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  1. Was there a managment change or do you know why they changed their policy?
  2. No harm done here, Blitchga. In a nutshell Zak nailed it. But your answers did, too. What was your list in the tournament? And what your tactics. I'm all for CV-lists, but I don't see how I could make them work with Terrans.
  3. Or you could de-price them about 30-40% and use them as light carriers or escort carriers. If cheapend only a bit it would be a nice idea to field them in squadrons of two, even reduce their shields to 2. I still don't get it why Terran carriers would be armed with such powerful RB2 weapons. It's completely against any carrier-doctrine. The Ares class is a good ship, but with Artemis DD-type RB3 weapons it would gain much more combat survivability. Now, Terrans pay a shitload of points for 12 wings but the carriers themselves suck as combat vessels. They need to fly into the heat to do a minimum of damage. This means they also endanger their wings when they launch or land. As I said, stupid design for any carrier doctrine.
  4. We had only one mine being deployed successfully so far. My Dindrenzi opponent put one ontop of a FF squadron. Bad for one of them...
  5. I meant bombers can only use PD against interceptors, not torpedoes etc. We play with the FAQ, but my opponent uses escorts for his capital ships. With so many PD dice you might easily loose 2 wings, which pretty much degrades bombers to cruiser killers. In addition, any additional losses will be hard to replace by deck crews. The MAR works only one per ship per game, too, so early losses will pull you down in any subsequent attacks. I think it's necessary to support the first bomber attack with an all out attack by a capital ship (BB/DN) to diminish the targets PD.
  6. I did this once and it took ages. Even escorts don't fall with just one volley. At least it's difficult to kill all three escorts one BB or DN might have. You need to pack some long-range firepower for those escorts.
  7. I think bombers can only use PD in defense, not in attack.
  8. These look like fighters. What kind of ships are they?
  9. I think the diffrence really is that some ships are Carriers concerning MPV, this is a ship type thing and basically irrelevant during game. Then there are carriers that can carry or host wings, refule and rearm them etc. This is an ingame thing.
  10. Hmmm... Never thought about that actually. Good point.
  11. I'd go with a BB1 and a DN. I don't have a Terran BB2 and I don't see the point. Why exactly does it swap RB1 and 2?
  12. Top! Although that will mean that Split Berth-flights will not be bombers since they become even more one trick ponies. But assaulters should work fine.
  13. If it's not the War of Independece, it's the War of 1812. The British burnt down the Washington, including the White House and the Capitol. I guess SG mixed a bunch of both wars into the background.
  14. You might add that the new rulebook does no longer contain cutout fleets.
  15. Why should combined fleets not have all the MARs or any penaltys at all? Fluffwise or Rulewise?
  16. Terran Poseidon class battlecruiser: Starboard/Port: 6/8/4/2 Fore (Fixed): 6/7/5/4 Turrets: 8/10/4/2 Torpedoes (any arc): 3/4/5/6 DR 5/ CR 8/ Mv 8"/HP 8/ CP 4/ AP 4/ PD 5/ MN 4 Shields 2 Fleet Tactics +2 Command Distance 6" Sector Shielding Large Capital Class Squadron Size 1 140 Points Based on a smaller version of the Apollo class hull, the Poseidon class battlecruisers were designed for idenpendent cruiser warfare far away from their home ports. To fullfil their roles perfectly, the battlecruisers were outfitted with mine laying capabilities, strong shields and above cruiser-level point defense systems. Provisions and supplies are designed to last for month in deep space, although Poseidons are nown to board enemy freighters and scavenge them for resources. The design features a basic weapon layout similiar to the Templar class heavy cruisers, but adds several battleship-sized turrets. If deployed in proper battle against major fleet elements, the Poseidons usually act as cruiser-killers, staying away from the much more resilient battleships. Battlecruisers of the Poseidon class also receive additional protection in line-combat from escort ships to protect these valuable from torpedo attacks and boarding parties.
  17. Absolutely! I'd love to have some cruiser-killers below a fully fledged BB.
  18. Historically Battle Cruisers were always slightly less well armed than Battleships.
  19. How are the Terrans and Dindrenzi similiar looking? Sorylians and Dindrenzi works, too, I suppose.
  20. Actually I thought of deploying them out of command distance. For a two ship squadron that's not a bad option...
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