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  1. They're such different beast. The Charlemagne has one job. Dive into the middle of the enemy fleet and rip it's heart out. And with a wee bit of luck it might manage it. The Vauban is much more conventional in that it wants to stand off a bit and pound away while its fighters do their thing. I love them both and really prefer the look of the Charlemagne. But honestly I'd have to pick the Vauban nine times out of ten.
  2. The sad part for me is having to decide which of our mediums to take first. I love them all and in various games they've each and every one done me proud. But I'll have to confess that the PV increase and Vulnerable makes the Cherbourg awfully hard to love. Sure it can gouge a BB or cripple a squadron of cruisers. But it can't take a hit to save its life. It's just too fragile and easy to sink. All the BCs are. But because ours can do the most damage, with no real luck required, Spartan decided it should be the easiest to remove. I don't like one hit wonders in any game.
  3. It's awful. Damn thing could have stats capable of embarrassing a CoA player and I still wouldn't buy it. Spartan jumped the shark on this one. Very disappointing.
  4. I'd love a pair of fore 270º, corrosive Bombards, Magenta torpedoes and a Toulon broadside on a large sub. I think having a Heat Lance is overkill. The other stats could be taken straight off the Magenta. Minus the Cloud Generator of course. Or maybe not? For a light flyer why not something along the lines of Frelon with the bombs replaced by heavy AA 5? It's very French and would be good with Escort (Large and Massive aerial models: 1-3) and squadron size 2-5. It would be the equivalent of the original destroyers that were meant to hunt and kill MTBs. Just this time it hunts SAWs.
  5. Most of my conversions are turret swaps. My Majesty DN has Australian turrets for that real "My bore is bigger than yours!" feel. And I used FSA fortification turrets on my Princeton gunships. The others have been to use twin barrel turrets on cruisers so that the triple barrels on BBs and DNs really seem more powerful. I keep thinking about home brewing an improved Marseille Light Cruiser, just so the little buggers survive past the first turn of enemy fire, but have yet to figure a decent way to represent anything on the model.
  6. Where's the French Parisian Waiter Dreadnought robot that destroys its' enemies with sarcasm and disdain? Was it too powerful to be allowed out of play testing?
  7. How can a Nullification Generator force a Shield Generator offline? I think you're thinking of the Disruption Generator which, sadly, we don't get to use.
  8. The mediums seem to do the bulk of the die-ing in my fleets. The do a nice amount of heavy lifting, don't get me wrong. But I seem to have a BB and some Lyons left more often than surviving cruisers.
  9. The problem is it forces you to play a game completely different than DW. No other fleet on fleet matchup is the same as when the COA is on one side. That's not necessarily a truly bad thing, but it isn't really good either. If you sail expecting to face the German High Seas fleet and instead run into a 21st century USN carrier battlegroup.....
  10. Oh. Yeah. I kinda guess you are right. But it's not like the CoA ships/fleet are toothless without the drone horde. Just not as interesting to their commanders. And there's always the option that my tactics against them suck. Regardless, I'll be interested to see what if anything happens.
  11. I'm all for enhancing the surface combat potential of the CoA, but only in concert with a real re-work of the drones. Would the CoA suddenly become a joke if drones used the same rules as all other airplanes? Would people stop playing them? Or would they just become another fleet with the conundrum of carrier vs battleship ratio? [rant] Hell, 90% of the time I play French and I still despise every game versus CoA carrier fleets. It's damned near a "Why bother?" when I have to deal with multiple Alpha Strikes of dozens of drones nearly every turn. And it's adding insult to injury that they come from Wave Lurking carriers. [/rant]
  12. The only luck I've had with Marseilles is bagging Medium Bombers and DDs. Of course the moment the enemy even glances in their direction... le BOOM. There they go. So even at 1,500 I just don't bother anymore. I'd rather bring more Chevalier squadrons than waste points on Marseilles. Sad, but true.
  13. Merry Christmas to all! Here's hoping Santa fills your stocking with sturginium powered joy.
  14. Wish we had had enough consistent interest to actually get multiple folks playing 1,500 point games at Dream Wizards. Still some guys up for smaller games, basically battle box size (<800), but not in committing a couple hours to a real game.
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