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  1. The new 10mm buildings from 4Ground are *stunning* and look like the right scale. They come pre-colored and everything. I have some of their other stuff (fantasy, western) and it's just superb quality and easy to build. (I dont work for them lol) Beasts of War has a look at some of them in the first half of this video http://www.beastsofwar.com/the-weekender/weekender-checking-conan-board-game-win-copy/
  2. MiniJunkie

    Erebi's Planetfall

    Ugh, that Dindrenzi finished Helix shot is SO awesome. Beautiful job, they look phenomenal.
  3. Cool, I would agree but should those have weapon profiles?
  4. I'm probably just misreading (or failing to read the right page) but I'm wondering why the heavy infantry - modeled with a pair of guns on the front, I think? - have no weapon profile. How does it work?
  5. Weird that BC got them but Meeplemart doesn't seem to have. They get stuff pretty fast from what I can tell.
  6. Yep that works I was basically just spraying (airbrushing) the flat sheets then breaking them out and building them. I didn't realize the core helixes came with buildings - nice!
  7. Yep. Sometimes a little wrestling was involved but overall as you can see everything did fit. It wasn't necessarily that they fit "easily" but they fit Also I used superglue applied with a small hobby brush (disposable). I would basically brush it in the slot, hitting the sides of the slot and the main point of contact, and then slot them together. Everything stuck nicely. I didn't even have to hold them pressed together or anything like that.
  8. Hi folks! I just finished putting together Scenery Box One from Spartan, for Firestorm Planetfall, and wanted to post some (brief) thoughts on the set. A few notes: - I have yet to play a game. I rarely get to play anything TBH (so I don't know why I'm obsessed with terrain and scenery). I'm still working on my Aquan/Terquai force as well. - These seem like a really great match for Dropzone Commander terrain. In the photos I'm using the street map and buildings from DZC's starter set. I think of this as a forward command post or military installation on the edge of a city. Or something like that Overall, I was really impressed with Scenery Box One. You get a lot of buildings in it, and they are fairly easy to assemble. Once build and painted (if you want. I consider that optional) they look really nice next to the Planetfall minis.They seem sturdy and highly functional, while still looking great. What I like about this set is it's a fast, economical and substantial way to populate your game table with (10mm) terrain. I recommend superglue for these (That's what I used) - basically I glued the frames and then glued the card panels into place in slots etc. Paint wise, I found Tamiya Field Grey to be a terrific matching color to paint the (transparent out of the box) plastic frames. Basically I spray primed them, sprayed them Field Grey and called it a day. I sprayed them on the "sprue" and didn't worry much about cleaning them up etc. Quick and functional while still looking great imo. Things I maybe would have done differently: - I'm less fond of the inclusion of the resin objective markers in the box. It seems like you would not need two sets of these, so if you want to buy another Scenery Box to add more buildings you are getting a bunch of resin pieces you probably don't need more of. And the thing is, that adds I'm sure a fair bit of cost to the box. If they had packaged those separately, the Scenery Box could have been priced more affordably than it already is (I'm guessing). - There should be some instructions in there, or online (apologies if they are and I missed them). Eventually you can figure it out from looking at the images on the box and the manual, but it really wouldn't hurt to give some basic info on how these go together. - Possibly the two sides of the card could have been a little more different in appearance, but this is a minor quibble. With the caveats above, I'd rate the set a solid A-! Highly recommended (and I bet it would look great for DZC too!).
  9. Is this about force looks or how they play? I assume looks. It's tough, I like Directorate and Aquan pretty equally. The one I dont like is Rehlthoza (sp?) - not a fan of the spider/alien look they have.
  10. These are just gorgeous. My favorite part is the addition of the tentacles, wow it really adds something to them especially the heavy tank!
  11. MiniJunkie

    Erebi's Planetfall

    What did you do to disguise the circular areas for the infantry metal fig bases?
  12. I have to admit the amount of mispacks is disconcerting (I had multiple problems with my starter). It's at the point where I was considering getting a second starter but am hesitating because I dont want to deal with another mispack situation and having to email and wait for parts!
  13. Thanks, that helps clear it up! I think what confused me was the fact it says "2 models" on that list on page 59. Seems like they didn't need to put that, or put "up to 2" or something.
  14. Hey guys In the rulebook on page 50 it says the Aquan core helix must have one Sedna Heavy Tank Squadron. Which is composed of 2 models. The back of the box says it comes with an Aquan core helix. But if you only get one Sedna....aren't you short a tank to complete that required Heavy Tank Squadron?
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