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  1. Not sure if anyone's asked this yet or not, but can we take the older version of or Korsor for 35pts? It can drop numerous mines, has a worse gun, less speed, more AP and AA, minesweeper, lacks Elusive target, and has +1 CR. It's official designation is a mine layer. Is it just a variant on the Korsor hull or does the Corvette version supersede it? I'm guessing it's a variant that is still usable. If it is can I take it in my Danish fleet? Another question is which of the new Danish ships can I take in my Prussian Empire fleet? Are there restrictions such as with PE ships in the Danish fleet? Thanks!
  2. Wow!Looks like the Danes are getting some carrier/air love. Can't wait!
  3. I'm totally excited about the possibilities of the Aufseher Assault Ship and Faust Robots. So much so they are my desktop background! I'll reserve judgement on how they play until I at least see the rules, but I'm sure I'll be buying them simply because I love the models.
  4. Yes, I field a full squadron of each of the naval smalls. Haven't gotton Freons yet, but am excited to try them.I recently played against the Blazing Sun small flyers and they were both effective and tough to shoot down.
  5. That's the exact same as my 1000pt list . One squadron of each small, Marseilles and Ecuyers, and Magenta Mk II and Courone Carrier for heavies bringing two heat lances to the game.
  6. Your list is very similar to the one I usually run, but in mine I take Ecuyers instead of the Magenta Mk I. I've had pretty good luck with this list over many games. However, I'm a big fan of taking the ships you like even if you don't win much, so if you like the Magenta Mk I vote take it. Having a great looking fleet out weighs winning in my book. When the flying Alma frigates come out I'll be working taking the Marseilles, Magenta Mk I, and Almas purely for the visuals and maneuverability.
  7. I'm guessing 30pts which is more than Lyons to account for the flying and maneuverability bonuses not being completely offset by decreased firepower. If, by some chance it gets Pack Hunter, which I really doubt, it would have to be at least 35pts. Again, these are all guesses on my part.
  8. My advice is to trade your spares with another French player so you don't end up with too many spares. I've been lucky and have a friend that I trade my extra French and Prussian figs. He helps me fill out some squadrons and I help him fill out others.
  9. I'm guessing gun 5/3/1, movement 12", and DR/CR 4/5. No Pack Hunter. Just my guesses as I know nothing of what SG is planning, but I'd be happy with this ship.
  10. I always max out all my squadrons with the last squadron using up the last of the points. In my 1000pts I can only afford two Voltaires, but they do pretty good with two linked together.
  11. I've heard Pocket Battleship and Armored Cruiser used as synonyms. Battle Cruiser is yet another term. Think of the Magenta as the HMS Hood.It was great for commerce interdiction and being the flag ship in medium sized encounters, but was hopelessly unable to stand up to a true battleship such as the Bismark.
  12. I completely understand what you're saying and would love to see a Mk III, but there's also something to be said for each nation having their own flavor and strengths/weaknesses. The French having had to rebuild from scratch rapidly may have made the choice to forgo a large battleship for smaller more maneuverable pocket battleships so that their fleets could hit and run. To their credit they did engineer the largest, meanest gun in the heat lance to give their hit and run fleets intense firepower. Just one possible explanation for the lack of a real battleship in the French fleet, but as I said earlier I too would like like a Mk III if Spartan decides to make one.
  13. In this universe the influx of alien technology from Antarctica forced the worlds technological revolution much earlier than in our history (i.e. WW II style Prussian ships with Tesla weapons and engines in the 1870s). This could have led to the Eiffel Tower and World Expo occurring much earlier, say 1864, thus providing your much needed French landmark in your alien invasion scenario. Viva la imagination!
  14. If you can get Lyons among enemy smalls you have a reasonable chance of doing at least a point of damage with each broadside. I've even used linked broadsides to tear into mediums. Haven't had much luck with their torpedoes though, but at least I get to roll some dice as I close.
  15. You got it. The Tiny Flyer Recon Plane is the only thing that allows the subs to fire indirectly. It's been a widely discussed topic on the boards. Models with Spotter can only spot for Capital Class Primary Weapons, which is not often used.
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