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  1. Hell I don't care, EotBS may finally have a dread worth using. Yay for allies >.>
  2. Well looks like the Aussies are in, by the sound of it there will be variant statcards for the two sub factions? Gunnery/shield versions for Royal, and CoA (Maybe EotBS if i remember the alliance chart?) Shenanigans for Free aussies.
  3. They could just enforce only certain units being sharable and thus regulate guardian generators in every list (as well as other unsavory things. I doubt anyone wants the russians getting french AA and heatlances too)
  4. Don't see why they wouldn't work the same as rockets. The rule after all is just Incendiary (Weapon).
  5. Depends, if the Italians are a core fleet like they look to be, then nope. You can only bring allies from the Alliance Nations, not the core nations else Japan would actually have a DN.
  6. Erm, no? The closest i can see to that is the CoA, and last i checked the worm still counts towards you're 1 Large minimum, with the orb making a second?
  7. Thats been covered, it isnt its "own" model, its just 1 less turret and a generator drop on. Same as all the character ships, they'l be putting the drop ons on the spartan bitz service. Do like the look of the support set though. Not overly useful for me (blegh at the Yurgis, not massive on the EotBS large Navels in general and im not Paying £20 for the sake of 3 frigates.) The armoured clash sets look nice too, even if you dont want to play AC its a full DW land force with extra options and bonus junk. Well worth the price tag as a starter for a second army (though makes me wonder if theyl do a big army bundle for the nave as well?)
  8. Dont see why they wouldn't, its not different to the other starters, and not doing so would really bite into sales as AC is more of a DW expansion (and those AC sets are like an instant DW land army)
  9. 5 are fine against a BB, dont forget the EotBS tiny torpedos on average get more hits in than other factions because of the Fast Torpedos MAR. not saying its some massive thing, but it can still give a crit or double crit if your lucky.
  10. Dont forget spartan balances the game faction vs faction, not unit for unit. While the KoB air is lacking, they dont exactly suffer in other areas.
  11. Cant exactly expect the illustirious to be turning like the red arrows now can you?
  12. Depends on your terrain too. If your terrain heavy then you move ahead fast and drop some between islands, cutting the area off/forcing them in. We did experiment once or twice with a "minefield" game effect. 1D6+3 mines, starting from the center of the table, and a scatter dice +D6" for the placement of the next mine, and the measurements from each fresh mine. It worked out fairly well in those numbers and forcing a bit more planning, but how it stands at the minute they are effectively just fancy bombs.
  13. To be fair a fairly good reason "against" sprung up in the KoB part of the DL area. Considering a render is subject to change alot im guessing before its release, look at how people reacted just because the Knights Templar render went missing. Now imagine that kind of reaction every month times 10.
  14. Ha well the Japanese need -A- dreadnought that works ;P
  15. Hell i bet some would do it just for laughs for free. See how insane a rumour they can convince us of, then watch us scramble
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