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  1. sleeping_squirrel

    The Beta Lives!

    Lets consider this as an oportunity to submit as much feedback as we can. Right now it is only the basic rules out, lets add more layers. Although I love DW as a game, I was so dissapointed of 2.5 rules - that rulebook was published in terrible state - that in the end I played only Fleet Action (other reasons for that as well). So, from my perspective if 3.0 is anywhere between 2.0 and Fleet Action in complexity, I will be happy sailor. Where I see the ultimate danger right now is the core rules - I am under impression that maneuvering together with how LOS/fire arc works is not sufficient for challenging game. It is too easy to fire weaponsyou want on targets you want. At this stage of beta I dont care about how firing is done, how many dice, how boarding works etc. I just want to have a game where clever maneuvers give you advantage against your oponent. So lets work on this.
  2. sleeping_squirrel

    Open beta question

    Sizes should be added relatively soon.
  3. sleeping_squirrel

    Warcradle classic Dystopian age releases wishlist

    Models which were only available in 2.0 starter sets would be handy as well - for example Monarch and Regent for Britts.
  4. sleeping_squirrel

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    If in plastic, I hope variants of some elements will be included on a sprue so we will be able to dintinguish two "same" ships visually .... or additional plating to make heavy ships etc.
  5. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars/Dystopian Age Wiki revitalisation.

    Do we need to have stats there? What about just start with only names and pictures first so people can identify their models quickly?
  6. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars/Dystopian Age Wiki revitalisation.

    Hi Iambraka, will join your effort soon as agreed, now traveling a lot unexpectedly.
  7. sleeping_squirrel

    Eagerly awaiting reveals, my take on the situation

    Good luck with your channel. As far as sources of information Facebook is your friend. Check the official club Sturginium Lounge and latest video QaA. For unoffcial chat with people about 2.0 and 2.5 rules look for Peoples Front of Antarctica. Then there is Discord for people consolidating 2.5 rules and orbats. And of course head to www.manbattlestations.com, do not miss their blog section nor forum. Anyway, most info is still yet to be released from WC in coming weeks. Edited: for lore I hope you already checked relevant sections here on forum and blog section on WC official page.
  8. sleeping_squirrel

    Future FA rules

    Next step is to decide how many turns should average game have. Game flow is much different if it is 2 or 5 rounds. It is all connected - more rounds provide better chance to execute late game strategies with some nice suprising moves. On the other hand ships needs to sustain more damage to not explode in round 1 and of course more models on the table for more turns means slower gameplay. And another level of archievement would be to have a double amount of models and play time 3 hours :-) As primary DW player I hope these questions are at least asked before any design changes are made.
  9. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Left Kob for detailed scrutiny for appropriate time and moved to Kingdom of Denmark. Not much changes here, am I right? :-) And no turret standardisation, which is a shame. Why is that? Do you feel Danes are ok in 2.5? Never played Denmark before, just checking stats as the new fleet is on a way to me.
  10. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    I agree, standardisation is the way the game needs to go. Definitely plus! Valiant: just keep it 10 points for upgrade of the whole squadron, there is no point in having cost 2 per piece. Vengeance: so it is 3+ just for Vengeance, right?
  11. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Starting to read orbats, starting with KOB which is my main force. Just first few observations: like that you unified numbers for standard turret across all ships. Valiant: what is the cost for upgrade? Vengeance: target painter is for what? Hasn' been this generator changed in 2.5?
  12. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    What is your average size game, time played and how many rounds finished?
  13. sleeping_squirrel

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    You upped stats on lots of ships - is it because you prefer quicker and more deadly approach?
  14. Hi all, our local scene is more and more fragmented and it is increasingly harder to introduce a new game here and be able to support it for longer period of time as the market is flooded with skirmish games these days. Major skirmish games played here are Malifaux, Infinity, SAGA (and offsprings), Battle Companies (LOTR) starting to grow and Vanguard (Kings of War) has future potential as well - so, those are main competitors. What are your reasons for playing Wild West Exodus? I need good arguments - game mechanics, unique things, parts of the setting etc. - so people at least have a look at the rulebook.
  15. sleeping_squirrel

    Future FA rules

    That are all good questions, of course. But most important is on what distance is fighting going on and how advanced are "radars" and if there is any reason at all to go any closer than necessary. And again, I agree, it is only hypothetical discussion because we do not know important parametres. Only part I disagree with is: Also would you really want a computer to take control away from your pilot in the middle of a battle? T- YES - I would NEED an advanced computer to take over all controls during battle over long distances in very fast speeds in extremely fast changing environment. From human perspective, I am merely a creature which evolved from early primates, why should a combat computer created for one specific task - to conduct a battle - wait until I "push a button"? But of course, another aproach for a game is to have more cinematic - aerial/naval like - type of fighting with captains, crew etc. And I like that to. This is only my contribution why I feel collisions/ramming in space is highly unrealistic.

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