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  1. Dreds are way more vulnerable than you think. At 1k points you lose 70% if they are prized. We play 1500pts and I often take a dread but maximise cheaper units to make back the activations. I wouldn't use a dreadbot below 2k and only if I have discussed worthy opponent first.
  2. I have used the Windsor recently. It has taken a huge hit. Still nasty but it is now boardable and it's guns can only area effect (making it less horrendous against big targets. It also lost two shield dice
  3. And I should be the one to ask; can we bring the ice maiden?!
  4. Three from east Anglia. Is there a Facebook group?
  5. So the month of march should be when we get our Kickstarter goodies. I thought I would start a thread to discuss when folk are getting their swag and maybe post some pics.
  6. Brits are the proverbial explosive device! I beat invaders with a Brit-Russian alliance last month.
  7. Am I right in thinking the MOP gets to advanced deploy?
  8. Has anyone received these yet? Sort of want to know when they get rules.
  9. Actually I take the first one back! A well co-ordinated yacht club shout of "HARD POUNDING" on the first critical 7 roll of the UK expo tourney is the first. Scared the bajeesus out of the yu-gi-o players next to us.
  10. ****anought is my current favorite. To go where no ****er has gone before and **** up. I do swear too much and it is ungentlemanly. One of my favourite moments in a tournament was Solar at the start of a game shaking my hand and saying "I love you like a brother Ben, now die". My second was a player emitting a primal howl and climbing under a table after suffering a horrendous dice roll. My third was a very tired Drach resorting to dinosaur noises to explain results because he had been running 'Ironclad' for two days with not enough sleep and too much Pepsi.
  11. Give points for being in opponents advanced deployment then. Russians could do it. Their larges are helluva fast when they need to be
  12. French mediums are a real threat. They punch way above their weight in firepower. Even the flimsy light cruiser can brig 21 AD at RB1. Luckily Their mediums are all very easy to damage however.
  13. With redoubtable ack and the ability to remove effects on the Commodore it is incredibly difficult to board a French dreadnought. French larges are so tough they need so much commitment you have to start the activation offering it an engagement ring!
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