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  1. Hi everybody, I made a tutorial video about the islands I made. Check it out ;-) http://youtu.be/EC0K7TnuMCQ
  2. Thank u, I did some more painting, and weathering. The piece is 90 % done, some more paint here and there and some washes. c ya soon ;-)
  3. El mastodon


    Plum Island - bio/chemical research facility. Wake Island - airfield/transportation hub. Bell Island - Mining site/transportation hub/village.
  4. Hi, Painted the buildings, pavement and glued on trees and shrubs. 'tell me what you think :-) Next up is some more paint, greens and sand. 'till next time
  5. Hey, First layers of paint on "Plum island" . - black basecoat. - brown for the soil and grey's for the rocks. C ya soon ;-)
  6. It is literally kitty litter :-) and it looks like "a mixture of small rocks to medium fine sand." Yep, first a layer of pva-glue/watermix then the kitty litter and sand.
  7. Thank u for the nice comments ! Thanks, it's also cheap ! :-) The regular kind ? it's a mixture of small rocks to medium fine sand.Just look at the picture at the front, that should give a good indication of the material inside. Yes, I have used that technique on this project. * UPDATE There are several methods to gain access to an island with top secret laboratories and weapon installations...... I chose for a secret underground sub entrance. Made from plasticard and radars from an old clock. The biolabs.... Next update coming up....
  8. Hi, Work on the bigger islands has started ! First up is Plum Island, a bio/chemical research facility and some weapon platforms. Base is 3mm mdf, the island is a few layers of foam with cork bark for the rocky structure. Buildings by spartan games and brigade models. Please ask if you have any questions, update and more pics. soon. Thanks for watching :-)
  9. Thank's The painting needs to be cleaned up in some places and some decals will be added.... and then it's time for some bigger islands with houses and stuff. ;-)
  10. Very cool ! Love the trees and shrubs, looks very realistic.
  11. Greetings everybody ! It's been awhile since I made some DW themed scenery , but since the game is picking up steam @ my local gaming club it's time to get start again. I decided to make an off shore sturginium rig. The dimensions are 7cm x 7cm x 5cm, the main structure and "factory" is made from plasticard. The silo's etc. are pieces scavenged from old radios and the innards of an old x-box. The paintjob was done with an airbrush (base coat and sturginium silo) and the classic paintbrush. Please shoot i there are any questions ;-) @ the lazy one : Sorry for the (very) late reply I used the clump foliage by woodland scenics and pva-glue. The clumps stay nicely together with minimum releasing.
  12. W.i.p pictures of my off shore sturginium rig.
  13. Hi, Finally made some pictures of the finished Jabba Island. C & c welcome.
  14. El mastodon

    Phi phi islands

    Island scenery for Dystopian Wars
  15. Hi, Depending on the heat of the glue, the foam may melt a little bit but this helps to make a better bond with the plasticard so that's a good thing .
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