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  1. epic work! What are his stats, if any?
  2. Agreed. Tenkei always looked to me like a flying raft. Never bought one because of that. Also, +1 for the small gyro - and probably a large one too (and something nice looking this time )
  3. yeah, as far as squids go that's true. But our crayfishs? I considered the tentacle were at the front personally, because the flamethrower just seems to be there (and even if it's not the best way to move in water...
  4. it was already the case in 1.1, so nothing new here, sadly.
  5. you forgot one class: armoured cruisers (Tanuki FTW!!!)
  6. Tanuki and Arashi, I guess? Nothing to add for the Tanuki, sure, but I kinda like the Arashi. It's really good for a round 1 hitter, sadly it is too expensive for a one trick-pony (fixed channel, thank you). At least, if your opponent's goal is to get all the mediums, he'll have to go searching for Arashi always hiding in RB4...
  7. is that for real or just a mistake in the rules?
  8. Well it shows you really, really love the Uwatsu - a deserved love, I'd say, as our lovely frigates are cute little monsters. The three pages are a good read, keep it up!
  9. thanks a lot for that to both of you! But... there's a problem with the MK I and MK II Honshu. The MK I doesn't have the turret but the rocket battery, and vice-versa
  10. I always choose any kind of battleship - as I don't own he Hachiman. To classify my large/massive for that role it would be Kaiju > Raijin > Sokutsu > Kiyohime (when it's the only large one I play).
  11. I suppose he was talking about this one
  12. YUMMY!! Ninja fleet for the win!
  13. Glad to hear that, but there was quite a risk tbh. The price increase doesn't bother me at all. Just to be sure, do it still have 6 HP or did it go down to 5?
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