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  1. Its fine stable wise, a combo of green stuff and super glue on the base and the leviathan keeps it secure, sadly the rods did warp their angles a little over time =/ theres a few game pics where it went up vs my friends russian themed terrans here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155894861450790&set=oa.1595073344090995&type=1&theater
  2. The stands are from http://www.figuresincomfort.net/products/litko/air I was aiming for terminator future war with my planetfall directorate, will get some photos up sometime of them all. The flame effects are from armour cast's cinematic effects range, a friend stateside sent me a bunch of missles, laser blasts, flame effects etc, nice to finally put them to use, the flames looked better with the shorter flight pegs tbh, but I like having all my planetfall flyers hugging the stratosphere xD
  3. Some old pics of my directorate leviathan with added flames and urban warfare base
  4. Picks jaw off ground. Whole fleet is amazing but really love the Dagons and Orcas.
  5. I have used mine a few times and it has excelled in every game, I really love being able to crack open some tanks with the shard cannons and clear a building of pesty Nyx with the tail gun in the same activation.
  6. I tend to use 2 units as throw away distraction units and keep the rest back as a response unit to infantry showing up, although guardsmen are better in this role.
  7. Whoops, yeah just saw the topic 5 down from this one, not sure how I missed that D:
  8. Does anyone think we will ever have a planetfall parts service?
  9. Personally I take every APC I can and max out my infantry options but if I had to choose I would go with the recon APC for the free recon move at game start to get my APC up the board and into cover, I have had APC shield tank combos sniped early on in a lot of games leaving my infantry stranded far from where they need to be and torn apart by anti personal / barrage weapons as they try to foot slog it up.
  10. Hi all Am looking at making a directorate list for an upcoming 1000 point tournament and could use some feedback. Currently thinking Tier 1 Overseer carrier, change beam to cyber weapons ( for perm cloak ), +2 wings 4 interceptors, 4 bombers. 170 Foundry dreadnought , +2 shields, +4 wings x2, 6 bombers, 6 bombers. 370 Battle cruiser, corrosive torps 125 Tier 2 2 destroyers 150 Tier 3 4 hostility drones 100 4 liquidator frigates 80 Plan would be for the drones to hunt other frigates at range early on and help cyber attack any tier 1/2s that have had suitable pd degradation later on. The liquidators would hunt enemy escorts/frigates. The destroyers would long range snipe with their range band 3 beams, the lone battle cruiser would hang back for long range torps and to help respond to any shunt deployments. The foundry and. Overseer would advance up the board under interceptor cover to engage big threats, I would ideally be trying to cyber down an enemies pd network and then going nuts with the bombers. I'm hoping the cloak/interceptors will keep the over seer alive and the 4 shields and interceptors will keep the foundry afloat. I'd welcome any advice/thoughts, have pretty much all the directorate ships minus the old R&D ships.
  11. How would this sound for a 1000 point tournament list? Tier 1 Attrition AC, +2 ap, 2nd assault, spec forces, 6 bombers 220 Armagedon dreadnought, weapon shields, + 4 wing capacity, 3 interceptor wings. Tier 2 3 interductors 195 2 destroyers 160 Tier 3 2 tyannrys, scout 50 2 tyrannys, scout 50 Would have interdictors and destroyers deploy at full stop and do long range torps while attrition and armagedon move up the board keeping close together for the 3 interceptors, would reform the 2 tyranny units and go frigate hunting with them. Could also maybe shunt deploy the Armageddon if points allow at 1k, can't recall the limits to shunt deploying atm.
  12. How do fellow WR players deal with other races Dreads? I have a 1k tourni coming up and want to run pure WR but know a lot of the other players plan to bring their very big guns.
  13. I believe the directorate assault helix was teased somewhere on the forums here, if I recall correctly we are getting a nemesis robot bristling with terror weapons.
  14. Its hard to judge which faction is the strongest overall, I think it comes down to the points size of the game being played personally, Im not shocked dindrenzi are getting the most votes as they are meant to be the elite military faction but they normally pay more for their units leading to them being out-activated in larger games. Once all the helixs are out it will be easier to judge which faction comes out on top and even then with our constantly updating orbats you can be sure anything glaringly imbalanced will be addressed.
  15. Really love the abandoned car sweeper base.
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