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  1. Bidding on a Sorylian DN & Starter Fleet via Ebay... Come to me target practice...

  2. It was completely premeditated. The spies were in place for weeks before I could be sure the time was right. On an unrelated note, the RSN is confident in your loyalty to the cause. Expect a promotion.
  3. Shockingly, this post is on topic! Someone at Spartan sat down and looked at the RSN ship stats and said "Oh god, what happened in v1.5?!" They're completely revised, with some serious thought put into it! Thank you for not making the RSN exaggerated Dindrenzi! They have a very distinct feel now, and a lot of nice fluffy stat additions like Cloaking and Torpedo Spook and Shields on their big ships. And the Argus is still scary.
  4. He's a character in Veiled Intentions. But I think all of five people read it, so it was a fairly irrelevant reference.
  5. T͔̭̼͙̥̘͝ḫ̭̼͉e̛̦͍̯̻ ̘̩̣͙̠̣ͅri̶t̝̱͙̲͈͔̘͡uạ̣̠̮̺ͅl̜͔̠s̨̺̯ ̤̥h̼͉̱a̩͚̪̦͖̺̹v̹͉̱͚̗͉e͍ ̳̤̱̹̲̟̰͡b̬̮̱͖͝e͙̩é͈͉n͉͙͙̗̪̳̥͠ ̲͍̦pͅe̠r̯̗f͏o̴͔̼̣̺̱̜r͏̦̹͇̭͉̱ṃ͍̯e͙͎̭d̲.̝͍̖̥͖̼̹.̞̯̝̖̹͙͝.͖̥̥̹ ͢I ͚̗̙͕̘͢h̬̺̦̹a̧̤͓ve̶͎̻͓ ̮̙͉̞̞̟b͓̘̰͚̺̪e҉̬͔͕̮̘͙̮e̹̝̝̤̳͘ń̯̱̹̲̮͚̙ ̼̞s̱u͏̪ͅm̨̦̜̝͚̳m̩̬̩o̷̜̺̫n͖͙̬e̳͓͎͓̞̜̩d̸͙ ̵̦̺̦͍͖f̛̪̥͙̬r̪o̵̰̠̭̲ͅm̮̗̮̹̮̝ ̩m͍͇͉̝͠y̸̦̜̦̘ ̛͚̯͎͉s̙̱ͅlu̦͉̣͡mb̸̯̹̞̞͚e̢̼̘͎̗̺͎r ̩̟͔̰̞͎̣i͇̥̜͈̞̞n ̪̠t̨̫̬͕͖̺̘͚he͈̰ ̮̩d̻͍͎̜e̻̟̬p̲̪̮ͅt̴̬̣̙ẖ̨̦͙̩̠̖̠s̡̫̭ ̯̪̜̲̰̪o̗̭̜͚f͚͇̰͈͇͠ ͈̩͚͙t͎͇̮̤̲͜h̢̯̰̙̖̰̠e̹͎̘̜̦̙̣͘ ͈i̼͟n͖t̰̪̳̖̥e̜͠r̞͓̼̟n̶e̟̫̼̯̙̹͘t̹͟ Did someone say they wanted custom Firestorm Armada content?
  6. What, it didn't already from all the well-wishes, welcome backs, and tangents asking about old stuff I used to post? Oh. RSN Special Operative Skorzeny called. He apologizes that he couldn't be here in person, but he's a bit busy at the annual Rense political function. He says it's not as nice as last year's, but the Aquan caviar is exquisite.
  7. You better hope Admiral Ackbar's on your flagship, or you'll never see the net close...
  8. I never took them down... well I took down a lot of things from Spartan's Forums (back during a darker era), but they remain accessible online: Veiled Intentions Recon with Reapers DNI Memo (Prop Quality, pg. 1) DNI Memo (Full text w/ Archaionemesis stats) The Annunaki and Archaionemesis stats no longer carry my official seal of approval for balance because they have not been rebalanced under v2.0 rules. The Annunaki in specific carry in their stats artifacts of the v1.0 Wing rules (like the Join Operations MAR which is the immediate predecessor to the Split Berths rule in Spartan's v2.0 book). They still play by the even split rules, which is why they have FW10 ratings on their big ships. Have another cheesy low-quality propaganda poster:
  9. They took Dramos, we'll take Earth. I don't plan on keeping it... just covering it in fire. See profile picture.
  10. Sure. It should be availabe up on the Black Ocean's page still. http://theblackocean.com/resources/Firestorm/FSA%20Unofficial%20Campaign%20Rules.pdf It has occurred to me that my rules are somewhat dated now because they add mechanics for things which Spartan has since done themselves (hardpoints and upgrades) and my campaign system was designed prior to the v1.5 and v2 rulebooks, so some of the MAR stuff and a few things like Cloaking rules might be misreferenced. Plus my fleet construction rules still operate on the % rules. And I wrote my own stats for battle stations and other installation-type structures for the different factions. Some of these can be replaced with units that Spartan has created since! This will need to be thoroughly revised to be properly compatible with v2.0 Also, Boblogik, glad to see you joined the winning side. Love the profile picture. Have some propaganda:
  11. S'ok. No one in their right mind would design one as complicated as mine. Theirs will be much more accessible and much less Axis and Allies.
  12. There's an award for that? I thought it was a thoroughly accurate title. They did. And I did see that something quite comparable to my old Incinerator Ammo was returned to me! I shed many a tear over the loss of that. NOTHING beats being able to set enemy ships on fire for sheer amusement value. Especially seeing as I bought custom Raging Fire tokens specifically for that reason.
  13. The community is full of talented thinkers. You all did fine without me.
  14. O.o EIGHT? I think maybe you have enough players... Oh! What rule system are you using for the campaign?
  15. Man... that's gotta be a depressing week. Did your dog die? I'm sure the Black Ocean will be promoting it at some point or another!
  16. Most of my old files are on my PC... somewhere. Never transfered them to the laptop. At least not yet. I have a heavy schedule this semester, and I am supposed to have my RPG sourcebook finished by next Jan. so I can submit it for the license (Ravager will be doing the Graphic Design), and have it up on Kickstarter by next June-ish. So... odds of me doing much specifically for Firestorm Armada are slim. HOWEVER! It would not be out of my way to piece together a Firestorm: Armada RPG sourcebook using the Savage Worlds rules system. Hell, the new Sci-Fi Companion they released does a decent chunk of the work for me. And the similarities between FS:A and SW works to my advantage quite well... This was actually a project I had been considering before I left the forums. And yes, I check on the Black Ocean all the time. Not just on FB.
  17. I did exactly what I said I'd do: I left until SG came out with the next rule book, which I pre-ordered and just finished reading after my final exam was over yesterday. Alexmann is back on the forums, not only that he's a Spartan Vanguard. Spartan continues to put out the highest quality of starship miniatures of any company (Those Works Raptor ships are so vicious I'm afraid I'll cut myself picking one up). And the new rule book is of exceptional quality, well worth me coercing people into buying the game again. Everything which was of any manner of concern to me has been corrected and then some, with the proverbial cherry on top.
  18. Planning out what to select for a second fleet. My Dindrenzi need only finishing touches at this point.

  19. Well, if you were the Beta Test Crew a portion of the gratitude goes to you as well. Clearly you did your fair share of the work! Something else I forgot to mention. Strictly speaking it's not in the book, but in the Faction PDFs, anyhow: Natural Alliance. YES! Thank you Spartan! That's another forum recommendation that went into production! Fantastic!
  20. EDIT: see reddwarf's post below. Well in that case I'm not going to mention it... >.> You heard nothing.
  21. First off, kudos on the new rule book. The previous one cannot even compare with the level of polish and mechanical genius you guys have pulled out for this edition. And this is what I'm talking about! This book is what I thought you'd release a rule book ago... hence my previous disappointment. I want to thank you guys for all the awesome work you did here, so don't mind me while I run through the highlights point-by-point. Overall: Clarity and specificity of the text is extraordinary. And the new formating is much easier on the eyes than the original rule book (despite my love affair with the first book, I can admit when you out-do it). Beautiful work, and plenty of those big full-page pictures without killing more space than was necessary. Sooooooo many diagrams, all are so very thorough and exceedingly helpful. Those alone give the new book a huge boost. Specific Features: Battle Log / Fleet Morale: Now, I was not one of the players who wanted a morale system in the game (I thought it was a bad idea). I was clearly mistaken. The Battle Log offers a very flexible way of keeping track of diverse mission objectives and offers a way to end a game quickly if its terribly one-sided. The implementation of this new feature is very well thought out. AND!!! As a courtesy to players, you included the Victory Points system as a variant rule. That was just thoughtful! Cloaking Fields: Changing the rules on these to match with impeded LoS... very intuitive! Adds ease-of-use to the game, shows some solid insights on the dev side of things! Wing Combat: I know... I'm going chronologically in the book, that's why I didn't mention this one first. The ever-anticipated, long dreamt of Wing Rules that work! GOD BLESS YOU! While I am still sad to see the loss of larger numbers of Wing tokens (the old formations we used to set up like lines of Wings to act as Torpedo screens), the simplification of just using a die to track is considerable. Using Command Distance to limit the movement of Wings... very clever. This resolves the issue people had about carriers just idling in the background while their wings flew all over the place while various player-devised variant rules were being cooked up. Having Wings return to base after each Attack Run in order to reload is very fun flavor-wise, and adds a balancing mechanic. I like it. And reducing the efficiency of PD fire from heavier SRS units (Bombers, Assaulters) was a great addition of something I recall being popular on the forums! And full AD values for Wing Attack Runs? Bombers, you are finally worth your point cost! This would be totally broken... except that Wings auto-return to the Carrier after an attack run! Well played, Spartan, well played! And I don't see the "even split" rule for having two Wing Tokens to one Berth... Excellent! That was always a pain. Split Berth! This is basically the Joint Operations MAR I wrote up waaaay back when. Fan-freakin-tastic! Works like a charm, yeah? You added a Support Shuttle!!! Love it. Brilliant choice for those capital ships with FW1, and such a flexible unit for so few points! Carriers: WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Carriers can take CRUISERS as Escorts?! I remember that being a suggested solution by another member of the SG Forums community! It's been a while, so sadly I forget who... but he put some good thinking into that thread! And while my voice on Wings & Carriers was often the loudest and used the most words, I can't take credit for that solution. This makes me happy. It's a functional fix and it makes Carriers playable. Thank you Spartan. Weapon Categories: Weapon... damage types? I like this... THIS adds flavor to EVERYONES fleet! Makes it feel like more than just throwing AD at one another. Varying range bands with regard to weapon types? That's new, and definitely adds to the overall feel of each weapon system! Cyberwarfare and Defense? Ohhhh.... a new use for the Fleet Tactics Bonus! Good way to integrate those stats into a wider area of use! Gravitational Weapons? Exciting... these could open up some interesting options... Fleet Construction Rules: I think a lot of people were kinda iffy about the way the % rules worked out. They did okay sort of as an approximation, but always left a little to be desired... And you guys wrote up a whole new system! This new division (Patrol/Battle/Grand) is great! Makes a lot of sense and solves some of the issues that %'s caused! I love how anything in excess of the max Grand Fleet size has to be built as a separate fleet! Hardpoints & Upgrades! Customization features for capital ships?! Ohhhhh!!!! I've wanted those for a while... Easy to apply, offer a variety of options. Very nice. New Shunt Entry rules: These are just fun... Adds one more random variable to keep the game different each time. Easy to use Orbital Motion Rules: Hah! Bravo gentlemen, complete with diagram. Gravitational Slingshot: Yes. Terrain needs to be interactive. This is what doing it right looks like, so other companies if you could just take some notes here... Targeted Strikes!: I love this. I am absolutely thrilled to have it. OPTIONS! Excellent... Vulnerable Sector: This is real insight here, and something that could only have come from play-testing. I can think of more than a few games where I was facing off against a less maneuverable Large Capital ship with smaller vessels late game... my movment didn't help much, but now it really could. This adds some very interesting possibilities! Crew Points: Ships are no longer Derelict at 0CP. I think this is a a good change, and keeps things interesting. Boarding: Addressed the role of SRS in Boarding, which was something that came up. Nice to see it explicit in the rules Capturing ships is back! Good. It was fun. Still no ongoing Boarding... alas... though its removal does benefit larger games! Voluntary Decompression makes me laugh... Sadistic! But again, flavorful options for players to make use of! TACs: So... STAR cards are tossed out... shame. Nevertheless, the custom selection of a hand of TAC cards and the ability to recover them is interesting. Much more purposeful than a deck full of random cards. Cutting down the core rule book to just the three core ships and putting all the other faction ships in downloadable fleet guides is fantastic. Means you can revise rules easily and didn't waste pages on stuff we didn't need. An excellent book. P.S. My Dindrenzi Battle Station is also superb. And yes, I came back to the forums specifically to compliment your book. I don't actually have the time to play or be as obsessively present on the forums as I used to be.
  22. Reading through the new rule book... vast improvement over the previous one so far.

  23. Which is why I still play with Wing tokens and allow them to Link Fire PD if the Line of Fire for a Torpedo attack passes through their base. Which is honestly how Flight Support for a single ship should work from my perspective. But I do agree there should be some reward for maneuvering your Flights on the table. I like Flight Support because it allows me to pawn off a few Wing tokens some place when they won't do me any good except as an activation sink. I agree, and I think that both options should be available: the planning and maneuvering as well as being able to just trade a few Wings in for a PD boost. +1 I agree that each ship should have a different play style... but I don't know if I see how that would extend to FW ratings and Flight restrictions. I think you'll see a lot of variation if players can choose how to divide their Flights because they'll be able to use their Carrier to support different types of fleet lists. More options.
  24. Yeah... the v2 book needs a bit of tidying up.
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