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  1. leviathans can always choose to use their first CQB stat (regardless of what is or is not in B2B). they MAY use their second stat but if so it can only be used against a model in B2B.
  2. These missions look very promising. I would like to see you clean up the language for "flank attack". It is a bit wordy and convoluted. That being said I do really like the mission a lot.
  3. Yes it needs to be fixed, but lets not go overboard and say the "rulebook is very clear". My playgroup has been playing the way Derek ruled on it since we got our Leviathans. So we obviously didn't read the RB the same way as you.
  4. I regularly play against aquans so i see lots of mines and the whole drive by thing is not a huge problem. Command distance is a chain, but i usually see people so clustered that no two ships in a squad are more than 6" from each other. This makes you a HUGE target for mines. I like mines the way they are. Spreading out helps to mitigate some of the threat of mines. I really dont see what is so scary about mines.
  5. that is awesome. More exposure for the game is great. I meet people at the game shop all the time who have never heard of any spartan games.
  6. Not at all, interceptors can intercept multiple times without the need to rtb. Also interceptors still lend pd out to 6" and have 2 pd and intercept 6". Fighters really would only thin out a token of bombers a full token of interceptor will send them packing.I put in the rule the weakness that if you kill the one ship you send the fighters home. There is alot of nuance to the CAP rule. Give it a try and let me know how it works. Neil
  7. Glad everyone likes the rule. I cant wait to try it out myself. I can really see taking partial flights just to attach to other squadrons to give them a bit of extra PD. I often take a carrier and dont take the extra wings upgrade. The rule only allows fighters to fly a CAP and the target is always a ship not a token so no extra bump to bombers, sorry. While I do not think bombers are OP, I dont think they need any more help either.
  8. I like many other players want to have a better reason to run fighters over bombers or interceptors. I thought up this little rule and wanted to share it with you. Perhaps it would even work in FA3.0 The Idea being that you take fighters for their versatility. Say your opponent has loaded up on SRS or Torps and you want a little extra protection launch a CAP. It also would allow you to take say a couple fighters along side the token of 6 bombers and send the fighters off to protect something while the carrier moves forward to launch its bombers on an attack run. Fluff... Fighters often replace their anti ship ordinance with external fuel tanks allowing them to fly missions of longer duration, and even utilize their afterburners to intercept inbound SRS. Rule... CAP When launching fighters a Carrier may instead launch a fighter CAP mission. Select a friendly ship within 18" of the Carrier then place the fighter token in command of the selected ship. Until it "Returns to Base" the fighter token will now activate with the selected ship. and must remain within command distance of the selected ship. Fighter tokens participating in a CAP mission may not make attack runs, however they may Intercept enemy srs tokens that move within 4" following the rules for interceptors on page 89. Fighter tokens that make an interceptor move will automatically Return to Base after the dogfight has been resolved. If the selected ship is destroyed the Fighter token will Return to Base immediately. (A carrier could select itself as the selected ship for the CAP mission, also note per page87 srs tokens may voluntarily RtB in the command segment of their activation) I have had this idea rolling around my head for awhile and had to get it out there. Please tell me what you think. Neil
  9. the thing that kills the escort carrier for me is that unlike all the other fleets we only get one Heavy Cruiser slot in a Battle fleet.
  10. As I posted earlier I was able to get a game in to try out all of the new sorylian ships. My opponent decided to be a bit more conservative and only try out the escort carriers. my list battleship with 2 escorts. added 2 move, weaponshielding, and an extra shield 2 battlecruisers with weaponshielding, +1 shield and 6 bombers 3 light cruisers -1 TL, and packhunters 3 new gunships 6 light frigates 3 light frigates my opponent ran aquans battleship 6 bombers 2 battlecruisers 2 gunships 3 escort carriers 6 bombers 4 frigates 4 frigates so first off let me speak on the harvester gunship. I think that it is telling that my opponent brought a pair of the ROtO aquan gunships which cost 160 for the pair so very close in price to the Harvesters. I tried to maximize my harvesters by pairing them up with my battlecruisers. They were right in fhey ront of the Hastas so that the bombers could help defend them against torps. Their AD left alot to be desired. They were only decent in RB2 at every other range they were terrible. While the additional range from kinetics is nice 24" is not alot of range. Beyond this range their AD is negligible at best. I was really disappointed with their AD up close. Once the Aquan frigates moved in close they had no way to hurt them. As soon as I lost one ship they ceased to have any effect on the battle. nd I really wanted these guys to work I though that maybe they weren't as bad as they looked at first. I think they are worse than I thought. They only have decent AD with ONE gun at ONE range band. Their broad sides seem more like an afterthought. And why do they have reinforced port/starbrd when they want the enemy to be in their fore arc????? I can honestly say that as they are statted now I would never take them again. For cheap killing power I would take reapers all day every day. just as an example Harvesters put out 14AD at 33" (move + range) Reapers put out 14 AD at 28" plus they can fire out of 2 more arcs with an equal amount of AD. all for 25 less points. If I dont mind spending more points then I can move up to destroyers or the Warwolves. the Lucern. I like the agile ability on them, but I really feel that you are paying for them so any game where they are not ducking and weaving out of asteroids you are overpaying on ships. In my game I shunted these guys in and in two activations my opponent was able to put 5 damage on the squad and he rolled low on two of the 3 attacks. These guys are squishy. I paid for pack hunters and -1TL putting at 50pts each. Their AD was alright, but I was taking damage so fast that their offense suffered fast. Let me say that these guys are not as bad as the harvesters, but they are a mediocre ship. I really would have preferred to come up with 30 pts and take Falcatas (regular cruisers). These ships have a gimmick, and if you want to play with that gimmmick(agile) then they are kind of fun. If you dont plan to dive head first into asteroids then leave these at home. The Flechette. Man are these guys fast they have 32" of threat to throw around. In 18 tests I only failed oneand took one damage. These guys were fun to play. Shooting at hard target ships with half AD was fun for me, but not my opponent. with their large squad size I was still shooting 6 or 7 AD from inside the asteroids. Once I was reduced to half size they were not much good for shooting anything other than enemy T3. Overall I think this ship is the best of the 3. They are cheap and fast and agile. that 1cp hurt me though. (each one gained a hazard marker when i shunted in...GRRR) Sadly I think their low damage output is a pro and a con. Once they take a bit of damage they struggle to hurt anything outside of tier 3. This however is a pro in that in my game my opponent really didnt want to waste any shot to finish them off allowing me to retain some Battlelog. This ships biggest problem is that the Sorylians other T3 options are so good, and I really think that in the future I will probably stick with the Reaper class frigates. As a player I am really disappointed with this release. I will only be using one of the three options, and the Flechettes will only come out to play on occasion. I really wish I had passed on this release, but at least I can say that own everything for the Sorylians o.O Notice. I am not trying to poopoo the hard work the FFG put in to this release. The above is MY OPINION. Neil
  11. So i was able to get a game in using all the new ships. I hope i will have time to do a detailed post tonight. I can sat the gunships are "meh" at best. I think i would take reapers over them in almost all instances. The other two classes are "neat" and fill an interesting niche, but i have more to say on them later.
  12. I am messing around with lists to see how the new models fit in to lists. Falx w/shield +4 ap, second assault and weapon shielding. 3 Harvester gunships 3 falcatas +1 kopis 5 Reapers /w packhunters (20pts left over either escort on BB or weapon shielding on H.cruiser) I think the harvesters would work well shadowing another squad. I see them using there slightly better range to tag team with the falcatas or Falx, but slightly behind. They would also work well as a flanker using the slightly better range to threaten anything within 34" of board edge. The Harvesters remain my third choice of the TF ships. It is a solid yet vanilla addition to the fleet. It feels more like a support ship rather than a frontline combatant.
  13. when you upgrade the torpedos do the rangebands drop to 10" or do we just use the stats as they are just as cyber ART?
  14. I think the tier 3 might be a bit tough, from the front 3/6 with elusive is rough. I have used the heck out of tyranny corvettes so i know how much my play group is going to hate the new frigate.
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