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  1. Very nice! The green and blue ships should look great together on the table. My EotBS ships use the same red decks as yours. Some paint their FSA Rockets red, my go nicely with your green. I saw your other post, getting air units which work for land an sea would be a excellent addition. Have fun!
  2. The EotBS models. Are they cool? Does the BB repair ship look good or something else? Can you post pics?
  3. Has anyone received any of the new models?
  4. I like the red stripe! Maybe add it to the rest of the fleet?
  5. I wonder at what pt. level you can use Dreadbots?
  6. It really sucks when life is put on hold. I am glad you are back with us! The Captain is back at the wheel !!!
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/921886974/dystopian-world-expansion/posts/1947872 Some info is new.
  8. Sooo it a good thing capitals now have fighter cap for rockets when they did not before? The only good thing is it affects FSA units with rockets too!
  9. Isn't that forgoing a crit hit for maybe 2 DR hits.
  10. Maybe get a file and wedge it between a strong part of the turret and the barrel. Slowly increase the pressure, adjust the file to a better spot if it looks like the turret will crack. I also would use a knife to cut away glue you can safely reach. Good Luck!
  11. I wonder how many other nations need to make major negative changes to their tactics due to a rule change? Wish we could change our rockets to more guns, call them rocket guns or something. Wait, wasn't the Toyokawa getting rocket guns? and to impossible to sink, not with 7 HP and 11 CR she ain't.
  12. Well the EotBS main attack is rockets so this is of no surprise. Said it a hundred times, I play the EotBS for the models.
  13. Or the loss of ADD by the number of fires on that ship?
  14. Is there a group to come out before the Wani ? If there is that is ok, cause that means you can make them even more sinister!
  15. Looks like you ... NAILED IT !!!
  16. With the Canadians and Prussian Scandinavia new models announced can we move on to the WANI Please !!!
  17. Or the flip side, maybe the target suffers additional negatives? Reduced AA or reduction in gun AD may work.
  18. Ryuo Class Robot Hover Squid. Might even pee yourself if you saw one for real!
  19. As this is not released yet, you will need to go to the source ( Spartan Mike most likely ).
  20. If you were to play a game with a major storm. You could say the small ships stayed at port. You could also have special rules for that storm. Give it a try and let us know.
  21. The IKA has always been a difficult model to get balanced. Thus it being changed in each edition of the rules. I have confidence it will be balanced with the new orbits, yet I believe it to be the under water terror of Dystopian Wars.
  22. There you go again, suggesting a rule that makes sense and goes with the Fluff. Fingers crossed it goes in the new Orbit!.
  23. This is one of those cases were play-ability vs. reality kicks in. Yes it is better not to shoot them all down because the rules work out better that way. I say try the new system, exploit the rules and make note on how it changed your games outcome. I do believe carriers are acting more like actual carriers, the rules just need tweaking.
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