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  1. Fantastic work Danny! Keep up the great work Cheers, Allan
  2. Beautiful work! I don't have an airbrush but I am keen to replicate the colours you are using Thanks for sharing. Happy Gaming, Allan
  3. What is this Helmet dropping attack? I know they can ram flyers cause extra damage but that is all?
  4. I am planning to use the Destroyers every now and then. Just to keep my Opponents on their toes
  5. I was thinking the same thing and bought a packet of them today. Potential is there but you probably need to link fire so not as effective as I would hope. I will try them next game. Cheers, Allan
  6. Thanks for the help and advice guys! It has been much appreciated
  7. Hi Guys, I played my first game using the Russian Coalition Vs Blazing Sun last night. To be honest it was my first real game of DW I have the fleet Starter box and a few of the new release models (Tambov gunship, Saransk Medium Skyship). My Borodino Battleship suffered badly against a Boarding Action from 3 Blazing Sun Cruisers. The weak (?) AA and Conscripted Crew hurt a great deal. How can we even the odd during the closing phases of the game where Boarding Actions start? I looked at Escorts first they have 2 AA each so not a huge help but better than nothing for sure. I am looking for other ideas and any help would be much appreciated. I will give greater priority to targeting anything that is close and can board from now on Now off to re-read the rulebook and Russian Coalition rules. Happy Gaming, Allan
  8. I have to agree with what you have said about the Russian Fleet. I played my first game with them Vs Blazing Sun and I would not have made RB 2 without Ablative Armour, Rocket jammers and Torpedo breakers. I did suffer once the Blazing Sun (3 cruisers) went to board my Borodino Battleship. I was easily smashed during boarding. I killed a few of their AP but that was it. Having only 3 AA and Conscripted crew hurt. I did try the 2x Myshkin Class Bombers from the starter fleet and was unimpressed with them. I would have been better using a gunship or cruiser for the points. My bombing run did not even scratch the Japanese Battleship/dreadnought. Maybe because I was only rolling 8 dice (but then I am still learning the game). Despite all this I really enjoyed playing the fleet. I just need to work a way around Boarding, and Attacks by Flyers.
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