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  1. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Left Kob for detailed scrutiny for appropriate time and moved to Kingdom of Denmark. Not much changes here, am I right? :-) And no turret standardisation, which is a shame. Why is that? Do you feel Danes are ok in 2.5? Never played Denmark before, just checking stats as the new fleet is on a way to me.
  2. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    I agree, standardisation is the way the game needs to go. Definitely plus! Valiant: just keep it 10 points for upgrade of the whole squadron, there is no point in having cost 2 per piece. Vengeance: so it is 3+ just for Vengeance, right?
  3. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Starting to read orbats, starting with KOB which is my main force. Just first few observations: like that you unified numbers for standard turret across all ships. Valiant: what is the cost for upgrade? Vengeance: target painter is for what? Hasn' been this generator changed in 2.5?
  4. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    What is your average size game, time played and how many rounds finished?
  5. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    You upped stats on lots of ships - is it because you prefer quicker and more deadly approach?
  6. Hi all, our local scene is more and more fragmented and it is increasingly harder to introduce a new game here and be able to support it for longer period of time as the market is flooded with skirmish games these days. Major skirmish games played here are Malifaux, Infinity, SAGA (and offsprings), Battle Companies (LOTR) starting to grow and Vanguard (Kings of War) has future potential as well - so, those are main competitors. What are your reasons for playing Wild West Exodus? I need good arguments - game mechanics, unique things, parts of the setting etc. - so people at least have a look at the rulebook.
  7. Future FA rules

    That are all good questions, of course. But most important is on what distance is fighting going on and how advanced are "radars" and if there is any reason at all to go any closer than necessary. And again, I agree, it is only hypothetical discussion because we do not know important parametres. Only part I disagree with is: Also would you really want a computer to take control away from your pilot in the middle of a battle? T- YES - I would NEED an advanced computer to take over all controls during battle over long distances in very fast speeds in extremely fast changing environment. From human perspective, I am merely a creature which evolved from early primates, why should a combat computer created for one specific task - to conduct a battle - wait until I "push a button"? But of course, another aproach for a game is to have more cinematic - aerial/naval like - type of fighting with captains, crew etc. And I like that to. This is only my contribution why I feel collisions/ramming in space is highly unrealistic.
  8. Future FA rules

    As an example, one of the smallest operating areas might be high orbit around Earth - volume of the sphere is about km3 (I am not mathematician nor astrophysicist, so please take this as rough info only). Fighting would take lower then even some satelites are orbiting. Even in this micro tiny operational area is enough space to have your computer avoid collisions (your enemiess computers will be doing the same) or your computers preventing of being target of ramming. I understand it is hypothetical problem only but in my opinion when there is technology to actually fight in space there is more than enought computing power/artificial inteligence which can safely prevent your ship being target of primitive attacks like ramming would be. (again, what is the speed of laser as other way of attacking someone in space in popular movies/books? :-)
  9. Future FA rules

    I dont know, space is vast, I mean VAST, like V A S T!, even on orbits of planets is so much space that fighting at knife-point distance does not make sense for larger ships. Taking into account speed of the ships, their advanced navigational and computing systems I personally do not see any, even hypothetical, reason for ramming in space.
  10. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Merlin, our average game lasts 3 turns - forcing tinny fliers to land before being released again is kind of pointless. However, I do hope that in 3.0 average game will last at last 4 or 5 rounds, so it might be more relevant.
  11. Welcome Back Everyone!

    Easier said than done. We were losing players for quite some time long before SG sinked (broken promises and endless waiting were to much). I personally went from 0 to 3 kids in last five years so I can not consider myself as an active player anymore. But I keep getting and painting models and looking for bright future :-)
  12. Attachment limit?

    Hyde, being in DW as long as you I had exactly the same thinking! Fortunately this topic is referring to this forum's functions :-)
  13. Welcome Back Everyone!

    Now we need cunning plan to get more people back on board!
  14. Morning everybody, never heard about WWX until Warcradle acguired Dystopian IP. Now I have Prussian and British armies for Legions and we would like to give WWX a try with models we have. Is there anybody here familiar with both ranges who could help me find the best "count as" models to try WWX?
  15. 10 mm terrain

    Hi and welcome back all, so, as I never ventured to 10mm before I need an advice - where do you buy dystopian victorian looking terrain? Do you use terrain N scale terrain? Hope this topic is ok as Warcradle do not produce 10 mm terratin (yet?).

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