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  1. My next "test out the rules" game should feature focus fire so I will put my vote in after that
  2. Game 1 We decided to give the new movement a good ol try ! We took away mines and used the new nuclear rules so no area of effect weapons We also took away fixed fore My opponent went dindrenzi and I went terran The movement was a lot smoother and quicker - especially for the dindrenzi. No trying to be 4.1" apart to avoid nukes and mines. No perfected needed line-up for fix fore. So much quicker and easier We used drift to be turn limit +1 so a frigate (tl0) moves 1" then turns 45. A cruiser (TL1) moves two forward then a 45 turn. This seemed a lot easier (though we do now 45 degrees so no argument for "too much") Next game we will use everything up on here minus gravitational, cyber and srs. We will leave them for the third game The new minus successes from hits when I first heard I didn't think much but after the first game using it (we took all link values to be half -rounding up- of the original stat) I like it Throwing more dice to start off with didn't make it feel like I have no chance to damage anything like the current rules for mauled squads . It was a lot quicker though I do understand that the new stats will have more (primary, secondary, different range band for focus fire ect) I am looking forward to the next game with the new fleet construction rules (hello two battleships in a patrol fleet) attacker / defender and COMMANDS ! I think commands could be the maker or breaker so looking forward to seeing how that shakes the game up
  3. Your not alone on Internet terms skyhawk lol
  4. I am looking toward to using these in a game
  5. I wanna play the new edition already lol It will be interesting to see how it all comes together and if after a couple of warm up games if I find I get more models on the board I love true massive fleet battles (yeah I was doing it in v1 and that was a weekends worth of time for two or three patrol box equivalent fleets lol)
  6. I am liking that there can be a lot more differences between weapons now. This could really make ships firepower feel different. If it does the same as the change from v1 (2 types of weapon) to v2 (about 7) AND easier/different linking values Looking forward to using them to blow the enemy away
  7. I can see the very annoying thing of spending most of a game reducing a squadron of gunships to one ship on one hp and getting nothing for it. Nothing. That squadron has taken enough damage to eliminate 2 normal cruiser squads. This is probably the thing I am most iffy with. The same applies to the likes of dreadnoughts and space stations. Is it even going to be worth targeting them if you don't get a lucky crit ?
  8. I don't mind percentage My friend will love the opportunity to field as many dindrenzi frigates as possible (background call of "at last !") Damn he loves those mini cruisers The only thing I am seeing as a real problem is getting points for large units correct as sometimes they are nigh impossible to destroy (like a dindrenzi dreadnought) with smalls or damaged squadrons. OR they can be one shotted with a critical double 1 result. Hmmmm that's going to be hard to balance Still excited and generally very happy with what I have seen so far
  9. +1 to alextroy I think he has brought up some valid points
  10. I never use the carriers as the other tier 1's provided srs The planetfall ships just seemed lacklustre to me so no use either. Always use : Chironex and hydra
  11. Removing the need for that little template that could get very fiddly when ships have closed the distance. I like it Between this and removing ff and mines and area effect weapons, I see really speeding up movement If all these speeding up bits means I have to look at the ship stats a bit more but then have a lot less maths to do with them I will be able to use larger fleets in the same time I am liking what I am hearing so far mostly
  12. Hmmmm I will have to play this a couple of times but it just feels right that a smaller easier to turn ship should be less likely to collide. Also like the idea of set damage depending on how bad you roll. Saves a bit of time rolling dice and means a bad result IS bad rather than let's see what the dice do.
  13. Another that I am quite happy with. Deciding each turn what to launch and in what size tokens sounds good to me. The hp damage reducing the amount of wings it can launch is a good idea. Can my isonades take wings please
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