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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in New To Firestorm, Where To Go From The Starter Fleet Set?   
    Ok, in my third game I'll try out tank0625's deployment advices. Thanks for that!
    I got my ass kicked again, but this time the first 2 rounds went as I planned. I needed to destroy 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large squadron and succeeded in destroying most of his fleet except the BB1 and the DN. Unfortunately he came back with a vengeance and nuked my DN. The rest faltered quickly with the CV2 and some FFs being the sole survivors.
    As he doesn't use CVs yet, I think I will definately drop the CV2 and replace it with a BB1 in the next game. This one had 1045 points and was a lot of fun, except for the sorry end.
    Stay tuned on DebrisFM, I'll be back.
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in Terran Battlegroup   
    I only got my mobile phone camera at the moment, so the pictures are more or less preliminaries:

    All in all there are 12 frigates, 3 cruisers, 2 R&D cruisers, 1 CV Mk. II, 1 BB Mk. I and 1 DN in the Battlegroup.
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in Just A Question Of Fighters   
    Wow, that pic is great!
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    Ursus Maior reacted to Commodore Jones in Commodore Jones   
    Be sure to include Tactics Points (as they were in V1! Not the Star Admiral cow-plop!), Escape Pods, Re-usable Assaulters in there too.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to veritechc in Commodore Jones   
    I will just not be happy with boarding in v2. I know its faster this way but it really reminds me of a close in weapon system rather than people fighting it out in corridors, engine rooms and bridges. Matter of fact I find myself doing it if my Sorylian ships get close enough. I used to make it a plan to get close. Now its more satisfying to blast another ship with broadsides rather than board.
    Boarding is now boring.
    Out of all the changes this is the one I find the most bland.
    I truly have no idea why the Ship Construction was taken away. Along with that was Spartan's policy of "use whatever models you want in our game". I think some of us may have missed that.
    There has been a policy shift in Firestorm.
    When I started it was: Look we have print out tokens for you to use. Try us out.
    Now its: Don't mentions a competitors game on our forum. Use only our models.
    I don't really like where this leads.
    What I loved was Firestorm was THE game to come to if you were disenfranchised with other companies heavy handed policies.
    I just hope that with the new Marauders of the Rift on the horizon that we will see a new invigorated, open and happy Spartan. Willing to let its great models pull in customers. I'd like to see our options come back, even if they are seldom used.
    I guess my point is the streamlining is apparent. The game plays faster, there is less to keep track of. But the options are also less. I would suggest a group of optional rules to be included with the core set. Call them advanced rules. Ones that may be more messy but a lot more fun.
    Make multi-turn boarding optional
    Make some new optional ramming rules.
    Add back the Ship Creator as an option.
    Heck I would buy as an extra product an advanced rule book.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to veritechc in Scale Of Warfare In The Fa Universe   
    Here are the designation Alex and I are using in the v2 Army Builder for Firestorm Armada.
    IN (Installation)
    LV (Levithan)
    DN (Dreadnought)
    BB (Battleship)
    CVB (Battle Carrier)
    CV (Carrier)
    CAH (Heavy Cruiser)
    CAG (Gunship)
    CA (Cruiser)
    CAX (R&D Cruiser)
    DD (Destroyer)
    FF (Frigate)
    ESC (Escort)
    CT (Corvette)
    These actually appear on army builder when you select the ship in the middle information window.
    These are from the long ago thread discussing just this.
    We also used this link to come up with most of them: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/index_ships_list.htm
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    Ursus Maior reacted to zaknafn in Scale Of Warfare In The Fa Universe   
    Given the size of FA's escorts I believe the proper designation would be FFE. Based on real life and commonly used game terminology here are the designations (off the top of my head):
    Cruiser = CL
    MK-II Cruiser = NCL
    Carrier = CV
    Battle Carrier = BCV
    Destoyer = DD
    Heavy Cruiser = CA
    Battleship = BB
    Dreadnought = DN
    Escort = FFE
    Frigate = FF
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    Ursus Maior reacted to tank0625 in New To Firestorm, Where To Go From The Starter Fleet Set?   
    If you have a DN start it in the middle of your battle line. The DN is one of my first units I deploy during setup. You want him to focus on your DN.
    Put FFs and R&D on the far flanks. Put your mediums behind or just to the side of your DN.
    Push the DN right up the middle. The idea is to use as many of your firing arcs as possible. If you are lucky you could get FF, SB, PB and turret shots. Don't worry with sector shielding and DNs are almost impossible to board, you will be good. While the enemy is forced to attack your DN, your mediums are attacking his squadrons he brings up. So keep them back and support the DN.
    Remember that the Dindrenzi have a harder time lining up their arcs.
    The FFs and R&Ds can concentrate on the enemy's FFs and escorts.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to themailedfist in Spartan: You Missed One....maybe?   
    Course set for Off-Topic...
    Spartan actually has exhibited the bad habit of listening too much to customers - the original Uncharted Seas sadly suffered heavily from "frequent tweaks" based on customer forum feedback.
    It's good to listen to customers but there's a point where it's horribly damaging. When the rules are so fluid as to be inconsistent from one week to the next, nobody wins. I know my group got frustrated and gave up trying to figure "how we play it THIS week".
    Imperfect rules sadly trump rules that constantly morph and flux in the effort to be "better".
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from veritechc in Planetary Defenses   
    By your logic there would be no need for war since 1945 when the US dropped the first nuclear bomb on Japan. No one surrenders, just because an enemy could annihilate him. In fact worlds need to be invaded or otherwise there would be no point in invading the system. Either you control the population and a planet's resources or you don't invade at all. If you want to destroy the whole planet, go ahead, but it is expensive and bereaves you of future tax-income and resources. Invading a planet is a difficult thing to do, even more difficult than a planetbound triphibic invasion, since breaking the space barrier makes you vulnerable.
    I go with alexman on this. Worlds can be defended by fleets and low-orbit defense systems to protect the best landing sites. Than the enemy has to land in less favourable zones where you can bottle him up and destroy or where he will have to establish long marching routes. If you'd were to invade Earth as it is today, keeping the enemy from landing in Central and Eastern Europe, the Pacific and Atlantic seaboard, the Mediterranean and most of Pacific Asia should be easy. Just install ABM defenses like they planned in the 1980s around major cities, on floating platforms and offshore. If you move on and install some across the DEW line, in central Australia, Siberia and the Azores and Ascension Island, you got most of Earth covered. Then an enemy would have to land in Central Asia, the Sahara or the Poles. His only chance would be a frontal assault like D-Day or demolishing the most populous areas of Earth. The only other option would be to lay siege to the planet, but that is time consuming. And most likely you can grow more food on a planet, than on starships.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to zaknafn in Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries   
    Agreed. I mean we have two sorta light DNs now (the RSN DN and the Manta) but I like the idea of an outdated uber ship loaded with impromptu refits. Heck, it would be interesting to have a ship with tough stats but a MAR that makes it weaker when it gets damaged. Like a Vulnerable MAR - this ship loses two attack dice on the first damage point taken or "Unreliable" - the first crit this ship takes can be re-rolled by the opponent (the second result must be taken).
    Basically, like the Galactica from the new BSG.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to RageofAeons in Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries   
    I'd like to see Hawker get expanded on a little, maybe a heavy cruiser or the like, maybe even a Battle Cruiser. he second simply because we've yet to see one made, and it might be interesting to see a somewhat outdated Terran warship that's been hastily brought into teh war after mounting the shields onto it. Having a light battleship would be a nice touch for the support fleet.
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from tank0625 in Gaming Cloths/mats For Cheap   
    Hmmm... never thought of theses...
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    Ursus Maior reacted to ExigeS in Gaming Cloths/mats For Cheap   
    Heavy duty mat that will outlast a nuclear war (simulated of course) here ---> http://www.tractorsupply.com/rubber-matting/rubber-horse-stall-mat-4-ft-x-6-ft--2219003
    Here for slightly cheaper and more rollable thickness 1/8" and up --> http://www.matdepot.com/products.cfm?objectgroup_id=9&CATID=2
    Choices choices....
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from zaknafn in Another Wing Question   
    I thought about the new boarding rules as well. I think they make the game easier, but need some twisting for campaigns. Basically a ship that was boarded and lost to its side counts as destroyed I guess, because the boarding party will not be able to use it as an effective combat-participant. After one assault the marines will also have so much on their hands (tending to their wounded, rigging the ship with explosives or cracking codes to control it fully). So in v2 it has no further game effects just for the sake of simplicity. In a campaign game you might specify the exact outcome however.
    Do the boarding parties depart from the derelict vessel, blowing it up?
    Do they get reinforcements and commandeer the ship?
    Do they leave the ship in haste, because the battle was lost nonetheless and they need to get away?
    I would make let this depend on the type of victory maybe option A for draws, B for victories and C for defeats. As to the effects, they depend on the campaign system used.
    But for single games, a once boarded ship is lost, it's destroyed. And it's not even worthy trying to retake it, since that consumes to many resources on a tactical level. No boarding party will be able to work fast enough to shunt away before the battle is over for good. So after that you can still sort these things out. That would be a diffrent game though.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to thejrade in Errata Bombers/fighters Got A Boost   
    "... and engage those Star Destroyers at point blank range!" Is what I imagine now every time I send Wings after a ship, I like that torps can't get shot down and imagine them as being deployed at the aforementioned point blank range before PD fire can engage them. Looks like "We'll have to go out and engage them ship-to-ship..." Frickin' awesome.
    As for PD bubbles, an opponent of mine who is well aware of my wingacious tendancies has been using his Razorthorn's Bigger Batteries to great effect (8" PD range) and has been threatening to buy something to proxy as Ryushi or Kedorians (Kurak and Zenian big batteries) to totally shut me down. Just remember there is a counter to almost everything out there.
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from Captain_Pugwash in The Black Ocean   
    Dude, I don't want to sound like a smartass, but surely you mean Platonic? Pluto ist the Greek god of the underworld, which actually sounds like a threatening form of love.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to veritechc in The Black Ocean   
    Just uploaded a version with bookmarks. It was not hard at all to do as Adobe Acrobat 10 automatically converts the Microsoft Word structure to bookmarks! Try it out and let me know if that is what you were thinking.
    Combined Ship Stat Cards
    Note that bookmarks do not work in on any Apple IOS devices that I know of. I was thinking of breaking up the pdf into sections for each fleet for those of us with iPads and iPhones to make finding just your fleet easier. What do you all think?
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from dinglehammer in Terran Battlegroup   
    I only got my mobile phone camera at the moment, so the pictures are more or less preliminaries:

    All in all there are 12 frigates, 3 cruisers, 2 R&D cruisers, 1 CV Mk. II, 1 BB Mk. I and 1 DN in the Battlegroup.
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    Ursus Maior got a reaction from pezhetairoi in Terran Battlegroup   
    I only got my mobile phone camera at the moment, so the pictures are more or less preliminaries:

    All in all there are 12 frigates, 3 cruisers, 2 R&D cruisers, 1 CV Mk. II, 1 BB Mk. I and 1 DN in the Battlegroup.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to veritechc in The Black Ocean   
    I have fixed that for us all. The new file is available to download.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to pezhetairoi in What Else Do You Want To See On Firestorm Armada?   
    The rule book mentions sets of cards, faction specific.
    That would be cool.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to veritechc in 2.0 Rulebook Index. Did Anyone Make One?   
    It would be very easy to make a index, if you have the original manuscript. It is a daunting task reverse engineering one.
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    Ursus Maior reacted to Pok in Neil Armstrong Died   
    Not entirely related to F:A, but I think most of us are at least partially interested in real life space exploration too.
    Today, at the age of 82, the first human to ever touch alien ground passed away, and I think this does mark a passing of an age, as landing on the mood pretty much was the crowning achievement of those first years of space flight. Since then we've focused primarily on unmanned probes and orbital maintanance, but with the new, private enterprises aiming for the goals governments no longer are willing to try for, I can only hope his legacy won't be abandoned.
    I am far too young to have witnessed the Eagle landing, and people of my generation were deprived of those emotions that accompanied manned spaceflight pushing boundaries, but I can only hope that when I am of the same age as mr. Armstrong was, the sky will indeed be full of ship, making full and good use of the solar system.
    this forum could really use "misc" message board
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    Ursus Maior reacted in Rules Questions Update   
    I have noticed that some of you are still awaiting answers to your rules questions. Over the past few weeks my colleagues have collated the Firestorm Armada rules questions posted in these forums as well as any unanswered rules questions sent to rules@spartangames.co.uk and have been creating a Rules & Clarifications PDF.
    We are aiming to make this document available by the end of this week. If this is not possible it will arrive at some point next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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