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  1. I would be extremely grateful if someone could procure this beautiful machine for me... for an adequate price of course and something extra to cover al the indispensable expenses.
  2. Slipping in before the lock. 1. I play at least once a week, sometimes more often. My gaming group consist of 5 players and between us we have every nation released dy Spartan (at least 1500 points each) so testing different configurations is not a problem. I own EotBS, RC, CF, KoD & PLC (yeah!). 2. Been playing DW since June 2011, I`m usually the "rules guy". 3. No problem with that. 4. Writing reports and reviews is part of my job, I`m used to adhering to different formats and set guidelines. 5. I don`t consider any other way of expressing my point of view. 6. That is asking for too much, playing with tiny tanks & ships is seriuos business! 7. Been playing wargames and boardgames for twenty years now, I`m a researcher and have experience in crunching numbers and statistics (which playtesting is all about, doh). 8. English is not my first language but I think I`ll manage. If my contribution would be of any use, I`ll be glad to help.
  3. Oh yes, even something more awesome than mere large landship.
  4. Q: Chinese Dragon Breath - scoring a double crit hit effects in 2 or 4 corrosive markers?
  5. Sooo... besides being annoying and incenirating stuff, could Raijin actually bomb people with Zariganis? (underside looks like a giant bomb bay)
  6. Couple of questions form our first games: 1. Command abilities and flying high, rules seem to be contradictory: Page 24 Height level and command: units flying high cannot use command abilities. Page 29 Flying high: unit flying high requires one more success to pass command ability test. 2. Using special manoeuvre command ability (page 55), which is the correct number of successes to pass the test, 2 or the cost in Command Points on the card?
  7. Hyphotetical situation: One Tetsubo boards enemy model with 0AP, 1AP from tetsubo gets shot down so only gas alert AD remains, what happens? A ) Nothing, boarding fails. B ) It is automatically derelicted. C ) Gas AD have to hit do derelict the model?
  8. According to the revamped stats, besides lots of sturginium boosters... we got kamikaze fighters?
  9. Good to know, I wonder what are the other changes?
  10. Thanks for the answers! Sooo... is infantry worth the points? (beyond local support) Buying APCs, additional tokens and some kind of HQ is not especially cheap pointwise...
  11. What is the point of Infantry HQ MAR (except replenishing fatigue)? I don`t see being forced to deploy at the same time as the model with the MAR being that useful. Do models with APC MAR come with free line infantry tokens? (Baronet would be crazy cheap then...)
  12. Kadam


    Right, unfortunately the Rulebook is not very helpful in this matter (except single sentence on p.36 that tiny, small and medium can hide in woods), example: nice, big and fat sturmpanzer is sitting in the middle of the wood, it wishes to shoot some poor kamchatka in the open, RB2, what happens? - is the LoS blocked so attack is not possible? - is the russian hit only on 5 and 6? - something else? Another one: what about a squadron of nasty walze tanks trying to attack any kind of target on the other side of the wood?
  13. Kadam


    How do you resolve shooting out of and into woods or attacks between models inside woods? With massive size models there is no problem but with others (line of sight)?
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