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  1. Why did the new design team remove so many flavored options in the game ?? So far, I'm sad with all the changes I've read, because you've got rid of a bunch of these extra options who where part of the game soul. I'm getting lesser tactical freedom now... Please don't over simplify Firestorm Armada, I dont want another plain straightforward game like Planetfall.
  2. Will I need CO for my ship to go Belly up now ?
  3. Ok, if the ships statistics in the new edition are completely redone, I will probably work on a new design for the cards. And if this happen, then I will look to add the tickbox.
  4. Hi Mathhammer, Are you asking for a sort of tickbox in front all options ? LBPB
  5. Did you all receive your scenery pack yet ? I'm still waiting for mine...
  6. Loki card corrected. Thanks for your checking
  7. The Dystopian Wars : Fleet Action fast rules now have stats release for ALL the ships. The same treatement could be applied to Task Force... Is someone still in charge here ?
  8. Thanks Andrew Any more content / guide / stuff for our games are always welcome. Well, this guide is still excellent for any beginner
  9. Excuse me, do you still have the PDF cards of FA Dindrenzi? I visit you post but the Page doesnt open, thank you.

  10. Thanks a bunch ! @Spartan team : why didn't you put the PDF into the download section ???
  11. Can someonegive me the link for this famous PDF campaign ? I can't find it anywhere...
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