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  1. Great color scale and perfectly painted!
  2. Thanks! I've started to use a new hard flat brush for highlighting the long sides and it works really great, I'm going to improve the Toulons which lacks stronger highlights on bridges as I see it now (I was miasing something on them and now i see it). Also I'm trying weathering on my ships and it is still a long way to find out how much, where and how to do it...but this time I'm quite satisfied, even with the gap between the armour plates. But there's still space for improvements...
  3. Another ship, painted just for fun and in moments when there was nothing to do Ecuyer class support cruiser Verdun:
  4. O.K, there are couple of pictures from the fleet above... just another squadron of Alma's and my smalls will be finished... Destroyers: Frigates:
  5. I was facing the same problem also...it seems that Ecuyers are making it back to the scene.....
  6. Just one quick picture of my fullpainted fleet for this full-of-games-weekend.... More detailed pics soon
  7. Well, im with Hamster in the topic of Dreads. I don't like dreads pretty much because I find no fun in slow moving and then just picking up everything in Los to be fired on. Also our Dread is really vulnerable to get boarded and prized and has to move closer to enemy with its lances - deadly combination. I never deploy Dread under 1500 p.,you can deploy two (or more) more squadrons instead of it... For example, for 320 p. you can have Cherbourg, squadron of Lyons and squadron of Requins...power which could with good manouvering prize Dread really easy...
  8. So, after long pause from painting, I've finally finished another two squads of my ships: Magenta Mk. II. class battleship Le' Tonnant Toulon class armoured cruisers Le Guerrier, Le Légionnaire and Le Vanqueur
  9. Smaller SAW are not fully functional unfortunately. As CDR_G wrote, they are easy to be vipe out...I've tried 3 SAWs as fighter wings and they didn't shoot down almost anything (too few of AD) and even SAW bombers could shoot them down...
  10. Well, I'm not sure this list will work properly - on such amount of points will enemy deploy dreads and a lot of smalls and I'm afraid you don't have enough of small killers... First of all, try to change one of the La Rochelle with Magenta - it's much stronger and more versatile ship than before. With lance, cloud and aggressive AP it's beast and it's also much cheaper than Rochelle. I've used it in all of my played games and she's incredible... Requin-only small ships are inadequate answer to enemy's dozens of frigates (and in army with this amount of points, there will be a LOT of them) or subs. Try at least one squadron of Lyons - remember that Requins will be at least for first turn only moving.... Also you do lack appropriate AA defence - try to change one the battlecruiser with Voltaires... And be prepare that raging fire or corrosive are not events to really count on, especially if you play against KoB - they repair them on 3+... I hope this will help...
  11. Thanks! I thought so, I've just need to be sure
  12. Hmm, I'll see in next battle, what I could do about it Btw., when I set enemy ship afire thanks to hit from Heat lance, the AP is reduced immediately or at the end of the turn, when is roll for repair unsuccesfull? And in the same case, does the fire marker lasts into the next turn?
  13. Hunter is well known as man who is running mad almost every wargamer in Czech rep. because of his incredible fast making of every kind of terrain or army which also looks great at the end :-D I hate you man but I'm looking forward to play on your tables :-D :-D :-D
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