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  1. Nitpicking: You don't activate models, you activate the squadron. Then you move (or not, in case of a full stop) the individual models. The mine is only "triggered" once and then attacks each model within range and each model that comes within range during this activation. - You activate the squadron - the mine is triggered and attacks all models in range - you move each (surviving) model - as all your Frigates have already been inside the blast, they don't move to within 4" and therefore are not attacked again - had one of your frigates been outside 4" and move to within 4" of the mine it would suffer an attack, but would not trigger another blast Edit: Well, after reading again I have to admit that the rules do talk about activating models sometimes,so the term is not as clearly defined as I thought.
  2. The turrets on the Appropriation seem to have very limited arcs of fire. Just saying ...
  3. The obvious answer is: Magarch is right. The rule is not clearly written as intended. A simple "We meant ..." from Spartan will make it clear. Or shatter the world by telling us we all played it the wrong way.
  4. Well ... it's not about liking it, it's more like a reflex.
  5. I can't follow you there. Are you saying because Planetfall needs more models it is okay for them to cost more? Anyway, on of the big advantages of Spartan Games (to me) has always been the very good value for money. I do hope that Spartan will avoid the pitfall of increasing prices just because they feel that they have enough devoted customers who won't complain (or complain, but continue buying more stuff).
  6. Well, your Patrol Fleet arguably doesn't contain the best tools the Directorate has to offer. But before you throw away your fleet to buy the fancier stuff, you might want to have a look at the Tactica Project. But be aware that Directorate generally struggled against Aquans in last years statistics, and my humble guess is that a lot of that was due to these particular Patrol Fleets being poorly balanced against each other.
  7. And one of the most useless kickstarters I've ever seen. Funding a product that already exists *and* costs less at the store? Why?
  8. Army Painter uses a class 3 laser (dangerous for your eyes), so should be handled with more than the usual amount of caution, especially in an environment with somewhat reflective model bases and maybe glasses of water standing around. You can get the laser beam into somebody's eye without even directly pointing the thing at him. These strong laser pointers are not allowed for sale in Germany (and, afaik, most of Europe). That's why Army Painter now (also?) has weaker class 1 or class 2 laser pointers (<1mW) for the European market. I don't now how strong the actual difference is on the tabletop.
  9. Andy's talking about two tokens from the same carrier. In this case, both tokens activate in the same phase. So yes, the target (and any other ship within range) would have to choose which token to use its PD against (it may not split dice). Note that if, for whatever reason, the model does not fire at the first token, the second token might just move somewhere else (and return to base afterwards). You announce attack runs, not targets. Edith says I completely misunderstood Pok's response. Listen to what the blue alien chick said.
  10. Yes, this is true and has been discussed here. The general opinion was that this is a loophole in the rules which should not be used.
  11. I'm looking forward to that comparison.
  12. Will the rulebook and/or the TAC included in the set be the original prints or updated with current Errata?
  13. Either way, I'd like to play with my opponent, instead of being wrecked by the overly powerful scenario piece just because it randomly chose to shoot at my ships first. But I will just trust in Spartan's ability to make an interesting scenario and wait for release.
  14. I hope not. Seriously, the "one ship equals a whole armada" scenario might be okay for dramatic story-telling, but most of the time it leads to very boring tabletop games. Is it fun to play against Battle Stations now? Would it be even more fun to fight mobile Uberbattlestations on steroids?
  15. That's easy. The "Overseers" are a Class of Directorate Carrier vessels. Obviously some have been reactivated and/or reassigned to front duty to support the invasion. Hence "the Return".
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