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  1. Yeah I saw the south folded into the outlaws section of their webstore. I hope there is a provision for the south to use FSA dystopian wars & dystopian legions (for use in wild west exodus) stuff.
  2. Did they take out the -1 to hit accrued when a flying model shoots at a surface model at range band 1 from 2.5?
  3. Really? I couldn't find that in the rule book but my god there is no point for infantry to attack infantry.
  4. I couldn't find it in the infantry section of the rule book nor in the forum but how would infantry token vs infantry token combat be resolved? Would it be a boarding action against the defending infantry (which would be unlikely for there would be counter aa and counter attack by ap), would it be simultaneous aa attacks or they can't attack each other at all?
  5. Get a covenant hunter flotilla next the fresnels are great long range killers and the theals corvettes are great boarders, the aronnax is only useful in land games since it lost its diving abilites but since there are no longer land torps anymore and very few bombers have hunter(submerged, +1) anymore it becomes a beast in land games due to the low armor and nearly 0 cc ratings of opposing armored units. Next get the bombardment group & see your energy turrets and drones melt the enemy away. The keplar light carriers can attach to your energy turreted Aristotle giving crazy rb4 firepower with carrier support to boot. The hyperbius....... Guard them with your life because your opposing players WILL TRY TO STEAL THEM FROM YOUR BAG AND MELT THEM WITH A BLOW TORCH for they are the most impressive support units in the game.
  6. Though i was hoping for prince albert, "as a can" rimshot, but a sensible quad manor house is just as good. "If you can't pop off to the country estate the country estate will pop off to you with prejudice."
  7. Ah here comes the crux of the problem, "How would the players know that Dwars is not going on the rubbish heap?" The same thing that kills a kickstarter post funding kills tabletop games the lack of communication of leds to the belief that they have been had by a con artist for the other it turns into "a discontinued game" whether it is true or not. Players start selling off their army or repurpose the miniatures for other purposes till the player base they had before is gone and not coming back. On a related note does anybody know if Reaper is still offering the donate a metal mini and get a mini offer at their Denton,TX hq, i was going to add that to my response but i didn't remember if they still did it after the transition to bones?
  8. Nope it is not. Again no option to swap out the infantry for something cheaper.
  9. Any model with the word "armored" after their size classification on the model type, i.e. terrier small armored model. Those models are also in the armored section of an orbat. Said models come in squadrons of 1-5 of the same models sometimes with attachments of different models.
  10. But they weren't redesigned after they conceptually did away with fuel consumption in 2.0's design phase? Sigh, could of made them smaller thus cheaper.
  11. But didn't the trays come out with 2.0? When i was playing 1.0 & 1.1 i never even heard of tft trays, wish i had them back then though.
  12. Then what is that tiny square hole beside the hole for the tiny flyer tokens is for if not for one of the mini dice that comes with said try? I use white tac to keep tokens and the die in their slots.
  13. I agree with Tex over here the Aussies are a great starting fleet for its ability to ally with anyone. For her design aesthetics however did you expose her to the Italian league they are very steam punky in both naval and aerial design with less of the game issues of the HEC, speaking as an HEC player. Narrow ships with funnels in odd places, bath tub like decks, narrow & pointy blimp envelopes and lift surfaces everywhere. This is mated with a more complete list of abilities, more model selection and a definite tactical doctrine. HEC is very dependent to the kindness of strangers
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