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  1. Anyone got anywhere with the Ottoman's 2.5 ORBAT? I'll be trying them for the first time this weekend, and am looking forward to trying out some of the changes. Particularly, I'm hoping to get some use out of the mines now that they are devastating and the MCG are moving them a healthy D3 + 2". My 1000 point list will be: Hisar + MCG Sadrazam + MCG 2 sinops 4 mizraks 4 avcis 4 zuhafs I really need to paint up some more ships so I have more options. I think the list is more suited to playing as separatists, but as my opponent will be playing covenant it just doesn't seem right.
  2. Nice idea of turning the, into naval models. Just a pain for those of us who have based them as being on land! for me, I'll be keeping to DW:FA or version 2.0 or 2.5 for land games. The scale change is a big problem for me as I already play a great 6mm land game ( Epic Armageddon), and the big appeal of DW on land for me is the interaction of air and the massive mobile airfields. The scale change to 10mm might work for the capital land ships and medium tanks, but it would mean that all my mobile airfields, tiny tanks, bunkers, towns and industrial scenery won't fit.
  3. Yes I kind of like the idea of lost vaults of ancient alien tech being dotted around the globe. I start imagining all sorts of Indiana Jones style quests to find them. Also now with WWE being in the dystopian age, there are definite in universe aliens that could be: looking for the vaults to get the secrets for themselves; looking for the vaults to destroy the secrets before the humans find them; trying to stop the humans finding the vaults but keeping the vaults protected; or maybe just living in the vaults. It leaves a lot of scope for storylines. ---- One thing I realised about the the old Spartan games dystopian universe is that with the three super blocks, and linear timeline, there were limits to the scope of the game. ( like which factions would fight each other, and the way that the big campaigns could only change very little and seem quite linear) One thing I like about the 40k setting and one of the things that has made it so successful, is that it is such an open setting. Now I know the dystopian age is on a planetary scale rather than a galactic one, but I would like to see the setting evolve into one that is more open. ( i.e. Where any faction could be fighting any other, and maybe even some conflicts/civil wars within factions). (The original DW timeline did a bit of this with the Bering incident allowing for battles between the Russians and Americans, and the break up of LoIS and OE) One thing I'm toying with in my head canon is the possibility of sturginium/alien tech induced rifts in space-time that allow for alternative timelines. Maybe even timelines that interact. That might get a bit too much for some people, but it would open out the scope of the settings.
  4. I agree with you fracas, that each corner of the globe should have conflict. I hope the setting will allow for battles between China and Japan, and Russia and Polish for example.
  5. So the good old gladius is now non-capital ( I think that's a recent change - been a while since I had my Italians out) what do people think about that? I'll be sad to see the loss of the isolated systems for them, but this will make them effective at hunting smalls, and will keep them from being prized, so overall a good thing maybe? really got to get some spuntones! Come on web shop!
  6. I was so excited by the idea of a campaign map for the eastern med. my excitement lasted about 10 seconds. Spartan, why have you used a map with current ( 20th/21st century) borders marked all over it? It makes no sense and is really jarring. I want to be immersed in the dystopian world, not given a map that has 20th century history drawn in black lines all over it.
  7. Can't help you with what they are trying to say. But why are Spartan clogging up their lovely new rule book with nonsense like this? imagine if these lines had been deleted, and all they had was the rules about how cliffs interact with models. do you think that people wouldn't know where the cliffs were on their terrrain? Would tournaments grind to a halt because cliffs were springing up in places they shouldn't?
  8. Yeah, as Nazduruk said, the rear generator used to be the echo generator, which was cool. The turret used to be a torpedo turret, which totally made sense on a submarine. I find the target painter generator, with it's pitiful range to be virtually useless as it doesn't synergise with the Long range of the fore guns.
  9. Really nice painting - I love how functional all the ships look. Especially the independence. That ship doesn't get much love nowadays but your paint job makes it look great- the epitome of brute efficiency!
  10. The Oil rig has clear acrylic legs (well, the ones I got with the merchant navy box had anyway)
  11. Well there was the see-saw mobile airfield form a while back for the canadians. What happened to that?
  12. For the Ika, it really should have the aquatic assault MAR so it can board when submerged. Why would you build a diving robot that can't attack submerged. Plus it would be supercool for it to take on submarines.
  13. I make it a whopping 31/17/14 for two spuntone linking all four turrets and two turret arrays. Quite a terrifying prospect if you can get to RB1 with CLose quarters gunnery
  14. I love how you painted the submerged submarines, really nice effect.
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