of a version of new rules which don't make tha Savannah a Flying Monster.
  6. DocPanic

    Any New Fsa Navel Units

    Please, please, this would simply make the Carrier more usefull and just more realistic (2 wings per carrier). And I don't only talk about the Saratoga! Of course a higher point cost would be in this.
  7. DocPanic

    Speeding Games Up

    I experienced very different styles of play. When I play with newbies we do really take long for the game. About 4 hours for a 900 Points game. When I play with my most experienced buddy we can get a game with 1200 points done in under 3 hours. I think that adding a death clock could be a fun thing. But as stated above you should stop the clock when you have declared every shot of the squad.
  8. DocPanic

    Make An New Official Rulebook Or Quickstart Rules!

    Somewhat I think this is true. Unfortunately it is sometimes better to find an experienced player, let him teach you and just juse the excellent sheets and cards provided by fans in this forum here..
  9. DocPanic


    No new opinions to Drones or some new suggestions how to make them usefull without OP them?
  10. DocPanic

    Make An New Official Rulebook Or Quickstart Rules!

    Thanks a lot SG Crew! A little call here would be nice. P.S.: An App or something like that would still be great.
  11. DocPanic

    Make An New Official Rulebook Or Quickstart Rules!

    Yes. That would be great. And since nearly everyone (or at least one in it) in a modern gamer group has a smartphone.... ... please, please, make this (or something similar) happen! Some kind of living rulebook would be great. I would say, the only thing you need for this is one (1!) IT guy, you can realise this for you!
  12. DocPanic

    Make An New Official Rulebook Or Quickstart Rules!

    Dear Spartan Games, unfortunately I have to have a similar opinion like many others here. I fear that If you don't provide the community with a consistent rulebook not too far in the future, you will loose a great amount of gamers. Please remeber: Most of us like the game! We want to play it. But, to have a game which does not vanish in a few years, you have to do something about the rules or at least their presentation!
  13. DocPanic

    Torpedoes: What Am I Missing?

    Rockts on the other hand are definitly worse...
  14. DocPanic

    Next Wave Of Major Nations Revealed.

    I like the units. The Tannesse looks interesting. I will see, if the land units for the FSA will finally make them playable on land. The russian subs really look great! Everyone needs a few nice, playable subs!
  15. DocPanic

    Fsa Carriers

    Amen. I totally agree. I think the Saratoga is worth it's old points, no more: 95 Please, Spartan Games, could you please provide us with a reason why you increased the costs on that unit? Due to playtesting? Argueing in the forum? A formula?

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