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  1. Sound good to me I think its time to paint some more spaceships rather than tiny planetfall infantry. Yes I think that will be a good change of pace.
  2. The solar does seem to synchronize well with the tyrant and I think the way you are planing to use them will work well. Overall I like that list exept that bare bones cruiser squad. Why not use the assault cruisers instead? You could put them in save points and take some more upgrades like beams on the solar and have points to replace the missionaries with armsmen. Plus you get to use more new toys and that's always fun.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that in patrol level fleets (0-800 points) the Hauberks and all other heavy cruisers are a tier one choice. That said you also can only take battle cruisers in squad size of one at that level. I would still go for the cruiser pack since your gonna want more tier two's and since you can magnetize the drop on bits you can field the squad as either heavy cruisers or as normal cruisers. If your looking for something different than what you already have I would go with destroyers personally, they are pretty nasty.
  4. If its pinpoint 1 wouldn't that mean they have the swiftspear missiles since they are the only pinpoint 1 weapon the terrans have.
  5. If you do grab just core helixes make sure to grab the rulebook pack (commander pack i think) because you wont get the tac cards otherwise.
  6. The starter comes with half a core helix for both factions included which is actually more than the min requirments to field a force. The forces included would have no problem playing a normal game (which are the last two missions in the starter book) since board size is determined by points. The core helix box is also the ony one that needs to be bought twice to field all options, the other helixes come maxed in a single box.
  7. I think your best bet will be our tank destroyer with the tac mastery of the skies. With a 40 inch range you can probally focus fire too and 15 ad hitting on a 3+ with pin 2 will make your opponent think twice.
  8. Command barge for sure and im hoping that heavy inf come with it.
  9. greyknight

    Ferox21s Terrans

    I like where you put the windows on the apc and i think you should paint the area above the ladder black on the scouts too.
  10. Got into an argument today about how this card works. In the end the question that came up was does it increase each model in the units shields or just to the total number of dice after they all have been pooled together. Honestly after all the arguing was done I'm not sure which way to go with this one.
  11. Very nice. Looks like there isn't a chin mounted gun after all though. Shame since it would look meaner with one but that will be an easy conversion to do.
  12. Can anyone tell me if there is a chin mounted gun that drops on to the bottom of the helo? Cause if there is I'm missing it and the two drop markers. Also for those with the helo how do you plan to paint it?
  13. The only thing I'm upset about is the fact that the infantry cant take 3 gun teams. If they could i would take one squad as a breach and officer combo to secure objectives and the other as a gun group to help hold choke pounts on the board. To me 6ad seems too low to be taken when for the same cost they can get +4 DR. Other than that though I personally think the terran stuff is awsome otherwise.
  14. Try to open them in a new window seemed to fiv the problem for me.
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