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  1. Wow! This is an amazing blog. Some fantastic work. Your skills and patience show through here. Keep up the great work.
  2. Wasteland 2 has been eating my time but I finally got some painting in. Ploughing on with the naval smalls. I am going attempt to give the destroyers a glow from the paddlewheels. This is my first attempt, the flash has highlighted it a bit too much but I think It needs to be a bit more blue. some tidying and then onto the wash. The decks are darker than they used to be as I forgot what colour I painted the original ones were!
  3. A quick pic of my fliers that have been "liberated" Some absolutely awesome painting on show here!
  4. So I started to paint all the smalls I have. I decided to batch paint them which can be a little demotivating. So I decided to watch Defiance and catch up on my viewing backlog. I do like the airships, however in truth I bought the wrong box in the store and decided to keep it which means I have a ton of fliers. + a boston. Here are my fliers with the exception of the A17s which are being fixed, broken flight stands. To be done in metallic with a blue glaze. And here are some close ups, with a little action damage which will need to be fixed.
  5. I love your bastille. A great colour scheme and well painted. I have found keeping a painting log is great motivation so keep it going and I am looking forward to your naval models.
  6. And with my renewed passion for painting and finally getting some 2.0 games I have come back to finish my FSA Fleet. This is my fleet so far. Painted about 3 years ago. I have not painted any FSA since ( Ottomans, Russians, Black wolf and HEC have been started). So time to come back. These are my large models to paint. I have lots of smalls and flyers to do too. Must keep focus.
  7. And so it is over. The HEC are ready for hire. I may touch up the Elysium later especially the flight deck. Thanks for looking.
  8. At last the Oceanus bombers are done. And with that, bar some minor touch ups, the end is here for the HEC. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome. Now onto my long dormant FSA. I will get a last HEC fleet shot for completion.
  9. Great battle report. A really enjoyable read and nice to see so many painted models.
  10. Here is the fleet so far. It is very blue! The Dr No base is a great model and makes a good terrain piece! Only the medium fliers to go.
  11. Goggalor

    Demo Box Schemes

    I like the over the top flag on the Lexington. Some nice subtle detailing on the CoA.
  12. And onto the Elysium. A couple of things to do such as some wheel marks on the runway and some touches on the front viewing windows. Thanks for the comments guys!
  13. With the tiny fliers done I went back to the Gadieros hangers and Atlas and Stingray craft. If I could do it again I would try to build up some waves around the craft. Nevermind. I have also used the verdigris paint from citadel as a bit of an experiment around the base. Now to finish the Elysium.
  14. Some tiny fliers. My torpedo fliers coming in for attack A flight supporting their ace A recon flier at a higher altitude. ( it was hard to get in focus!)
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