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  1. I wonder how effective/beneficial it would be to houserule "optional" extras that are currently mandatory (I'm referring to Water Hunter specifically, but even things like MTB's could be "optional") when it comes to running low points games... My FLGS is trying to start up a starter box league as well, and I bought the CoA box to use so that I wouldnt have to trim the LoIS box to stay fair (also, because I could no longer hold out, seeing Delboy's write-up lol)
  2. Raid + lighter... Kill it with fire
  3. Damnit Delboy... I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to purchase that CoA starter box at my FLGS because having the KoB and LoIS was enough... then I went there today and lay-byed it with plans on ordering in support boxes when next week's pay comes in... Dat UFO did it
  4. Name the spider tank the "Trapdoor" and borrow the RC's burrowing tech
  5. As an aussie, I am opposed to all these basless stereotypes! ...now where's that sheila with my shrimp for the barby...
  6. Holy s%@t, I never realised the Fortuna's torps were 90° arc! I thought this sounded wrong as I always just assumed they were fixed as with other nation's bombers, just checked the .pdf and it is indeed a 90° arc ... I love my Italians more and more each day lol
  7. Seconded! My Fortunas fail to inspire the fear they should in a squad of 2... Ok, so I sub in 2 Docasters, but it doesn't look right damnit
  8. I dont see the need for designation tokens when it comes to generators. They are fairly straight forward and dont require too much in the way of memory. I play FoW, and the only real way to tell between different marks of vehicle sometimes is just to say "this is exampletank MkX, it's stats are..."
  9. Like with any miniatures game I have played; a specific rule (Tiny Target MAR) overrules a general rule (Collisions), but doesn't change the general rule for any other purpose
  10. I don't know, I used them as expensive corvettes (despite the frigate name) and they worked as I imagined. They are called "Shields" for a reason... To keep boarding threats at arm's length where you can blast said threat. And the more the enemy fires at them, the less damage your larger models and MTB's are taking. Yes, they're expensive, but they out-perform other corvettes by a mile, have hit n' run and when more nations have subs, they will be premier sub-hunters. Just my 2 cents
  11. Had my first game with the LoIS today against my mate's brand new Chinese fleet, starter boxes only. I have to say, I love the feel of them very refreshing after only having the KoB for the last 2 years lol. Even the fact that the cruisers tend to evaporate (chinese broadsides are horrible to face), they still pack an awesome whallop... Just need to get used to having hit n' run on everything and having so much speed can be a bad thing to use too much
  12. Ok, level of excitement has peaked, I think that's a brilliant idea and would definitely drop a shield to have it on a Guardian-packing Dread
  13. Hmm, unfamiliar with that one anyone wish to fill me in so I can get excited to an appropriate level?
  14. Pulse? As in UPG??? Don't toy with my emotions like that Delboy...
  15. Ummm... It may be my under-caffinated brain drawing conclusions... But to me, that sounds like the Majesty is in line to get a Guardian? If so, I will be a happy lil' Tommy
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