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  1. Yeah the guys running the FS:A demos at CaptainCon were great!
  2. Pictures of a recent battle using my RC against a friend's PE. The scenario used secret briefing letters to each commander. For the full write-up, please visit: https://andygomez.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/dystopian-wars-two-battles-pictures-including-special-scenario/
  3. Wow, I don't want to jinx the luck I've apparently been having, but I haven't had any problems by just letting them soak in water+dish soap for a few minutes before rinsing them off. I'm surprised to hear people have had so many issues getting the release agent off! I actually recently did a How-I-Do-It blog post on this subject lol: https://andygomez.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/how-to-do-dystopian-wars-ships/
  4. The derided "Jack-O-Lantern" mercenary company is now available for creditable bidders.
  5. Those look like some well-charted seas to me
  6. That's a good point! Haha. What if they retconned it to be 1/500. That would make infantry.. still too small
  7. Yeah, I mean - I think the DW and FS:A universes are doing really well right now, and the Halo game continues to build hype, but I think there's still a lot of value in the UCS game and models. Hopefully they continue to support it wholeheartedly!
  8. Bunnahabhain is as correct as I could ever hope to be! "High Angle" only allows gunnery ordnance to attack air models - so flyers, but not SAS.
  9. Nice! I love seeing those old Terran models, all painted up nice.
  10. Didn't SG announce several months ago they were updating the UCS rules? (I'm sorry I don't have a link to this - only the memory...)
  11. Out of the Chasm by Keenan Cross - check it out on Amazon!

  12. A collection of my Sorylian models for Firestorm Armada.
  13. ManBattleStations.com - naval wargaming forum!

  14. Excited about today! See y'all there. Go Kurak
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