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  1. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Merlin, our average game lasts 3 turns - forcing tinny fliers to land before being released again is kind of pointless. However, I do hope that in 3.0 average game will last at last 4 or 5 rounds, so it might be more relevant.
  2. Welcome Back Everyone!

    Easier said than done. We were losing players for quite some time long before SG sinked (broken promises and endless waiting were to much). I personally went from 0 to 3 kids in last five years so I can not consider myself as an active player anymore. But I keep getting and painting models and looking for bright future :-)
  3. Attachment limit?

    Hyde, being in DW as long as you I had exactly the same thinking! Fortunately this topic is referring to this forum's functions :-)
  4. Welcome Back Everyone!

    Now we need cunning plan to get more people back on board!
  5. Morning everybody, never heard about WWX until Warcradle acguired Dystopian IP. Now I have Prussian and British armies for Legions and we would like to give WWX a try with models we have. Is there anybody here familiar with both ranges who could help me find the best "count as" models to try WWX?
  6. 10 mm terrain

    Hi and welcome back all, so, as I never ventured to 10mm before I need an advice - where do you buy dystopian victorian looking terrain? Do you use terrain N scale terrain? Hope this topic is ok as Warcradle do not produce 10 mm terratin (yet?).
  7. Firestorm Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter is live

    Is SG keeping this KS secret? I have not find any teasers on BOW or even a single link on SGs home page :-)
  8. Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    Donwloaded and ready to listen, only started with first minutes or so - you guys play a lot of ∞ :-)
  9. Battle of Lianosino (KOB vs LoIS) in video !

    Good, what program you used to make this video?
  10. Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    Where is a link to download the last episode? (did not find it on the webpage)
  11. Very dissapointed

    I agree with Nazduruk.

    Albania? Must read the fluff again.

    We need to update this map as soon as full 2.5 map is available. :-)
  14. I want to get into PF

    Hi Neil, lets say I have good collection of KOBs naval and aerial models (I can play 1500 point game fielding only Hawks, anyone interested? :-) ) and huge joint canadian/british armoured force (I liked Armoured Clash). Other fleets I have are smaller, you know, around 2500 points here or there. I like Terran models, I was talking about Terran helixes which are available localy right now. I will send you an email concerning all SG related things soon. It is very good to see you around here again!
  15. I want to get into PF

    Ok, so far only Dystopian player here, but lets say I can have for Terrans these 5 helixes. Have not even start to read rules but I like models. How many points these helixes are in 1.0? Approx. Is it a good starting force? I know that 2.0 is comming but I would like to have force to test the rules when they are out in beta version :-) 1x Leviathan helix 2x core helix 1x Interceptor helix 1x assult helix

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