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  1. I live in the Dallas area. I've never played WWX but I did play Dystopian Legions the entire time it was out so I have a large Federated States force that I have been thinking of matching up as a Union force. Granted I haven't played anything in over 2 years and I have two small kids so my time is limited. But I would be happy to try to set up some game time sometime.
  2. I had made my own medium carriers a year or two ago with a similar style to the Calico out of Princetons.
  3. I'll take that. The Lexington's had vestigial Fore Guns for so long I'll trade the Independence's rear guns for usable stats.
  4. Between the release of DW 2.0 and DL 2.0 I played a lot of test games with my FSA and created battle reports to try and illustrate and get some data for what I was seeing. It never seemed that anyone even looked at them. The designers seemed satisfied with how their FSA fleet performed and have never seemed to acknowledge anything else. The firepower on the 2.0 ships and Punishing Gunnery really pulled the fleet along... But I really did not want to purchase my ships+1 so Punishing Gunnery really never seemed as amazing when I was relying on the meager firepower of the Independence and Lexingtons. I really don't want to invest the time in playing test games just to get blown off again.
  5. Just let the Independence be used as a Mississippi Mk1 then there's no chance of one being relegated to the shelf. They have the same load out.
  6. Are Volley Guns still redoubtable? It is true that the Mk 1 is a better gunship all around than the Independence. But people will say that the Independence is almost as good of a gunship but is also a boarding threat meaning enemies may not want to be close. They may say it's a double threat. The Mk 2 on the other hand is a better gunship than the Independence with equal firepower that doesn't care whether the target is in front or to the side. It is tougher, better at repositioning, it has a usable broadside. But while it's a better gunship than the Independence it's also a better aggressive boarding ship. It's faster. It gets a lot more firepower while advancing. It's tougher. The Mk 2 is hands above the Independence in EVERY way. The Mk 1 is better at one role but is not as flexible.
  7. I think the Mississippi Mk 2 is the one that really puts the Independence to shame. Turrets firing to the side they both have the exact same firepower except Mississippi doesn't have RB 4. But Fore firing the Mississippi has essentially the same firepower as the Independence gets to the side while it still has the rear guns to shoot at something else. The turrets on the Mississippi are also Volley Guns with Hunter. It also has both a kinetic generator and shield(3), and 7" Mv, and better broadsides, and almost the same boarding power. All for the same price. I really like the Providence. I couldn't care less about it when I first saw it but I really feel drawn to how it would work in my fleet. I'm also really glad the Calico's are here. The part I'm really annoyed at is the Armored forces really don't seem to be updated at all. I hope that the other forces were seriously nerfed because there's no way the FSA Armored forces could fight the KoB or PE. The Washington and Philadelphia are another one of the worst matchups. Essentially the same price but the Washington is worse in every way except 1" faster.
  8. Right now we have both penalties along with the utter unreliability of each ship having between 1 and 6" movement bonus. And even then the biggest penalty is the opportunity cost. Kinetic Generators mean the FSA ships can't take Rocket Batteries or Shields... That drawback is huge. One of the penalties for Kinetic Generators will be fine... All 3 together is insane... It's the most unreliable movement bonus, and the one that provides the most limitations on movement, and still has a large opportunity cost.
  9. Definitely drop the turn limit... Or just add the d6 roll to the MV and not the minimum move. It's enough penalty to have a unpredictable 5" variability in the move that can only be straight forward. The absurd turn limit just is ****. I may actually try fielding Kinetic Drive Lexingtons once 2.5 comes out. Every time I tried fielding them beforehand it just got them killed without giving any help... Instead of allowing them to fight together they get split up so they can't all board or get good shots.
  10. No. I just redownloaded the digital rulebook. On P93 it clearly specifies "If this Model is pretty of a Squadron, the Squadron only rolls once, and applies the result to ALL Models in the Squadron with the Sturginium Boost Model Assigned Rule" The Tesla generator does specify they roll separately.
  11. Definitely slavery would have faded. In fact I was reading a book called "A Soldier's Recollections: Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate". It was written by a man who enlisted in the confederate army. From Baltimore and studying at the University of Virginia but dropped out to fight for his country. It starts out by him talking about how bills to abolish slavery had been getting progressively more votes throughout the South, and that the public opinion of it was quickly turning against the institution... But the Southern states are very proud and when they felt the Northern states were trying to force abolition on them the Southern states got defensive and entrenched their support for slavery. If left to their own devices slavery probably wouldn't have lasted until probably 1865-1870 and if it was something the states chose for themselves they wouldn't have fought against it. There may have still been Jim Crow laws because even though the Yankees hated slavery they severely disliked people not of their race. Lincoln emancipated the slaves but his plans when you look at his letters and statements were to kick all of the former slaves out of the United States and ship them all to the Caribbean or back to Africa. But if it was an amicable abolition of slavery there would have been much less resistance and more acceptance providing a much better foundation for future relations.
  12. In the DW universe the Industrial Revolution started in the 16th century where it talks about Cromwell. By the 19th century automation is rampant. The early books talked about giant walking machines performing all of the agricultural work. Without the need for manual labor there really isn't a need for slavery. The slave industry was viewed by virtually everyone as evil. In the real life there were a lot of southerners who hated slavery but it was thought as the backbone of their society. They didn't think they could produce without it. But in the DW universe they could. The southern states abolished slavery of their own volition just like it happened in England in real life. When people make a decision for themselves they like the results and want to make it work. In real life the southern states felt abolition and the destruction of their way of life was being forced on them by external forces. That made them defensive and retreat into familiarity. Then there was the botched reconstruction after Lincoln's assassination. The southern states felt oppressed and punished. That led to more tensions as well. You really can't judge the DW world with your biases from real life. The DW world was slowly differentiating since the 16th century and so many of our biases and situations are developed based on our collective experiences. When those experiences change so do attitudes. If the FSA (or CSA) is more accepting of racial diversity then I'm not going to worry about it. I have wondered why Spartan uses the Union color scheme for the FSA instead of either butternut or grey.
  13. Thank you for the clarification. My wife is the real history buff and corrected me after I posted that. @Ethical Engineer You realize the Confederacy's colors weren't actually grey? Their uniforms were actually Butternut, a tan color. But then each regiment/company had to provide their own uniforms and each one had its own identity. Then the Confederacy had virtually no industry so although they grew most of the cotton they did not have the textile industry to transform it into uniforms so they weren't able to keep their soldiers clothed... Therefore soldiers would often just wear whatever uniform pieces they were able to scrounge up even if they come from Union soldiers. There were many Confederate soldiers fighting in blue uniforms or clothing. Then they didn't have spare uniforms so they wore out and severely faded.
  14. I'm only responding to your response to the poster you quote because I don't want to get into current events. The ACW was fought to keep the country united. That is the reason Lincoln and the North didn't let the Confederacy peacefully secede. They understood that the country would be stronger together and they would face position in the future. BUT. The reason the southern states seceded was most romantically stated as "states rights". But that really doesn't tell the story. What rights were the states worried about the federal government infringing on? Look at the different states Declaration of Secessions to see. They stated the rights that they were worried about. Most of them explicitly state that they are primarily concerned about the Federal Government removing their rights to their property. Then they explicitly state that the property they are worried about is the slaves that were owned. And they were worried about their "peculiar institution of slavery" It wasn't until the battle of Gettysburg that Lincoln decided to start fighting to abolish slavery. But even then there was more to it than that. By the way. I have lived in Texas my whole life.
  15. I really like the FSA airships. Savannah, New Orleans, Valley, and Lee's are all good fun. I've never used the Boston but right now that's their only sub.
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