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  1. That is correct. Unless something changed since I have been gone. Given that you are wanting to play primarily with a Veydreth force, you certainly can and should do so. The added Vulnerable trait for the gunships shouldn't be too much of a deterrent; it isn't that overpowering/defeating. And I strongly encourage you to field full squadrons whenever you can, and even more so with these gunships. By design, these ships have double mines which can further be impressed upon and buffed up, which would allow them to be overly effective at what they are designed to do - lay mines, or double mines against small ships, and then unleash fire in 3 directions. This is why I believe them to be the most effective flankers that the True Alliance forces have access to. These ships come more into their own when you field larger fleets, say 1,200pts and above. The frigates can also lay mines, up to a Mine 12 if I am correct, but are rather costly per ship for that one trait. (something like 30pts apiece, right?) Anyways, have fun, put your roster together and roll some dice. And kill Zenian scum wherever you encounter them. Kill first, ask questions later. No problem. I ain't selling nuthin'. PS: good to "see" you around.
  2. If you are aiming at gaming 1,200pts, I would strongly encourage you to go with a Dreadnought from another ally. You will be seriously handicapped if you run a fleet without a heavy hitter, and a single BB will not stand up that well against an equally sized fleet with a Dreadnought+BB+other capitals.... As I posted above, I don't believe that Alliance races are able to stand on even ground against Core races (or other Alliance races as well) if they go mono-Alliance ships. My experience told me that they aren't able to shine, other gamers in my group were of the same opinion. In our campaign we made several tweaks to the rules and added notable changes that helped us, for example, have varied sized fleets go against one another and rules that attempted to address the inequalities of the Large ships vs Mediums and Smalls. I will PM those to you if you care to read them, but I will not post them here because a self-righteous beta tester will surely come on and cry foul. (something that has occurred several times on these forums) You can always take any game, including this one, and add or remove various rules to make it more compatible to a higher denominator; your gaming group. This was certainly our case and our tweaks worked out nicely. Not perfectly, which is a standard high to reach, but nicely. (for example, gaming battles where 1,200pt fleets went up against 800pt fleets with a simple Victory Point modification that allowed the smaller fleet to achieve victory is simply beautiful to see on the tabletop. Believe me)
  3. @AD While both fleets you posted seem plausible, I strongly believe that all of the Alliance races, regardless if they are Kurak or Zenian or whatever, need to combine forces with other Alliance races in order to be effective as compared to the Core races. Let me explain a bit: When I played the Kurak Alliance, I gamed with Tarakian, Xelocian, Hawker and Ruyshi squadrons, at various point levels ranging from 400 - 1800pts, in various scenarios (we had 8 different scenarios in our campaign). When I did field a single Alliance race (for instance all Hawker), the fleet was missing something. That "something" was the loss of variety that robbed me from better utilizing my squadrons against my opponents in the longterm. All of my opponents played Core races, with Terrans, Relthoza, Dindrenzi and Aquans being the most common opponent that I went up against in nearly 20 battles. In all of those battles, when I did bring a variable Alliance force that consisted of squadrons from many Alliance races, I tended to do much better and secure at the very least a tie if not an outright win.... In other battles, when I fielded a single Alliance race, I tended to do poorly and generally lost the battle irrespective of the size (point value) of the battle. In my strong opinion, the Alliance races need all types of playing pieces (think of it as chess pieces of sort) in order to befuddle, confuse and ultimately force your opponent to keep guessing as to your force composition and its battle goals throughout the game. By simply having a number of different races on the tabletop, you are able to (through forced or unforced means) exert more pressure and sow more discord among your enemies. At least that was my experience. Your all Veydreth force is good (while I would yell at you for not taking Gunships which are the ultimate flankers afforded to the True Alliance forces), but to make them more competitive try looking toward a more combined race approach in this matter. Just a few thoughts.
  4. As of 3 February, 9 posters have urged me to "come back to the forums"... and I still don't care to share thoughts with those quiet ones and those who are not a fan...

  5. As of 3 February, 9 posters have urged me to "come back to the forums"... and I don't care to share thoughts with those quiet ones and those who are not a fan...

  6. As of today, 9 posters have urged me to "come back to the forums"... and I don't care to share thoughts with those quiet ones and those who are not a fan...

  7. As of today, 9 posters have urged me to "come back to the forums"... minus quiet ones and those who are not a fan....

  8. Farewell Firestorm! I am going to miss you all!!! :)

    1. Kaptyn Krys

      Kaptyn Krys

      We'll miss you Sky! I'm sending another email, don't know if you got my last. Or email me (chris_smith2289@hotmail.com)

  9. No reddwarf, I am not arguing that he didn't write everything down. I wish I had better writing skills to write wheat I think or how to approach some topics. clearly, this is a great example of it. 100% possible. My argument was of..... never mind man. I just can't even see straight right now. MajorMcNicol- I will never post in any of your threads, nor argue any matter with you. And I never called you a liar or said your were incompetent in any given way. I am truly sorry for all of this.
  10. I had to go back and post my quote so that I can be sure what I stated. And as I reread this portion of my post, I clearly see it as the following: > I'm not attacking the messenger, the poster, nor calling him a liar > I'm not arguing the flow of battle by both sides and their ship movements or targeting, or some such > The Battle Station did have a role in the battle, and its role (in my opinion) was larger than I believe it had since in my experience, a Sorylian BB w/cruiser support cannot comfortably take on a heavy force such as an RSN DN and BB without heavy support from another element... and in my opinion, that must have been furbished by the battle station. While I can certainly be wrong in this instance and in other instances, I don't believe that my postings above qualify for someone being placed on an ignore list or being called a liar. I cannot even begin to imagine this, and even more so when you go read some of the most heated debates on these forums that we have witnessed in the last few months. Man.... I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing paint.
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