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  1. But is Area Denial not a perfectly good use for it, is my counterquestion. While I cannot play any games here and mostly just collect the minis and fluff cuz I do enjoy to RP in the settings, I'm quite sure that Artillery is truly meant for Area Denial, as your opponent will pretty much lose models if he passes through that area, unless you're unlucky with targeting or the roll for arty. That's its purpose, and from the rules I find it quite effective at it. I do hope that some on-table arty will eventually make it into the game.
  2. Accept the price or not, it's a fair one regardless... Especially for its detail. I don't think I've ever seen a sci-fi mech miniature as beautiful as the Terran Leviathan, it brings a manly tear to my manly eyes...
  3. I wish I could hug you, right here, right now That's awesome news - and tons of teasing, as usual from you lot.
  4. Personally I do feel some descriptions ala the old Firestorm: Invasion PDFs (still around on some sites, such as Black Ocean) would add so much to the game. While I can certainly imagine, I'd rather be on one level with the devs on what each weapon and vehicle and powersuit is like. The details on how the Valenfyre had two different machinegun type shardguns attached to it, for instance - which weren't even modelled, you'd only know it by reading the fluff - or how the Terran powersuits had a small smelter to vitrify minerals into blocks of ammo... I loved those! I also loved the description of one of the large airships for DW Spartan did a while ago. Though that's just me and my RP-loving ways. I enjoy having a fully fleshed-out world, with such little rich detail that, while it won't affect the game, still adds a sense of wonder to what otherwise would be simply pretty little figurines... In short, moar fluff! It's still cold, after all.
  5. Yeah, I doubt FFG will actually go for the official RPG (a shame, as I def. think that a war RPG would be at its best with a similar ruleset). Sine Nomine is interesting as well, though not very well-known they produce what are undoubtedly amongst the best open-world sandboxy RPGs. But please no D20. I like to play the occasional game of PF, but those are always best for drunk games and the games where you go for rules mastery rather than an actual experience that drags you into a deep involving setting. Sadly, I can't think of any games that'd really work well and still capture the feel and the speed of play, though I can certainly think of a few ways to make one ^^
  6. I third this, to the point where I've actually started on a full conversion of Only War with some Deathwatch mixed in, set in the Dystopian earth setting. Well, started, I have been working on it starting a few weeks ago, but I like to make it sufficiently according to the crunch and fluff as stated by Spartan, so it's slow-going. The few tests I've run so far work surprisingly well, I must say, just need a bit more Specialty specific abilities. Fun fact: I'm considering using this conversion for Planetfall too once it comes out Though the mood is currently a tad off (Planetfall feels far... lighter and cleaner)
  7. This is EXACTLY what I was always hoping for I'd love to see more of these 'stat cards'.
  8. OBJECTION! (Always wanted to say that ) If you've ever played a certain spaceship game by a certain other company that shan't be named in this here forum, you would realize that, indeed, the miniature might be to scale, but the scale of the actual playing field, ranges, speeds etc. might be far higher! Which would make sense considering the speed and range are quite low otherwise. While there is little in the way of actual evidence supporting this, logic would dictate that the scales areeither quite different, or simply an abstraction.
  9. There is, actually... The Belgian Loyalists, based on the Britannians
  10. Oh my! And why do I only see this now? Time to idolize Spartan Games some more.
  11. TWO Belgian factions? Who thought that up, so I can thank 'em? Spartan, you spoil us, here's hoping the whole 'defensive' gameplay and artillery stays (because it suits my style of play at that!)
  12. Tally-ho, ol' chaps. Question from a newbie here. Wondering if there's any official word (or at least well-accepted) on the infantry of nations and what weaponry is used in such smaller conflicts. Why? Well, fluff reasons really. Maybe even creating some dioramas with the infantry fighting around sufficiently scaled up small tanks (seeing how massive even small tanks are compared to infantry). I know there's some rough descriptions at some spots, but it's hard to find all of it in one spot. Kind regards, and thanks ahead.
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